Pacific Dream

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Pacific Dream

Time of my life!!!

Reviewed August 2019

This was honestly the best month of my life! I met great people who I will know for life, I saw amazing sights, I had a fantastic tour guide. Can't fault the trip at all! It's the perfect length of time to give you a pod feel for America.

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Pacific Dream

Unforgettable! I had a fabulous time.

Reviewed July 2014

I don't really know where to start, because every day was amazing and this whole tour was an awesome experience! My favorite cities were San Francisco, Seattle, Jackson and Las Vegas, especially the sunset cruise in San Fran was great. We went to a lot a beautiful parks and Yosemite, Yellowstone, Redwood, Zion and Grand Canyon are on top of my "highlight" list. A biiiiiiig thank you to our tour leader Ian Rozner who showed us the most wonderful places. I made so many new friends on this trip and saying goodbye was extremely hard for me.

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Pacific Dream

Best holiday of my life

Reviewed June 2014

This was an amazing experience for me. I made some really good friends and saw some outstanding scenery and wildlife. I loved the national parks, Yosemite and Yellowstone were my favourites. A massive thankyou to our tour leader: Ben Collier who worked so hard to make sure the rest of us were having a good time. He planned the trip really well and was pleasant and patient with the group at all times (even way we were late). He could answer most of our questions and if he didn't know the answer he would research and get back to us. There was only one fellow trekker doing the full tour and we had to join two separate groups (Pacific coast and Mountain trail) Ben was fully aware that trekking for a month was a long time and made sure we took some time out for ourselves. Some of the top highlights of the tour were unplanned places that ben took us to. I loved having breakfast at Voodoo Dougnuts in Portland. A couple of negative points about the trek was that we had so little time in Seattle and the way the trip is planned we saw alot of Canyons before we got to the Grand Canyon which personally took the 'wow' factor out of it (but only slightly). Also, from a personal point of view I would have preferred to spend only one night at the Grand Canyon and Two nights in Vegas. This was one of the best experiences of my life, I met some amazing people and our tour leader worked so hard to make the trip special. Thanks Ben :)

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Pacific Dream

Best Experience of my life

Reviewed July 2013

Trek America is an amazing company as they are able to deliver unique experiences to each adventure. A huge shout out to Joshua Garber our trek leader for preparing us for the hikes and making sure we made the most out of the trip.He became more of a friend than the leader. Some of my favorite places were Yosemite, Arches National Park and the Grand Canyon as well as all the additional activities like Grand Canyon Heli ride, horseback riding and rafting at Jacksonhole. My best piece of advice for future trekkers is to challenge yourself and it will become so much more than just a holiday you will learn more about yourself than you could ever imagine.

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Pacific Dream

Best month of my life ever!

Reviewed December 2012

This was by far the greatest experience of my life. It was far better than I could ever have dreamed. I made some amazing friends, saw the most beautiful landscapes and got involved in a range of activities I never thought I could do. A massive thank you to my Trek Leader: Graeme Hartnett who made sure it was a great experience for all those on the trek.

Go on this trip - i guarantee you will love it and it may even change your life for the better for ever! It did for me. :)

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