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Westerner 2 Plus

Honestly the best thing I have ever done!

Reviewed August 2019

I honestly don’t know where to start with this review. I spent 14 days on the road traveling in and around the west coast. And I loved every second. Whether that be my helicopter ride, the tough hiking or the party bus in Vegas. This experience wouldn’t have been anywhere near as amazing if it wasn’t for our incredible tour leader James Dixon. He was sensational, from the first meeting to the final goodbye. He was organised, supportive and approachable. Whenever we would arrive somewhere he would tell us all the possible things we could do, so everyone was getting what they wanted out of the experience. He was friendly, got to know each of us individually as people and seemed to be generally interested in our lives and experiences. He seemed to always go the extra mile to make sure our time on the road was outstanding, a couple of examples being: On our way to San Francisco he took us home to meet his family and spent time in his family home, it was so lovely to be so accepted into someone’s life. On our last night as a group, he did a fire show for us. Which was incredibly exciting and truly rememberable. And finally, at our final goodbye he made us all little post cards. Which had photos of the group on and described each of us. He made these in his own free time and was such a personal touch and a true keepsake. It’s fair to say, I cried a lot at the final good bye. To finish this review I just want to say that this was the first time I have solo travelled, and I felt so safe and comfortable the whole time. I will definitely be booking another trip soon, I just hope I get another trek leader like James. #thesquashies

Westerner 2 Plus

Fantastic! Definitely recommend this tour company!!

Reviewed August 2019

I had a fantastic trip and am telling all my friends about my wonderful experience & this tour company! I was lucky I had an amazing guide (Abby Choruby) she was a great driver and really put us in holiday mode with her always positive & easy going personality. There was a fair bit of driving but it enabled us to see so many amazing places, and even chilling looking out the window at the varied landscapes was special. My group was also genuinely perfect, just 10 of us and we all got along so well. Thanks so much TrekAmerica!!

Westerner 2 Plus

A wonderful whirlwind tour of California with amazing trek buddies

Reviewed November 2018

I joined this tour in San Francisco at the end of October 2018. On the first day of the tour we visited the Golden Gate Bridge and walked across to admire the views. We then headed to the stunning Yosemite National Park and hiked up waterfalls checking out the scenery and breathing the fresh air. The next stop was Vegas where we partied on a limo touring the strip, explored all Vegas hotels and casinos, had fun at Freemont Street and danced in clubs in Vegas. Both before and after Vegas we stopped at Route 66 to check out the diners, souvenir shops and to take amazing pics. The next stop was the awesome Grand Canyon where we watched the sunset and got up super early the next day to watch the sunrise, both magical experiences. We hiked around the Canyon and headed to Laughlin near the Colorado River to chill before heading to our last stop at LA. On the tour we checked out the Hollywood sign and the walk of fame. I was super lucky so be with such an amazing group of people that we all became friends. I would also recommend the tour guide Charlie, he was a great tour guide, made awesome recommendations about what to see and do, had a great playlist for the journey and was a lot of fun. This trip was one of the best travel experiences and I would recommend won't regret it!

Westerner 2 Plus

Great way to see the West Coast

Reviewed April 2018

A great way to explore the variety of the West Coast, from beaches to hikes to cities, it’s got it all. Tour leader was great, knew some great places to eat and best way to spend the time we had in each place, booked us on loads of great activities.

Westerner 2 Plus

Jam packed and amazing!

Reviewed November 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed my Trek America trip in September of 2017. I went as a solo traveller, I wasn't worried at all as I knew the majority of people on the trip would be in the same boat. From the get go when we met our tour leader Alex and each other in LA, it was like we had known each other weeks already! Everybody was really friendly and up for an adventure. Accomodation and activities exceeded expectations. Favorite hotels were at different ends of the scale, from The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas with its pool slide going through a shark tank to the most basic of hostels in Yosemite eating amazing home cooked food and singing songs in the dark outside drinking some beers with the locals. I'm more of a city girl, but I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the challenging treks in both the Grand Canyon and Yosemite with the views helping us through the tough parts. Favorite city was San Fran, amazing watching the sunset at the Golden Gate with a few beers on a catamaran, taking a ride on the famous cable car, visiting Amoeba Records, and strolling around Union Square ending up at the Cheesecake Factory eating some amazing entrees and cheesecake (a must visit). An amazing and jam packed trip from start to finish, so much ground and amazing sights covered. None of which would have been achieved without tour leader Alex, who went out of his way to bring us to places off the beaten track and make sure we had a good time in the evenings! Would 100% recommend to a friend.

Georgina Paton
Westerner 2 Plus


Reviewed November 2017

As a solo traveller, I found this trip to be the best way to explore the West Coast. From start to end, it was perfect. Having a tour guide to drive me to all of these wonderful places took all of the stress out of travelling on my own.

It was the perfect mix of cities and National Parks. The accommodation was very decent and great value for money.

I would definitely recommend doing the add on's - San Diego Zoo, Alcatraz, Party Bus in Vegas, Helicopter over the Canyon & the sunset sail under the Golden Gate bridge.

I also recommend getting out of bed early to watch the sunrise over the a Grand Canyon. Such an uplifting experience not to miss.

Most of the group were solo travellers and became like a family from the first night in San Diego. Mix of ages from 21-30 which was nice.

October was such a nice month to travel as California gets an Indian Summer and places weren't as busy with tourists. The longer drives don't seem too long when you are in a comfortable van with access to wifi and Spotify.

Our tour guide Phil was super chill and friendly and knew all of the best spots to eat and drink. Great to have instant access to insider tips and learn about the history behind each stop on the tour.

Westerner 2 Plus

An absolute amazing experience

Reviewed October 2017

Before I booked on this trip I was super nervous, I had never travelled alone before, I was worried I wouldn't get on with everyone and everyone else would be in couples/groups of 3, I was worried that on our "free days" our tour leader would not be available and I'd be lost walking around a city I didn't know...but in all honesty this could not have been further from the truth.

The tour was super jam-packed, so being on your own at any given period was pretty impossible as there's always someone who wants to do something, however, if you do need some "me" time, you could go off and have a wander, but our group mainly stuck together. Everyone on our tour was on their own, bar 2 friends. I got on with everyone and our tour leader was more than accommodating, even working on her "free days" to escort us to places we wanted to see. I was so nervous to book this trip alone, it took me a whole 5 years of courage before I actually booked on and boy was it worth it. If you are worried about booking this, I would say don't do a me and wait 5 years, just BOOK IT! you will not regret a thing!

There was so much to see and so many options if you didn't want to partake in any given activity. Our tour leader Jess (who was amazing by the way, and very early on she became our Trek Mom) always made sure that everyone had something to do and was so informative and knowledgeable given it was only her first year with Trek America; we could not have wished for a better tour leader!

My personal highlights were the Grand Canyon (if you can afford it, the helicopter ride is definitely worth it), San Diego is absolutely beautiful and by far my favourite city. Getting to see the Mrs Doubtfire House in San Francisco was my dream come true given it's my favourite film. Also, book your tickets to Alcatraz way in advance if you want to go there (they go on sale 3 months in advance), it is well worth it!

I was also worried that when I booked the trip, there would be no communication between me and my fellow travellers, but when you book on a Trek America trip, you can log on to the "hub" which allows you to post in your specific trip's group, so you are able to talk with your fellow trekkers to sort out times etc for Alcatraz tickets and any other activities that anyone is interested in - setting up a WhatsApp group is always useful too! I can't say enough how amazing this trip was and TAKE ME BACK TO CALIFORNIA - if you have any doubts, please don't, you become like family by the end of the first day and feel like you have known each other for years! I am definitely keeping in touch with my fellow trekkers and have made some life-long friends! AMAZING! Thank you Trek America and Jessica :)

Westerner 2 Plus

Jam-packed with unique experiences!

Reviewed October 2017

This holiday was absolutely unforgettable. Looking back I can't believe how much we packed in to two weeks; every place we went to was completely different, and I feel like I've experienced some really unique elements of American culture.

The tour was impeccably organised which made everything - even driving through the desert for eleven hours - easy and fun. The accommodation exceeded expectations and was comfortable, central and friendly and we stayed in some really fascinating places, from a hostel in central San Diego to an UNBELIEVABLY COOL hotel in Las Vegas to a hostel in Yosemite with a hot tub that was the perfect cure to a long day of walking.

Couldn't recommend this holiday highly enough, and would definitely look at booking with Trek America again.

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2 Plus

A life changing, once in a life time trip!

Reviewed July 2016

This trip is one of the best experiences of my life and I would recommend it to anyone. I was under 21 which meant I couldn't get into most places, so I would recommend waiting if you want to experience Vegas properly but it didn't effect it too much; although we had a party bus in Vegas which was great fun! Traveling with a group of people you have never met before is so nice. It was interesting to meet people from all over the world and we certainly made some friends for life. The memories you will create together is out of this world and I'm so thankful to have met them! Out tour leader, Jess Leitch, was on her first tour and she did a phenomenal job. She was confident and well organised, she had a great personality to add to the experience. Whilst I was there I trekked to skeleton point at the Grand Canyon, which is the most difficult one you cam do In a day but is so rewarding. We went to the stratosphere where I did the sky jump, everyone thought I was crazy doing it but it was such a rush! We hiked at Yosemite, which has some amazing views! The cities were amazing and the accommodations were all clean and comfortable. Going with trek America was the best decision as I would never have been able to sort out transport and get a round to all the places they sorted out for us. Its a great way to travel and meet new people; I would use them again in the future for sure.

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2 Plus


Reviewed July 2016

I have always wanted to do an American Road trip and when i saw the itinerary for the westerner BLT I just had to book! As I booked last minute I also managed to get a food discount which made the trip very good value for money!
Our tour leader Jessica Leitch informed us that this was her first trek post training. She did not disappoint and was very organised. She showed enthusiasm the whole way and spent time with everyone even on her day off. At the end of the trip she made everyone a little illustrated map of the trip with quotes and jokes which was a nice really nice touch and something I will treasure forever.
Our group itself was 11 people from england, scotland, germany, finland, australia and Iraq. It was a good mix and we mostly hung out all together as a big group which was nice, although some days made more sense to split up to get more doen and there was limited time in some places to see everything like in vegas and yosemite.
It's hard to pick a highlight of the trip as it was all so amazing, however I would say probably yosemite or grand canyon as they were both breathtaking. The hikes were a little tough but very rewarding and worth pushing yourself for. Just make sure to take plenty of water and comfortable shoes!
The hotels on the BLT were all good quality with HUGE beds, Sharing a room was never a problem. Theyw were all quite well located and most had free WIFI. The golden nugget in vegas has a swimming pool slide that goes trough a shark tank! We spent 2 nights in hostels, one in san diego which seemed to be in the process of re-refurbishment but was okay and another called the yosemite bug which was in the forest and had a lovely restaurant and spa offering treatments so didn't really feel like a hostel at all!
I don't want to write too much about the details of the trip and ruin the surprise but I would say on the whole that it was amazing and I saw pretty much everything I imagined and more!
My only regret is not parting properly in vegas, unfortunately on the first night there was a problem with the soundsystem on our party bus and we had to wait an hour for a replacement which led to us missing the free entry arranged for the club. Jess the tour leader arranged for us to go to a pool party the following night but I wasn't really feeling it as had to be up at 7.00 the next morning for a 8 hour journey so opted out but I wish I had gone as others who went said it was amazing!
To summarise it was an unforgettable trip and met some amazing people and made some memories i will never forget! really was a trip of a lifetime. Can't wait until I have enough money to book another!

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