Southerner from New York [CLOSED]

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Southerner from New York [CLOSED]

Best experience in my life so far..

Reviewed November 2017

The trip was amazing. Every single place was a unique experience, no two days were the same. Our group was extremely friendly and our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable (the best)

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Southerner from New York [CLOSED]

Super tour, with a real flavour of the US!!

Reviewed April 2015

Fantastic 3 weeks across the US of A. So many experiences crammed into three weeks from modern day USA to back to the Wild West and the Navajo culture. Super tour guide Mike and a very easy going, fun loving group. ;)

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Southerner from New York [CLOSED]

Absolutely amazing experience, new friends, new places, loved it!

Reviewed February 2015

This trek was fantastic, we went to so many amazing places that you wouldn't get to on your own. Highlights were the national parks, especially Big Bend. The trek was great because it had a great balance between cities and the middle of nowhere (literally). We met so many interesting characters along the way and formed friendships with those on our trek. Our tour guide was fabulous - he had so many tips and tricks up his sleeve that made the trek that little bit better.

As well as this - travelling in Winter is awesome! Even though it was a tad cold in some points (-26ºC, shhh, don't tell anyone!) it was amazing because there were hardly any queues for places, you got to do things you wouldn't be able to do in the summer, and you got a huge variety of weather - snow one day, then a week later basking in the sunshine in the desert. Amazing! Snow at the Grand Canyon, not something everyone gets to see - and even better because you aren't surrounded by other tourists shoving their cameras in your face.

I would seriously recommend this tour for anyone who is thinking about travelling the US!

Tip - definitely do the tour starting in New York and ending in LA (you gain hours across the time zones instead of losing them, and your last night is a great chill out time spent with your friends!)

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Southerner from New York [CLOSED]

Life changing, amazing!

Reviewed December 2014

Absolutley amazing trip. Great trip, great tour leader, great bunch of people to stay in touch with.

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Southerner from New York [CLOSED]

Everything I hoped for!

Reviewed November 2012

This was my first trek but I so hope it wont be my last!!!

The destinations were amazing, some long driving days but NEVER a dull moment :-)

So many things to do but never any pressure, the guide insisted that WE ran the trek and decided what to do (ranging from the optional activities to changing stopover venues to suit our desires.

Most of all were the people. I went on my own but so did 90 per cent of the group, we left a firm friends and some of us have met up since for more adventures!

The trek would not have been a sucess without the guide. He was awesome. Simples.

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Southerner from New York [CLOSED]

An unforgettable experience...

Reviewed November 2012

The destinations on this 5000 mile trek are amazing and there are so many different experiences to be had; from partying in New Orleans, doing a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon or riding around Las Vegas in a limo.

Some other favourite experiences included Betty & Rusty's cowboy camp in Arizona (the horseriding is a brilliant optional extra) and Monument Valley in Utah - sleeping in a Navajo hogan is the warmest night's camping you'll get if you do this trek in the middle of winter! There are a lot of optional extras on this trip so if you are planning to book it make sure you budget plenty for this - they're expensive but most of them are worth it! You also need to budget for things like tipping guides...and don't be afraid to ask to tip individually or to ask for individual bills in restaurants rather than splitting the bill between the group, all the places we visited were happy to do this!

The only downside is the day in the Appalachian Mountains that's stated in the itinerary. This may have been down to our tour leader, but we seemed to skip this altogether, or merely drove through without any real experience of the mountains. Our tour guide was definitely a 'unique' character, and made a few stop-offs on the trip to see friends which, while interesting for us to meet these people, it didn't really seem necessary as you meet plenty of characters along the trip anyway. He also insisted on singing rather loudly with his music on the minibus, so if you want to sleep on the bus I suggest bringing a decent pair of headphones just in case! But don't be put off if you don't see eye-to-eye with your trek leader - I didn't and I still had an awesome trip. The places you visit and the things you do as you trek from New York to LA make it an amazing and unforgettable experience!

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