New York to Niagara Falls Mini [CLOSED]

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New York to Niagara Falls Mini [CLOSED]

great way to see Niagara falls through New York state

Reviewed September 2016

Starting at Hilton Newark Hotel in New Jersey, it took about 6 hours to drive (with stops) to Niagara Falls, NY. You drive over the Niagara River twice to get to the city of Niagara Falls and to the Sheraton Hotel which is located right on the river, which poses for a great view if you're staying that side of the hotel or when having breakfast in the restaurant of the hotel.
In the evening we were given the opportunity to explore the American side of the falls or to cross rainbow bridge across the border to Canada. We chose to check out the falls from the Canadian side and eat at the Hard Rock cafe in Canada. Take your passport to cross the border and make sure you have 50 cents to return to America! We returned back to America to check out the falls at night and watch the firework display that happens 3 times a week in August.
The next morning we went on the Maid of the Mist boat tour that takes you right up to the falls. Expect to get wet, rain ponchos are provided! Luckily it wasn't too windy on the day so we didn't get that wet! We had a chance to explore Niagara Falls before we head off to Waterloo/Geneva NY.
We arrived in the town of Geneva and we given the opportunity to go to a winery or check out Geneva, it was a really hot sunny day so we chilled by Seneca Lake.
We stayed at the Holiday Inn at Waterloo, NY. Later in the evening we were given the opportunity to visit the historic small town of Seneca Falls (this town was the basis for the town of Bedford Falls in the film 'It's a wonderful life!') It was also the birthplace for women's rights! So a small quaint town historic town, worth a visit if you're interested!
The following day we visited Woodbury Outlet Mall just outside of New York City. Be prepared for a a huge shopping mall! So grab a map and decide what shops you want to visit! Before returning to the Hilton Newark hotel for the end of the trek, we visited Liberty State Park, NJ and took in the sites of New York City. If you take a walk around you can see the statue of Liberty!

Overall, the trek packs a lot in, in a short space of time! Definitely worth doing if you are keen to see Niagara Falls.
Our tour guide Josh was enthusiastic and keen to tell us a lot of facts about the different places we visited!

Past Trekkers Review
New York to Niagara Falls Mini [CLOSED]

A fun little adventure...

Reviewed August 2016

I had read the itinerary carefully and also read all the reviews on this site, so I knew what to expect from this trip. I booked it mainly because it was a short tour and it suited how much time I had. I knew it was basically a three-day journey to see Niagara Falls and not much else.

The first day is spent driving through New York State up to Niagara. Be advised this is a very long day in the van, with not much else happening. The itinerary mentions driving through Delaware Water Gap (you do but you don't actually get to see anything much).

We arrived late afternoon and got to see the American Falls before going for dinner. It is clear the better view is rom the Canadian side, although you have to work that out for yourself. After dinner we headed back to the Falls, getting ice cream on the way, and although it was by now dark, most of us crossed the bridge into Canada to see the Falls from the other side, which are lit-up at night. You don't get much time to actually walk up for the best, closest view but it is still good fun crossing the border and see the Falls in full.

The next morning, we did the Maid of the Mist, which was another fun experience with great views all around and of course, it the main point of the whole trek. Afterwards we shopped for souvenirs before heading off on our journey.

In the afternoon, the group went to a winery near the Finger Lakes although two of us didn't go and decided to have a look around the Wal-Mart next door to the hotel instead.

That night we stopped near Seneca Falls, which, to my excitement and surprise, turned out to be 'the real' Bedford Falls from It's A Wonderful Life. Being a great fan of the film, this made my day and I had a great chat with the guy in the visitors centre who told me what sites to visit.

We had a lovely dinner in a bar in town and celebrated Sam's birthday (who has also reviewed this trip). Our tour guide, Liz, was very accommodating and friendly and made an extra special effort for the evening's celebrations.

Heading back down through the State, we stopped at Woodbury Common outlet mall. I am not big on shopping and could have easily given this a miss for more time in New York City. I should point out that NYC is not part of this trek at all and so do not be mis-led about that just because of the name of the tour. If you download the 'Trek Tips' for this tour, be advised that only one of the five current photos (the Maid of the Mist photo) is actually relevant to what you will see.

Everyone on our trip (there was nine of us) were really great and we all got on well. Our tour guide, Liz, did the job just right. The van was a comfortable size and I coudn't fault any of the hotels, which were all clean and comfortable and in good locations.

I would do another Trek America trip based on my experience and this trip felt like a lot longer than 3 days. Make sure you give yourself some time either side of the trek to see New York though.

Past Trekkers Review
New York to Niagara Falls Mini [CLOSED]

Lovely little trip

Reviewed June 2016

First time doing a trek, so decided to do a mini one to see what it was all about. Absolutely loved every minute of it. The first day is spent mostly driving up to Niagara which was expected, but we stopped off at a cute little cafe for lunch and had at least one other stop along the way. Spent much longer at the falls than i expected, seeing it at day/night and from the Canadian side. The only fault i can really give the trip is that we didn't see much of the lakes at Finger lakes or the Delaware water gap/ Pocono mountains which is mentioned in the itinerary. However the trip was still worth every minute and our trek leader Liz was lovely, making my birthday on the trip very special. This trip has convinced me to do more treks in the future.

Past Trekkers Review
New York to Niagara Falls Mini [CLOSED]

The best experience and a great bunch of people and a awesome guide!!

Reviewed August 2015

I had never done anything like this before and didn't really know what to expect! It was an amazing experience I just could stop smiling the whole trip! The tour guide Shelby was just full of energy she was so happy and if wasn't for her I don't think our experience would have been as good!!

Past Trekkers Review
New York to Niagara Falls Mini [CLOSED]

Brilliant - Great leader and group!

Reviewed September 2014

This was the second trek that I had been and it lived up to all the expectations that the first one had presented as well as all of its reviews. Our tour guide was Katie who was easy going but also did an exceptional job in making all the van time we had thoroughly entertaining whether that was through conversation or games to play whilst on the road. Even though you spend a lot of time on the road (8 hours the first day just to get to the falls) you still get to see a lot whilst you travel and you're almost certain to meet some fantastic people on the same trek. Even though this was a very short trek we never felt rushed to be anywhere and always had enough time to do the activities that were planned for us. Would recommend this trek to anyone who wants to get to Niagara Falls and back all in a weekend, just be prepared for some very early starts!

Past Trekkers Review
New York to Niagara Falls Mini [CLOSED]

Niagra falls in daylight and at night. Fantastic fun

Reviewed August 2014

I had a fantastic time start to finish. We had plenty of time at Niagra fall, including seeing it from the top in daylight and also the night when its lit up, going across to the Hard Rock Cafe on Canadian side to eat and then watch fireworks, then returning in the morning to do maid of the mist boat tour. The tour leader was really nice and worked hard to ensure we all had a good time. I would definitely recommend. That being said, I have marked it down to four stars for a few reasons 1. we did not actually see the finger lakes, which is on the itinerary. When we asked the tour guide she said that we had driven past it, we had no idea when and therefore never saw any of it 2. The hotel after the niagra falls was no-where near anything (and really scruffy, but it did say 'budget lodging') and so we had to pay a taxi fee to get into town to eat 3. I felt that the tour leader did not know enough about the places we went to so I didn't learn anything about these places. Maybe that is all she was asked to do by TrekAmerica, but I have since been on another TrekAmerica tour (Western BLT) and the tour leader put huge amounts of effort into researching facts about everywhere and made notes so he could tell us about it all, which really added to the experience.

Past Trekkers Review
New York to Niagara Falls Mini [CLOSED]

Brillant, Fun, Adventure, New Friends

Reviewed July 2014

Great trek to do short and fun, we covered so much on 3 days and I couldn't of asked for more. Crossing the boarder to Canada and see Niagara on Memorial day was such an amazing experience, and finished with dinner at the Hard Rock! We meet some amazing locals, and stayed in great budget hotels, and crossed through Amish country, its a great Trek to start off a holiday or for a taster!

Past Trekkers Review
New York to Niagara Falls Mini [CLOSED]

waste of time

Reviewed June 2014

Well, I booked the Trip because i thought that this would be the fastest Way to See the Niagara Falls. We did See the Niagara Falls, but just for a very Short time. We were always in a hurry for no reason. We started on sunday in the morning and got to see the falls by night. well, only the american falls, the tour leader was obviously not interested in showing us a good place to see the falls, especially the horseshoe-falls. We only had 30 min. until we had to meet for dinner. Then we had to go back to the Hotel at 10pm. That was actually quite ok, Even though there was no time to cross the border to canada. But the next day, We did the Maid of the Mist-Tour at 10.15 am, which was only 20 minutes. Then the Tour Guide told us to get back to the Bus at 11.30 am!! It was a 15 minutes walk to the parking space, We finished the Maid of the Mist at 10.40 am and had then only 30 Minutes to get to canada! I was really, really mad, that we actually had only 5 minutes in Canada watching the wonderful falls from a different, much more beautiful ankle. So we were still 30 minutes late at the Bus. The Tour leader didn't even tell us, that the much more impressive horseshoe-falls were only a 5 Minutes-walk from the parking Lot. I think she just did not like to wait for us. So altogether we spent maybe 1h15 minutes at the Niagara Falls!!!!

That was really disappointing! Then we hit the road to stay 2 hours for lunch at a winery!? For what reason??? And we arrived at the most disgusting Hotel I have ever stayed at 5 pm! Why so early??? Why couldn't we spent more time at the Niagara Falls, which was the main reason for the whole travel? Well, then the Tour leader brought us downtown Ithaca, not telling us, that the whole city was a construction area. And she picked us up at 8.15 pm, so we were in this ugly Hotel in the middle of nowhere by 8.30pm! What a waste of time!!!! We didn't see one Finger lake, there was no hiking, she brought us to a parking lot at the bottom of a Fall the next morning to take a picture. Thats it!!!

Arriving at woodbury outlet, she gave us 1 hr 15 Minutes for lunch and Shopping! That was unbelievable! She First Said, that the Last ferry from New Jersey Liberty Park runs at 5 pm, so that we have to get the ferry. Then I told her, that she is wrong and that the ferry runs till 8 pm, she admitted, that I was right, but she then said, that she wanted to get us in the ferry before the rain starts (there was no rain!??). she just wanted to get rid of us! And that is pretty sad! I told her, that we never had time to stay at places we really liked, Even though there was enough time!!!!she just answered, that just the way it is in these trips. So actually this whole trip was a waste of time which makes me really angry! I should have rent a car to do all this in 2 days. I think that was just not the right way to treat tourists, who just want to have a great time. So this was actually the first and last time, i traveled with trek America! Especially, when I sent my complaint to trek America, they just answered, that i have seen everything I wanted. The next time I should book one week if I needed more time. They didn`t understand a word. I am really disappointed and wasted two days of my Vacations...

Response from TrekAmerica:

Many thanks for your feedback. We are sorry the trip did not meet your expectations and our customers service manager has forwarded your comments to our Operations Team in the USA along with contacting you directly about your complaint.

Past Trekkers Review
New York to Niagara Falls Mini [CLOSED]

Great experience

Reviewed June 2014

Had an absolutely fabulous time on this mini trek, loved going to see Niagra at night and then again as part of the maid of the mist boat ride. Also visited a winery, the university town of Ithaca with lots of pleasant stops off along the way! Really recommend! The tour leader was so accommodating and made the trip a success.

Past Trekkers Review
New York to Niagara Falls Mini [CLOSED]

Fantastic, great sights

Reviewed May 2013

This was a mini trek before my bigger southern sun trek. It's definitley worth doing and is a great experience, made some Greg friends some of which went on to travel with me on the southern sun. Niagara Falls is stunning and is definitley a must see! You won't be dissapointed by doing this mini trek!

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