Coast to Coast South from New York

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Ellie-Rose Cousins
Coast to Coast South from New York

Eye Opening, Crazy Adventure

Reviewed February 2017

It was the best trip I have ever taken and I'm glad I did this one first. It was a good balance between cities and national parks. We paired up with the Trailblazer group for our trip as they were running along side each other and that was nice as it meant we had a bigger group for the 33 days and it was nice having more people to get to know and have a chat with at the campsites. Some places we didn't have enough time to really see but the ones we did were great and camping made the whole experience better as the group bonded quickly and it allowed us more time to really get a feel for the places we visisited. I was skeptical at first about camping but honestly I wouldn't have had it any other way as some of the sites were amazing and made our down time fun playing games and cooking together it really felt like a group rather than just travellers.

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast South from New York

Without a doubt the most amazing thing I've ever done!!

Reviewed September 2016

I had researched and was obsessed with Trek America for about two years prior to actually doing anything about it. I think I've watched every YouTube video and read every blog there is. Like most reviews on here they all say 'just do it'. Honestly, it was the best advice. January this year I just did it and booked my first trek, Coast to Coast South. Straight away I was filled with excitement and nerves. Before I knew it, June was upon us and off I went. Honestly, one of my biggest worries was that I'm overweight. Was I gonna fit in with everybody? Was I gonna be judged? Would I be able to join in on all the hikes involved? Hands on heart my weight wasn't an issue. I fitted right in. I wasn't judged. I did every hike, although slower than others haha. I had never camped before this trek, but it was all just amazing. Seriously, get out of your comfort zone and go live life!!

Response from TrekAmerica:
Thank you for the great feedback in regards to the tour. It’s great that after all the research, planning and worry you found this trip to be the most amazing thing you have ever done. We will liaise with you personally about your insurance issues. Generally, the specialist provider we use is very good I can only think that the claims handler (separate organization) has let you down. We will be in touch.

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Coast to Coast South from New York

Nice first travel experience

Reviewed April 2016

I'd give this 3 and a half stars but there are no half stars. This was my first backpacking / solo travel / extended trip experience so of course it was exciting for me at that point! Since then I have travelled lots more, to South East Asia, South America, Australia, starting all of them alone! So now I am a little more of a "seasoned" traveller, and now I think trek america is not something i would do now.

I think if you have never travelled before or never travelled alone before this is quite a good starting point. The problem with these kind of trips are that they are over priced (of course, but if you are just beginning to travel it can be worth paying extra for peace of mind), and it is luck if you are in a group of good people. My group was about 1/3 or 1/2 nice to not bad people, and the rest were just weird/boring/immature which definitely made the trip worse. This is why I dont join group tours anymore because you will never know the people you are forced to be friendly with.

Itinerary - it was decent, the best part was the national parks for sure, west coast is definitely the better side. Monument Valley was cool but it felt unauthentic (pandering to tourists), Florida Keys was really fun and a nice chilled vibe there, Miami was nice but not enough time there. In New Orleans we were booked into a house way over budget, I think it was around $110 each for 2 nights, ridiculous but we had no choice. I recommend the heli over Grand Canyon, Colorado was THE most beautiful place.

I am not a person who doesnt like camping, I have done a 3 day jungle trek staying in huts with no internet and conveniences, I dont think I am too fussy with things. But the camping aspect, whilst sometimes enjoyable, was way too much effort. Perhaps if we stayed in places for a longer time it wouldnt be so inconvenient but putting up tents (sometimes in the dark) and taking them down, whilst also having to go food shopping (laborious), cook/wash up, meant that after a day of sightseeing you were shattered. Sometimes I would rather have just bought a take away pizza or something just so we could chill out a little more (others agreed with me too). Many times the campsites were not close to anything (obviously) so you couldn't go out anywhere at night unless you were in a hostel in a city.

So, generally it was pretty nice and some people would love this experience. But for me, it's not my thing. I am quite an independent person and I don't like going around with a tour guide in certain places like being in a school group.

To make this trip better, obviously they wont decrease the price, but it would definitely be better to stay in places a longer time, the maximum was two days! It is really too much to be packing and unpacking that frequently. I also think they shouldn't cook food every night.

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast South from New York


Reviewed March 2016

so how do i explain the start of my travel lust. It started off booking a holiday just so i could get away from work now it turn into a dream to travel the world it was the best summer of my life so far! I went on my own, I only just turned 18 loads of people where saying I'm too young, wait until your 21 and I'm so glad i never listen too any of them because i wouldn't take it back for the world. I met so many amazing people witch I'm still in contact with and have met up with since the trek. i've got friends around the world and i love it! We had the best trek leader Joelle she really went that extra mile to make it the best trek ever also she has a bigger van then most trek leaders witch was good as all of us had a lot of luggage! she didn't feel like a trek leader but more like apart of the crazy ass family we had going on. she just has a solution for every problem we occurred like when it pour it down in Charleston and had flood warning flashing on our phones she made sure we didn't have to camp on the flooded grass but got us a shelter to sleep under! We i did so many crazy amazing things some i can tell you about like the time 5 trekamerica groups were in the grand canyon at the same time we had a massive campfire party were we drank, sang songs, got to know each other and did a girls vs boys beer pong challenge an other i can't because what happens on a night out stays on a night out
favourite place on this trip were NEW ORLEANS the atmosphere of this place is just insane and it so beautiful from the town where you can get your palms read to the bayou where you feed marshmallows to the alligators

NEW YORK it just what it looks like in the movies it big beautiful and you just don't were to start!

ZION national park the walks we did were just out of this world angels landing was hard but if you like the adrenaline rush this it sure to get your heart pumping all you have to do is pull yourself up a steep rock with just a bit of chain but when you get to the top it worth every step the view is mind blowing! also would recommend doing the narrows walk its a nice refreshing walk you can do in mid day as you walk through water too cool you down in the summers heat also while i was there the new Jurassic park film had just come out so we went to the big Imax theatre in national park to watch the movie then went out for a meal. there so much more i would love it put down but it would take to long but if you have any questions about the trek don't be affraid to ask!
ps: i don't know why it posted twice and i can't delete the other one?

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Coast to Coast South from New York

Awesome experience

Reviewed August 2015

I did the southern coast to coast tour in 1980 from NY to LA. In these days it was a trip done in 3 weeks. It was my first visit to the US. My travel company come from all parts of the world. S.Korea, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia and me from the Netherlands. Have seen the famous highlights of the southern part of the US. The experience was really great, and was for me a start for lots of visits than. I would recommend all the young people to if possible, to make this experience as well. It is well worth the money for your future.

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast South from New York

Simply Amazing!!

Reviewed September 2014

The coast to coast south trip was simply amazing. Our tour leader was just great, engaging, inspirational and fun. The trek itself opened my eyes to so much of America, with so many great great memories and activities! Cannot wait to go back again!

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast South from New York

Hard act to follow

Reviewed September 2014

I feel like this trip might have ruined me for all other trips . . . until my next Trek!
We had an incredible 5 weeks packed full of amazing moments. Our leader (Katie Regan) went so far beyond what we expected that we all just marvelled at her energy. We had a great group to start with and all left each other in tears and promises to meet again soon.
I think that this Trek combines a great range of cities, partying (New Orleans still lives on), beach, mountains and stunning national parks. No such thing as a 'normal' day. While it isn't "cheap" (no trip this long really could be) your Trek Leader puts so much into it that you end feeling like it was brilliant value for money.

All in all, I couldn't recommend it highly enough. If you have a sense of adventure and like people who do, you won't regret it.

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Coast to Coast South from New York

Amazing, Thrilling, Breathtaking, Wow, Interesting, Eye Opening!

Reviewed August 2014

Had an amazing time on this trip!! Having just come off the North I was a worried this was not going to live up to the amazing memories I had up there, but this trip was just as great! . Never knew there were so many monuments in Washington DC and so see them both at night and during the day was amazing! Moving on down south Florida was pretty cool but the thing that made it awesome was the watersports day in Key West, really was not a fan of the weather wayyy to hot! and we got evacuated in a storm after some of the tents broke and we nearly got blown away! but it was an amazing experience! this does not happen at home! New Orleans was an eye opener! and loved seeing the wildlife on the swamp tour. Celebrated my birthday at Carlsbad Caverns and Santa Fe, but the trip did not get truely truely amazing until after this..... imagine being blind folded walked up to the grand canyon then your blind fold is taken off, followed by dropping over the edge of the canyon in a helicopter! amazing! Loved all the national Parks, Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Zion, (feel like ive forgotten something)... Anyone who says, oh they are just more rocks... has no idea what they are talking about! Each has there own special culture and story! Was just wowza! Really Loved Telluride in Colorado too, nice wee town, would love to come back in Winter to Ski! Vegas was much better than I thought it was going to be.. and was very sad to finish again in LA. I reccommend this trip to everyone! Well worth it for all the sights and amazing time and amazing people you will meet!

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast South from New York

A Wild Ride from East Coast to West Coast

Reviewed June 2014

It was a roller-coaster trip full of so much I actually can't believe I did it all. I had never done this kind of holiday before by myself but I was in need of some adventure. And adventure is what I got!

The tour guide Joelle was incredible, she bus-ed us around, told us the coolest places to go, answered all our silly questions and put up with our occasional grumpiness (due to being confined in the van at long lengths of time). She went above-and-beyond every day, organizing activities and small wishes whenever asked. She brought all the happiness and never frowned once (except maybe to give a disapproving look whenever Harry said something rude or inappropriate). I can honestly say she made the trip an awesome experience I'll never forget!

The random bunch of people I ended up with were all very different, witty and quirky. We quickly became good mates and motivated each other to have as much fun as possible. I hope to catch up with some of them in future!

Camping was interesting with the whole learning to set up tents, cooking outdoors and having little in they way of 21st century technology/comforts to distract us (although wifi was available practically everywhere which was a nice surprise). However good it was not always comfortable, I won't lie, but the little village of tents helped make us into a weird family. The van was cool but could have a cabin fever vibe on long drives. Joelle stopped often so we could stretch and breath fresh air. But all the little discomforts were worth seeing the amazing USA sites; from the White House to Key West beach/surf to the awe-inspiring national parks, I would do it all again. Just the breathtaking views at Zion were worth more than money or words could say. If you want to see beautiful cities, lush beaches and stunning natural parks this is one to try!

The whole experience opened my eyes to awesome world we have.

And I can honestly say I can't wait for the next trek!

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast South from New York

Best summer of my life!

Reviewed January 2014

If you're trying to decide whether or not to do this, don't hesitate. Sign up! I made friends for life, saw the entire country and had an absolute blast. You'll see amazing sights, but the friendships you make will be what makes everything so special. We were all solo travelers in my group - we met as nervous strangers in New Jersey, and I was bawling like a baby when leaving them in LA. A wonderful, life-changing experience that I'll always cherish.

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