Alaskan BLT [CLOSED]

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Past Trekkers Review
Alaskan BLT [CLOSED]

Alaska is amazing!!

Reviewed September 2014

Such a great tour! Amazing scenery, lots of adventure, fun and the group was perfect. McCarthy is a town stuck in a day gone of my favourite places on the tour. Homer.. Lovely fishing town with great fish and chips. Definitely recommend the halibut fishing and ice climbing. Alaska is such a spectacular place.. Expensive but worth it.

Charlie Taussig was a great tour leader...Chilled out, lots of fun and good organisation. Made the tour what it was.

Past Trekkers Review
Alaskan BLT [CLOSED]


Reviewed August 2014

Jeannie Panchal is the best tour leader ever, she gave 100% and beyond. She is the best tyre mechanic I have ever seen, it was a pleasure for me to work with her. Her mood was a sunshine every day and I already miss her daily hugs. Jeannie, it has been an honour for me to meet you! Cheers, Florian

Past Trekkers Review
Alaskan BLT [CLOSED]


Reviewed July 2013

I loved this trip. Great people, lots of fun and our tour guide was outstanding. The walks were good as well, went to visit some ink pools but the walk you will really like will be lake Louise as the water was so clear and blue and the further we climbed the better the view and there are plenty of bears to see.

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