Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

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Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

Amazing Cities and Incredible National Parks

Reviewed February 2017

After looking at this trek for nearly 6 months, I fully pluck up the courage to book and I am so glad I did. I had an incredible 3 weeks. We had an amazing tour guide called Sam she told us everything we needed to know, kept us in loop, showed us her favourite places and was a laugh to be around. Having a good time on trek really does depend on your group, lucky for me I had a group of 12 who were all lovely and a good laugh to be around. After being back for 5 months I still can't believe how much I saw in a short space of time. I highly recommend this tour to anyone and trek america as a company. I am now planning my trek for this year :) x

Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

Best trip of my life!

Reviewed December 2016

This was the first trip I have ever done with Trek America and my first ever solo adventure. It was honestly the best 4 weeks ever. I saw so many amazing sights, did some amazing things and met the most amazing people! Its been 5 months since I've come home and I still don't stop talking about it.

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Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

A great way to see America

Reviewed July 2016

I'd always wanted to travel across America but didn't want to do it alone so I thought this would be a great way to do it. We got to see and do so many things in the space of 3 weeks, it was pretty non-stop and tiring at times but so worth it. There were places I would of liked to of spent more time in and other stops which I wasn't too bothered about but overall the trip was really good. Trek America seems like a really reliable company, they were really helpful whenever I contacted them and I found their website/forum really useful. Our tour leader was really cool and the bus was actually super comfy. I was slightly disappointed that a few changes had been made to the trip that we weren't informed about such as no longer needing sleeping bags because this trip no longer required them due to a change in accommodation. As long as you have a good group you're bound to have a great time, I met so many new people and we were quite lucky as the group as a whole got on really well, its definitely a great way to make friends.

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Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

I would advise not doing it.

Reviewed April 2015

If your stuck with a shitty bitchy group then your kinda f 'd especially when the tour leader Erin joins in and actually encourages the bitching. You can arrange and do this yourself for much cheaper and choose who you want to spend time with.

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Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

Amazing tour

Reviewed November 2014

It was the best experience I've ever had. The tour leader made us great dinner in the camp.
I saw amazing sights and tour mate!! If I were alone , I would not be such a great experience.
I am greatful to the Trek America.
I would recommend Trek America:))

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Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

Incredible, inspirational experience, made great friends, true American road trip

Reviewed July 2014

If your a first time traveller or just want to explore the USA, then I totally recommend this trip as it was amazing!!! I had never travelled on my own before so wanted to be amongst other people, you make friends rather quickly and become a family within the weeks you spend together. Our trek leader 'Drew' was a great and always helped us out getting to places & organising activities. My highlights are the Grand Canyon (you must do the helicopter ride & sunrise/sunset, incredible!!), Las Vegas, New Orleans, Washington DC & New York!! So happy I did this trip, everything is well organised & the hotels/motels were really good. I never stayed in a hostel before this adventure, honestly not bad at all. Made some great memories, experienced new things and achieved personal goals.

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Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

breath taking views, incredible, adventurous, spontanious, inspiring, chilled out, outragously fun!

Reviewed March 2014

Our tour leader Rebecka was so fun and adventurous which really made a great start to my tour, everyone got along tremendously and we all had an amazing taste of america together while learning about eachothers countries, laughing and singing along during the hours spent in the van. We had all had or breath taken away at americas great sights including the grand canyon and monument valley...sometimes literally when we hiked. We all partied toggether even made a video of us dancing in diferent places across america. We all agreed that we loved how the tour was so diverse in the places it took us. from the country to the great cities of america, we loved texas for its two steppin cowboys and the cities for those great lights.In las vegas where anything is possible us girls enjoyed the sights and feels of the world famous male strippers THE CHIPPENDALES! and got our guns out at the gun range and sot some zombies, he simple things in life also mattered to our tour group as we sat around a camp fire in new mexico and listened to eachothers travelling stories and having a few laughs. New Oraleans the party city was big time fun! we got to see a real mardigrah parade and dance to ome awesome live bands in the street! from the kicked back west coast, the slow south and to the fast paced east coast it was fair to say we had the time of our life in America :)

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Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

The Most Incredible Experience

Reviewed September 2013

This Trek is definitely worth the time and money you spend on it! From the start in Los Angeles to the end in New York we were constantly on the move. There is a lot of time spent in the bus, particularly in the middle week, but to get across America this is a necessity!

Take a good supply of books/music with you, but don't shut yourself off too much as it's the perfect time to play car games and get to know your fellow trekkers, which made us such a close knit group by the end of the tour.

Our tour leader (Ryan S.) was excellent, he planned our itinerary well and found some great one-off experiences for us, like the spur of the moment Jimmy Eat World concert in Nashville! We knew we could rely on him for suggestions of where to visit on our free days and he made sure we saw the best of all our stops - dinner and sunset at the Grand Canyon, sunrise at Monument Valley, the live music scene in Austin and New Orleans, the illuminated monument tour in Washington D.C. and so many more.

This tour has a great mix of cities and outdoor sightseeing. The hotels were all excellent, and although a few of the hostels were not of a great standard, overall the accommodation throughout was comfortable and clean - and much preferable to camping if that's not your thing.

The amount of America you cover in this Trek is astonishing, to see the geography of it change as you drive and to experience that many states in one go is such a culture shock, in a good way. If you're considering a Trek tour with budget lodging I would highly recommend this one, you will not regret it and you most certainly will not forget it.

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Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

Go Hard or Go Home

Reviewed August 2013

Well where do you start with a trip that from the go was amazing. The first day every one seemed a little bit nervous but our tour Leader Ryan Snyder, set us at ease and what a group of people I was introduced to and it wasnt long till we became a little family. Even spending all that time on a bus together didnt put any strain on our relationship and we all had such a great time together.

It would be hard to say which was my best part of the trip but what i will say the people, the laughs, the banter, the places and the memories were amazing and I thank the people i was with for those unforgettable days and nights. On this trip you do get to stay in some interesting places some of the hotels/hostels are really good but a few of them are a poor choice but out of the many we stayed in it wasnt that bad.

The most beautiful place I saw was Monument valley, what a place youll know what I mean when you get there. The best city well its hard to choose because they all have that certain something which would make me want to go back, Vegas for the fact its Vegas, Austin is just a perfect city with some of the best food ive ever had, Memphis and Nashville the music capital live acts in every bar and again the food is insanely good and then New Orleans by far one of the best everything it offers is amazing.

The people we who we randomly met, the locals were all so friendly and such characters. Finally to finish off all im going to say is thank you to all of the people that made this trip so memorial, you were fantastic and a family who I will never forget.

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Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

The journey of a lifetime & the craic was great!!!

Reviewed August 2013

Straight off the bat from our gateway hotel in LA, Kyle our tour guide set the tone for the most amazing 21 day trip in all of my 5 months round the world solo trip. Kyle made sure everyone was getting the most they could out of their trip and was constantly looking for feedback as to how the group was enjoying themselves so far and was there anyway we could improve on it.
There was only 7 in our group which made it easy for everyone to get to know each other and like me everyone else was traveling alone so making friends was so easy.I met some truly amazing people,saw the most fantastic places and have memories that will never leave me.
3 weeks might sound kind of long but when you are having the time of your life its not nearly enough!!!. I was lucky that 2 friends I made on the tour were also staying in NYC for a few days after the trip finished so we explored NY together. I still stay in contact with everyone from the trip, I've made some lifelong friends.
I can't wait to book my next trek!!!

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