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Amazing experience, loved all of it, except the accommodation

Reviewed February 2017

This trek was a once in a life time sort of experience. This trek exceeded my expectations in regards to how much i got to see in the time i was there. The only thing that let this trek down was the standards of the accommodations we were staying in. A few of the nights were spent in 'cabins'. These cabins, although sort of a novelty for one night, soon got old when we realised there was no A/C, no wifi, we were being eaten by bugs and the bathrooms were a 10 minute walk away. We also stayed outside of the main areas of the towns we were staying in, which meant more money was spent getting taxis etc.

Although i would of loved to have spent more time in some places, and will definitely visit again, i never felt too rushed and saw most of the things on my list before i went. If you want to see a lot of America in a small amount of time this trip is definitely the one for you!

Past Trekkers Review

Trip of a lifetime!!!

Reviewed July 2014

When I booked this trek I honestly had no idea what to expect...we had so far to travel and I wasn't sure how it was going to work. It was so well organised, everything from days travelling to accommodation each night, we had a perfect amount of time in each place and we managed to do everything we wanted on each stop. A great experience of so many different cultures within the states that I didn't even know existed before. Great value for money! No 2 days were the same!

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