Coast to Coast North from Los Angeles [CLOSED]

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Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from Los Angeles [CLOSED]

Fantastic trek that allows you to see so much!

Reviewed September 2014

The Coast to Coast North crams in a lot in 28 days, but it was one of the best decisions of my life to book onto it.
I would have liked to have spent more time in Seattle - that is my one gripe with the itinerary, but apart from that it was very well-planned.
Spending 5 days in Canada was an added bonus in my eyes, although it was significantly more expensive than the US, so be prepared to be looking forward to re-entering the States and have money to spend.
I can't recommend this trek highly enough, especially if you like National Parks. I'm not a keen hike by any stretch, but I'm so glad I did all the hikes that were organised.
The Chicago bike ride stands out as a fantastic optional activity, and it's things like that which picking Trek America allows you to do.
If you want to see a vast amount of the US (and a little bit of Canada) then this trek is perfect! My only word of warning is that even in June I regretted not packing warm clothes, and ended up having to buy a few things, so definitely pack them!

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from Los Angeles [CLOSED]

Amazing, Breathtaking, wow!, Brilliant!

Reviewed June 2014

Had the most amazing time ever! Made some amazing friends and had the best tour guide! This trip encompasses the best highlights of the North for sure! I wouldn't have changed anything about the places we go, it was just awesome! One place blew your mind and then a few days later, something else would just top that! Could easily do this whole trip again there is so much to see, and is a great way for young people to travel and see America. Recommended to all!

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from Los Angeles [CLOSED]

It was amazing!!

Reviewed September 2013

I was so excited to see all the places on the itinerary, for me getting to see some of North America's main destinations with a bit of Canada was too good to be true. This trip didn't fail to impress, the national parks were all so beautiful and different and I loved the cities we visited. America is so vast and seems to have everything with such diverse scenery and culture within each state. There wasn't one place I didn't like or enjoy, I really loved every aspect of this trip from camping and cooking to sightseeing.

At first I was a bit hesitant about the camping side of things and travelling with a group following a itinerary, as before I have travelled independently and I wasn't sure how I would adapt to maybe the loss of freedom. However, in the end it was great and very enjoyable. I didn't want to travel alone, so the group setting was wonderful, plus the stress of travelling was non-existent, as our lovely trek leader (Melissa) was in charge and very organised.

We had people from Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and the UK within our group and everyone was single travellers, except two guys who were already friends. So it was great to be with like minded people from all over the world in a similar situation to yourself.

Every place was amazing and it's a great way to see a lot of places that you wouldn't necessary go to for a holiday. I do feel that more time in the main cities would have been more desirable but the time we had was good enough to see the main things. There is a lot of travelling in the car but it didn't seem to bother me or any of my group and I quite enjoyed the travelling parts of the trip.

I loved this trip so much and my group and trek leader were awesome, I made some great friends. I would defiantly do another trip with Trek America and I would highly advise you to book with them, as you will defiantly have a awesome time with who you get to meet and what you get to see!

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from Los Angeles [CLOSED]

Making friends from West to East

Reviewed December 2012

Amazing Trek, this BIG Trek has the best places to visit all collected in just one single trip. For me, this was Trek number 5 already, but it was one of the best. On this Trek you get a good idea how big the USA really is, without having the worries of driving, bookings and missing out on all the great stuff. The Tour Leader is your buddy on this one. Made some good friends on this trip, still in touch with them, hope it will last a lifetime. Up to the next Trek.....

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