The Best Stranger Things Locations in Atlanta

After taking the world by storm in 2016, Stranger Things has been scaring us at every turn. Following the residents of a sleepy Indiana town in the eighties, viewers were shocked to see everything from secret government agencies to telekinetic children.

On our brand new Trek or Treat Plus tour, we’ll be visiting the spookiest spots in America including a driving tour of the filming locations of Stranger Things!  Check out the more interesting filming sites which you could see on the tour...

WARNING – While this list avoids spoilers where it can, some locations appear at the very end of season 3, so be careful!


Starcourt Mall

Gwinnett Place Mall, 2100 Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth, 30096

Located North East of Atlanta, Starcourt Mall was where the majority of the third season took place. This is where you could have found Steve Harrington and Robin working at the ice cream shop, Scoops Ahoy. You’d be surprised to know that the mall is a functional facility in real life, though it isn’t doing too well. Gwinnet Mall (It’s real name) is largely barren of life, although you can expect to see few customers and fewer stores if you get the chance to visit. That being said, it's still super cool to see where THAT epic final fight went down in person!


Hawkins Laboratory, Stranger Things

Hawkins National Laboratory

1256 Briarcliff Road Northeast, Atlanta, 30306

This maleficent laboratory will be a foreboding sight for anyone who saw the first two seasons of the show. The lab was where Eleven awoke her powers after being experimented on from birth, as well as many other events during the course of the series. Whilst trekkers will be unable to enter the building, anyone can see it from the outside and remember the horrors that took place there.

Palace Arcade

6501 Church Street, Douglasville, 30134

One of the more interactive locations you can visit is the Palace Arcade. This is where Max was first introduced to the group at the beginning of season 2. While many of the filming locations are inaccessible to the public, Palace Arcade is a fully functioning arcade. Anyone can play the same arcade games as Max and the boys, such as Dragons Lair, Dig Dug or Galaga. An absolute must-do for fans of the show!

Family Video

6503 Church Street, Douglasville, 30134

Following the events of season 3, Steve and Robin had to find new jobs at Family Video, a video rental store which reluctantly hires the two of them. While this spot isn’t an integral location for fans to visit, the shop is right next to the Palace Arcade, so it’s worth dropping in while you’re there.

Hoppers Cabin 

Hopper's Cabin 

628 Sleepy Hollow Road, Powder Springs GA 30127

This one is probably the most unique filming location on the list. Eleven and Hopper lived here during season 2 and 3, gradually becoming a family. However, after filming finished, the owners of the cabin turned it into an escape room! With a Stranger Things theme, this escape room is the perfect place to put your mind to the test as you try to solve the cabin’s mystery and escape before time runs out. How cool is that?

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