The Great 48

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The Great 48

All in all this was an amazing trip.

Reviewed August 2018

Although I enjoyed my 11 week trek across the USA, the first 4 weeks had it’s ups and downs, this mainly concerned the issues me and my fellow trekkers had with our first trek leader, Grant. The issues we had with Grant were his constant smoking of marijuana and consuming of alcohol till the early hours of the morning, his laziness around camp, sexual comments he made towards some of the female trekkers and being forceful with some of the optional activities.

By week 4, trek America were quick to respond with hiring a replacement for Grant. Our second trek leader Nik was fantastic, very helpful, a lot more experienced and an all round lovely guy.

All in all I would throughly recommend this trek to anyone who has never travelled before and wants to see the real America. Through this trip I have seen and experienced some fantastic opportunity’s and made some lifelong friends.

Flo King
The Great 48

had its ups and downs but was a very enjoyable trip

Reviewed August 2018

Although I had a lot of fun on my trip, I feel like I should very honestly weigh out all of the Pros and Cons...

Cons: I'm going to be honest, our first tour leader had to be replaced halfway through the trip as he had been behaving in a very unprofessional way (making inappropriate comments towards the girls, drinking, smoking weed, being forceful with the optional activities and providing crappy broken equipment when name a few)

Pros: When difficulties arose with our first tour leader, Trek America was quick to respond and immediately flew out a different and much more experienced tour leader named Nik Archuleta to take over.
After this had been taken care of the trip became much more enjoyable, Nik was an incredibly fun and friendly guy who knew exactly what he was doing and really went above and beyond the call of duty for all of us from day one!
I also made some very close friends and had some amazing experiences in the USA, things that will never be forgotten!

Past Trekkers Review
The Great 48

Great tour leader, AWFUL group

Reviewed May 2016

I started the Great 48 in April 2016 and only lasted a couple of weeks. Absolutely wonderful tour leader, but a vast majority of the group consisted of the most vile, bitchy and rude scum I had ever met in my life.
TrekAmerica was very understanding and offered me a replacement tour for later in the year.

Past Trekkers Review
The Great 48

an interesting way to see america and make friends

Reviewed April 2016

In a nutshell this is a great trip! you will get to see most of the thing you want, but remember that your aim is to hit all 48 states, so you won't have all the time in the world in each place. its a great experience to be in a different town or city every other day, and the true beauty of this trip is that you meet so many people on the road, and they are so interested in your trip. when your own this trip you will get used to hearing americans say in awe "48 states in 80 days". with this you are going to make some friends and memories very quickly. we were lucky enough to have a great trek leader phill Novak. he was the best guy for this trip, he was so passionate about travel and america, he was too knowledgeable and new all the answers and if he didn't know something he would research it and come back to you. he seemed to also know every best bar in town. with this he was incredibly professional and really represented trek america well as a company. remember this is a long trip and you will clash with others, be a team player and you will be fine. 6k is a lot of money for a trip, so my advice is to have plenty of spending money, pack ridiculously light be open minded, and if you want to wander of on your own and do something, just do it. this was the best experience so far in my life and the lads on my tour have become my brothers and travel partners. the trip is worth every penny and the highs and lows are what really make it special.

Past Trekkers Review
The Great 48

The Good, Bad and Real US

Reviewed March 2016

Couldn't have wished for a better all round trip to the states. Every day seemed to better the last in either another 'bucket list' type experience or just camp bonding with your new best friends. You only get what you put into it so if you view the bus journeys as just wasted time getting from a to b you're missing the point, have a positive outlook and enjoy the time in the bus. There's the obvious highs and lows of any trip which lasts a long time, especially with 13 people who you've just met. Chris and Lana the trek leaders were absolutely amazing and would go out of their way almost 24/7 above and beyond anyone's expectation and we're just part of the group.

Past Trekkers Review
The Great 48

Freedom At It's Finest

Reviewed April 2015

As a veteran Trailblazer, it was always going to take a lot to impress me and with so many similarities between the Great 48 and my previous trek, I did wonder if this new trip was going to be all that ambitious. I needn't have worried. From start to finish, my journey through America felt like I was experiencing it all again for the first time with a new group of strangers who quickly became close friends as the miles flew by.

What I have always loved about Trek America is how personal and flexible it's tours can be and despite having a set itinerary, specifically laid out so that we could achieve our goal of visiting all 48 lower states, we were able to change parts of the route along the way to accommodate passengers meeting up with friends as well as visiting with other tour leaders who wanted to meet us and be a part of our legendary first Great 48 trip. They really helped to show us a side of America that most people would never get to experience on a regular package holiday and for me personally, gave me a feeling that our little group was part of a much bigger Trek family that everyone was cheering on to it's conclusion.

With an experienced trek leader at the wheel, we were well looked after on the road. I never once felt like I had to worry about anything. His enthusiasm for his country became infectious and there were few things he didn't know about it's colourful history which was enlightening for the rest us.

As for the country itself, I can't think of any other place that has such a broad spectrum of terrains, from beach to mountain, desert to dormant volcano, green forest to big city, America really does have it all and you get to see it first hand. The national parks are utterly stunning in every way imaginable with abundant wildlife that doesn't shy away from anyone's camera lens. The larger cities, with their vast skyscrapers and bustling metropolitan atmosphere's are a consistent reminder that this great country can do literally everything BIG!

Where the real charm lies though, is in the smaller towns, off the beaten track. The communities that welcome travellers with open arms and treat them like one of their own. On a trip like this, you're never just another tourist who blends in with the masses, you're an adventurer with a tale to tell that everyone wants to hear.

It has been nearly a year since our pioneering first Great 48 trip and now another brave group of explorers are preparing to experience this once in a lifetime adventure. I wish I was going with them. Real life just isn't the same once you've lived this.

Past Trekkers Review
The Great 48

48 States in 80 Days

Reviewed August 2014

The minute this tour was advertised I knew it was for me. What better way to get a taste of the may different areas and cultures in America than an 80 day trip of the lower 48 states. I can honestly say I had an absoulte blast on this trip. Of course we had bad days, but even those bad days had silver linings. The thing to remember about this trip is the aim of being in 48 states, you may not see the best part of that state but you can say you have been there. If I had the chance I would do this trip again in a heartbeat.

Past Trekkers Review
The Great 48

Nightmare from the outset

Reviewed June 2014

Did this trip as it looked fantastic was really looking forward to it. Was a bit apprehensive as older and did not drink much. But Trek reassured me all would be well.
Started well but went down fast hill the guys where a lot younger than myself, drinking heavy at night till early hours of the morning would not mind but they where loud inconsiderate and would talk out side my tent and urinate once.
after about 12 days i think i gave up and left the group in New York.........
Trek America were very good indeed and gave me four options for other trips I choose a 16 day trip in hotels and Lodges from San Fransisco to Las Vegas so they arranged everything for me and met new group a week later and we had the most amazing fantastic time of my life. The group where older some the same age as myself but we jelled together straight away..we laughed so much and enjoyed everything we did the places where amazing and the hotel and lodges where also fantastic. 10/10 for me.
I would use this company again even after the slight hiccup at the beginning. I am still in touch with the people I wnt with on the second group. THANK YOU TREK AMERICA xxx

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