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Trailblazer from Los Angeles

The single best trip of my life! go for it

Reviewed June 2016

Wow, what a ride. 63days with 2 different trek groups and the one tour guide may seem like a long time but it quite literally was the adventure of a lifetime. Shoutout to all the treckers that joined up and 'the Don' (tour leader) this trip wouldn't have been half of what it was without you all. The variety of climates, scenery, cultures and different people you meet on a day to day basis in the US is phenomenal, this review couldn't even come close to covering them. All I can say is if you can afford it, book it, if you can't afford it, book it. It's that good and you won't be dissapointed. Happy trecking

Past Trekkers Review
Trailblazer from Los Angeles

The USA you didn't know existed.

Reviewed July 2014

Seeing America in a van and camping for a majority of the way is definitely the best way to do it. From funny roadside attraction towns to the big metropolitan cities, the trailblazer really does include it all. The best of the US is wrapped up in this one tour. From the beauty of the national parks to the awe inspiring skyscrapers of the big cities, this tour helps you to see the best of what the US has to offer. 64 days is a long time but if you go into it with the right attitude and make sure to take some time for yourself - whether it is going for a walk by yourself or simply listening to your own music in the van - you really can have the trip of a lifetime. Going into each day with an open mind really does help you to have the best experience. The itinerary of the trip really doesn't cover the half of what you see and what you get to experience. Memories of a lifetime we definitely created in this stunning trip around America.

Past Trekkers Review
Trailblazer from Los Angeles

Trip of a lifetime!

Reviewed September 2013

This trip is certainly one of the best ways to see so much of America, and you even get to spend a week in Canada! I could list all of my highlights but we could be here a while, everyday was a highlight with quite a few days having more than one highlight!
I never thought I would get to see the Grand Canyon let alone walk down into it and take a helicopter flight over it! I thought Las Vegas was a place I would only ever see in 'the hangover'. I thought Washington, D.C. Was all about politics and the White House, not one of the most amazing cities I would ever visit! I could never see myself walking through a town wearing a tin foil hat! Chicago style pizza is amazing nothing like what they try and fob us off with over here!
Our tour guides were amazing and I have made so many great friends that I am still in contact and meeting up with over a year later!
I have always enjoyed camping but I did think this would take it out of me, how wrong was I, I found myself not being able to sleep in a bed by the end of the trip and preferring the tents!
So many times I stood in a national park looking at the amazing views, hiking through a gorge in Zion n.p, up a glacier in glacier n.p, watching a moose or bear or listening to a waterfall and the only thought going through my head when taking the photo was, this photo is not going to give this place justice and how can I put it into words when showing people back home, and still a year later I can't explain the beauty and the feeling I felt but it will be with me forever as a beautiful memory.
I have photo's, videos and memories to treasure forever (plus a few great friends) I learnt so much about myself on this trip. I learnt so much about America and its history. It truly is an amazing trip, and trek America are a fab company to travel with, even though I've seen a lot on trailblazer I'm still going back for 2 more trek trips next year!

Past Trekkers Review
Trailblazer from Los Angeles

Absolutely amazing! Amazing places, sights, stories and people- loved every minute!

Reviewed December 2012

This was the absolute trek of a lifetime. There was such a great mix of everything- cities, country and desert, tourist destinations and amazing hikes. I loved the flexibility where you could add a little longer somewhere, or fit in some detours or focus on things the group really wanted to do. Met some truly amazing people and made some lifelong friends, and for someone who is not a camper some of my favourite memories came from being around the campsite- makes for some great stories when you get home! I had such an amazing time and would do it again in a heartbeat, would definitely recommend it to anyone!!

Past Trekkers Review
Trailblazer from Los Angeles

The best 64 days of my life

Reviewed November 2012

I would honestly recommend this trip to anyone without a shadow of a doubt. I travelled alone and had a fantastic time and made friends for life. Its a great way to see so much of America and touch base with Canada. There is a great balance of city stops and nature/wilderness. There is also hotel stops along the route to get that touch of luxury back, there is also plenty of free time which helps when your travelling with the same people for so long.

Book it - you wont regret it :)

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