Atlantic BLT from Miami [CLOSED]

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Past Trekkers Review
Atlantic BLT from Miami [CLOSED]

Amazing tour - average guide

Reviewed November 2015

I would highly recommend this route, such amazing places to be seen.

We had a great group and really enjoyed all of the cities visited.

I have toured with previous companies before (Contiki & Topdeck) and as a whole I would not travel with Trek America again. Our tour manager was really nice but I wouldn't go as far as saying he was great or amazing. There was little to none information given about anything or anywhere and recommendations were generally the ones most convenient to him. I.E. dinner within a 1/2 block radius from everywhere we stayed, no real thought gone into it. Orlando & Panama City Beach were two of the most 'faffy' days, lots of indecisiveness and driving to and from the hotel unnecessarily however this did get better as we started to stay in locations closer to the towns.

The accommodation was definitely better at the beginning of the tour, but all was clean and comfortable. Tour mentions a walk Appalachian mountains but we were told this is typically only done on the the tour which starts in New York, we had to specifically ask to do this activity.

The rest of the tour was great and I feel we had enough free time in everywhere but Nashville, although we have been made aware that from next year it will be a 2 night stop over which will be great.

If you have been on tours before, this is probably not for you. However, if this is your first time you will love it. I think I am genuinely just being fussy as my previous tours were amazing and couldn't be faulted.

I would recommend having some time in Miami beforehand as you get zero time spent there once the tour starts. The gateway hotels are lovely and if you are flying from Newark it is super easy to stay in the gateway hotel and visit Manhattan everyday.

Past Trekkers Review
Atlantic BLT from Miami [CLOSED]

Absolutely amazing!

Reviewed January 2014

I had the time of my life on this trip

Our tour guide (Tommy) was everything you could ever ask in a guide. He knew he best things to do, the places to go and the people to see. He made sure everyone felt included and went above and beyond to ensure an incredible time was had by all.

Loved the small group size because by the end everyone was so close we felt like a family!

The itinerary was perfect, the accommodation was really good and the bus was nice and cosy :)

Highlights definitely included universal studios, swimming at high springs, kayaking with manatees and of coarse New Years in New Orleans!

I definitely recommend is tour for anyone who wants to see the east coast, but would recommend some time before and after in Miami and New York to make sure you get to see it all!

Past Trekkers Review
Atlantic BLT from Miami [CLOSED]

Amazing Roadtrip through south eastern part of the US!

Reviewed November 2013

After visiting the famous 'west' part of the States already three years ago, this part of the States was new for me. Arriving in Miami was great. It's an amazing start for the trip, I felt sorry I arrived the evening before the trip started, so I didn't see to much Miami.

Heading out to Orlando the first day, exciting! We day dinner in Disney World which is so nice! Live music, good food, drinks, really nice. In Orlando we did the Universal Studio's & Island of Adventures. Lucky we were, as is was off seaso there were no long waiting times. So in general we didn't had to wait long. Then to High Springs, swimming with manatees in the crystal river and off to Ginnie Springs for soms waterfun and a barbeque!

Panama City beach was amazing! We spent an afternoon at the beach, and the next day a morning of shopping / sightseeings and the afternoon we spent of a pontoon! Really nice to see dolphins! All in marvelous weather conditons.

Out of Panamy City beach, on the way to New Orleans. Very nice to see the French Quarter, famous Bourbon Street, fresh famous 'Handgrenade' cocktails, ghost tours during evening hours, drinks, live music, and with two nights here you have a full day to choose yourself what you would like to do. We did a walk, some museums, coffee + beignets at Cafe Du Monde and so much more! Our visit to this city ended with an amazing 'Honey Island Swamp tour'. Not only gators, but also turtles, racoons and even wild pigs showed up.

Memphis and Nashville....full of country history! With the Sun Studios in Memphis and the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. As well as live music again, drinks in town, fun, asnd enough more options. We did not see Graceland.

On the way from Nashville to Washington, a quite long distance, there is a night in between to cut the long distance but we did a gorgeous hike in the Appalachan Mountains! Washington..a nice classy city with allure. Much 'rich' white buildings mark this city.

The trip end in New Jersey (New Ark) but definitely recommendable is so extend a couple of night in NYC! Enough to see and do there as well!

Past Trekkers Review
Atlantic BLT from Miami [CLOSED]

non-stop whirlwind of excitement :D

Reviewed November 2013

Had an epic trip from start to finish! the longest day we spent travelling was 7 hours, but even that was fun because of the personalities on the trip! I made some awesome friends and would not change my experience for anything!

I would definitely recommend spending a day or two before the trip in Miami as you do not see any of it on the trip! I spent 2 days after in New York which i would 100% recommend if not longer! also do not book into the Newark Hilton if you are finishing in New York and doing some sight seeing as it is too far out of New York!! I stayed in Times Square and it was perfect!

The trip itself, i'd advise for you to do all the activities as they're not that expensive and they are really good fun!! one of the best extras i did was the ghost tour in New Orleans! ask for Jennifer too...she was brilliant! it cost $24 me thinks but worth every penny! Also loved the Steam Boat in New Orleans! Brilliant! Go to Cafe Du Monte too for their famous donuts and coffee!....mmmmmm

Do the Sun Studios Tour in Memphis! you get to stand on the spot Elvis recorded his first ever track and hold the original microphone! great experience...and good pics!

Nashville was brilliant...grab yourself a pair of cowboy boots and visit the county music hall of fame if you're into that type of music...if not i prob wouldn't bother!

DO the rocky statue, run up the stairs and eat a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich in Philadelphia!!! (Loved every minute!!!!)

Top of the rock viewpoint was great in New York and the whispering wall in grand Central station!

To sum up....AWESOME!!

Past Trekkers Review
Atlantic BLT from Miami [CLOSED]

Trip of a lifetime.

Reviewed October 2013

What can I say, the Trek was awesome. From Orlando to the history in Washington DC. I felt this trip covered my expectations in everyway. Extra activities and sightseeing made the trip complete. Tour Guide Jake was superb. Would I do another trek, yes I would.

Past Trekkers Review
Atlantic BLT from Miami [CLOSED]

Amazing experience with great new friends and won't forget it!

Reviewed September 2013

My trek experience was unforgettable. My tour leader made the trip because she kept everything organised but also made it so that we were all friends and not just people thrown together on a bus. Seeing so much in such little time was exactly what I wanted and I couldn't think of doing it with anyone other than my fellow Trekkers. Before the trip I was quite apprehensive about who I would be with and what it would be like but after the first night together that was gone. We had a laugh in the van and didn't even notice the longer journeys between destinations. The trip was amazing the people were better and I now have friends and memories for life. I would recommend this to anyone and really hope to do it again.

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