Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

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Past Trekkers Review
Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

I selected the Western BLT trek at that time.

Reviewed December 2012

It was really great trip.
First, l loved meeting new friend from other country.
I experienced for 7 days. it was really short to me.
Every city in USA i went was nice.
It was so funny and great because i went to there with my new friends.
I',m still contacting friends that met there.
But The trrp cost was expensive.
becaus i must pay additional cost too much in addition to cost i already pay.
I think the notice about additional cost need for futer trekkersconcretely.
Anyway it was great memory ^^ Thank you.
It is very nice program!!!!!!!!!!!!!! surely.

Past Trekkers Review
Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

An amazing, short view Western America

Reviewed December 2012

San Francisco, pretty cool place, personally I wish I had more time there, but crossing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge was definiately a highlight!

Yosemite NP was suprising in a good way! I'd never hear of it before and wasn't particulary keen, but when we arrived it was absolutely stunning! There is so much to do there, like long walks or just hanging out with nature! Yosemite bug was a pretty cool place to stay!

Las Vegas is just crazy but in a good way! I LOVED it, the atmosphere is buzzing and it's like a completely different from day and night! Also theres soooo many things to do, I'd recommend cruising down the strip in a party bus/limo.

Grand Canyon was surreal! It does look EXACTLY like it does in pictures but it's nothing like actually BEING there. We got a picnic and watched the sunset.. amazing!

Lake Havasu, where the cool kids go for spring break! We had a mini spring break, we rented out a boat and chilled on the beach! Lake Havasu city is quiet, however it was HOT HOT HOT so chilling on the beach was a must!

Los Angeles, don't really understand the hype of LA, personally I didn't dig it. The best thing we did there was go and see the Hollywood sign and the view of the city was beautiful. Didn't really like the walk of fame, it was busy and all the people were rude. Venice beach was ok, there are plenty of crazy people to keep you entertained!

Personally, this was the most amazing 7 days of my life! America was amazing as it is and the places we visited were awesome! However, the people I trekked with and our tour lead Devon Blunden were just as amazing. I'd recommend this trek, especially if you're not a big fan of camping, if you want to see a small part of an awesome country - with such a variety of places to go, and you LOVE being with people and having a good time!

Past Trekkers Review
Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

pirate porn, phantasmagoric, BEAR!, camraderie, hot-tubs, lifechanging

Reviewed December 2012

I can't recommend this tour highly enough. If you're after a "quicky" trek which takes in a lot and crams in a lot of bizarre things to see and do, this is it. Our tour leader (Devon) was brilliant- such a cool guy, who obviously loves his job and, whilst living in his own Devonsville, made everyone feel welcome.
There wasn't one place I disliked (well, maybe LA, but that's more because our first glimpse of the city was seeing a tramp pull down her pants and pee all over the pavement RIGHT OUTSIDE THE BUS). Yosemite was beautiful and breath-taking. I say breath-taking thanks to the gorgeous scenery as well as the walks on offer. In the end a group of us rode the shuttle around the park and visited the Ahwahnee Hotel (inspiration for The Shining). The Bug Hostel was great- especially the massive, industrial sized hot tub and lovely grub. Also, we saw a fudging BEAR right in the middle of the road.
Vegas was........ different to what I expected. But in a omg-this-place-is-so-tacky-I-LOVE-it kinda way. Embrace the tackiness. Take in the dilapidated Bill's gambling hall with all night karaoke, the thrill of an overweight faux Italian gondolier guiding you threw a condom strewn swimming pool and the free to witness soft core pirate porn. This place was EPIC. Especially the gun store. I have a feeling I was a bit too excited with that and turned into a hick for the day- complete with cut off denims.
The Canyon was pretty sweet- though I actually wouldn't recommend the helicopter tours. Everyone pays the same price, but if you're in the back and not next to a window it's not that amazing, I tell you. The first glimpse of it from the ground, with Devon's blind conga line, was a really special moment though.
Havasu- chilling on a boat, playing The Lonely Island, ordering take out on the beach.... just brilliant.

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