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Western Wonder from Los Angeles


Reviewed November 2017

This trip is honestly the best thing I have ever done in my life, I will definitly be doing it again! Although it seems like a lot of money, if you were to add up the cost of doing it yourself, this is way more economical. For me, a personal highlight was meeting all the amazing people that were on the trek with me (CHEESY I KNOW!!), but honestly you get so close to everyone with camping and travelling in the bus that when it comes to the end it's SO hard to say goodbye!!

In terms of places on the trip, VEGAS!!!! was the best place ever, truly a magical, beautiful place and I can't wait to go back! Also, obviously a special shout out to our trek leader Dave! He was the best, and it wouldn't have bene the same without him!

Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Best Adventure in a Beautiful Country

Reviewed November 2017

My Glaciers & Grizzlies trip was utterly incredible! I loved this tour as it showed us so many incredible places in west Canada. Highlights for me were exploring Suplhur mountain in Banff, walking on the Athabasca Glacier and zip lining in Whistler. The additional activities were great fun and I budgeted to do the majority of these which if possible I do recommend as they were so much fun.

My tour group was 11 in size so we travelled in a minibus with our tour leader. This is a slightly smaller group than usual for a Plus tour but I really liked having this sized group. We got on well and we had the freedom to do what we wanted also in free time.

There is a fair bit of driving involved but for me I was happy to just sit and look out the window at the gorgeous views. Also our Trek Leader kept us excited with fun and unusual stops along the way which were off the usual routes.

Our tour leader was great fun, really knowledgeable and very organised so the whole trip went brilliantly and for me staying in the hotels with a room mate was definitely the preferred accommodation. I am not a fan of camping and so the hotels were a comfortable place to stay. Having a roommate for the tour also meant you got to know someone in the tour group a bit better as well.

Southern Sun from New York

Incredible, lief-changing opportunity

Reviewed November 2017

The southern sun trek for 3 weeks has been the absolute highlight of my life so far, and I have traveled some bit before! The trek group of 13 are now my closest friends, I went alone and knew they'd be others like me doing the same thing. The good thing with a trek is the people on the trek love travel as much as you do! There were optional extra activities in every single state and all reasonably priced, our tour guide Blake was insane! He knew the good places to go, advised on anything we asked about and most of all became one of us- a great friend. Monument Valley was the highlight for me, we camped in the middle under the stars with the Navajo tribe which isn't something anyone else I know has done. Every day we were on the move, more driving than I expected but it was awesome. We'd play games, have a sleep, chat, and listen to music so the journeys felt like nothing...and anyway the scenery through the drives are incredible! I went for Trek because I wanted to jam everything into 3 small weeks and that's certainly what I got! I couldn't speak highly enough of this trek and my group, and it has provided me with very precious memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Olivia Ruszczyk
Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Mini (Camping)

Amazing Experience and Highly Recommended

Reviewed November 2017

I went on the Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Mini (Camping) Trek in September of 2017. I can't say that I have any complaints about my experience with Trek America. The tour guide, Carl, was enthusiastic and made every moment of the trip fun. The highlights of the tour were sleeping under the stars in Monument Valley and drinking champagne and eating pizza while watching the sunset over the Grand Canyon. By the end of the tour I had made about 10 new amazing friends! Although you don't have much time in just these short four days you get to see A LOT. This is an experience worthwhile!

Westerner 2 BLT

Jam packed and amazing!

Reviewed November 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed my Trek America trip in September of 2017. I went as a solo traveller, I wasn't worried at all as I knew the majority of people on the trip would be in the same boat. From the get go when we met our tour leader Alex and each other in LA, it was like we had known each other weeks already! Everybody was really friendly and up for an adventure. Accomodation and activities exceeded expectations. Favorite hotels were at different ends of the scale, from The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas with its pool slide going through a shark tank to the most basic of hostels in Yosemite eating amazing home cooked food and singing songs in the dark outside drinking some beers with the locals. I'm more of a city girl, but I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the challenging treks in both the Grand Canyon and Yosemite with the views helping us through the tough parts. Favorite city was San Fran, amazing watching the sunset at the Golden Gate with a few beers on a catamaran, taking a ride on the famous cable car, visiting Amoeba Records, and strolling around Union Square ending up at the Cheesecake Factory eating some amazing entrees and cheesecake (a must visit). An amazing and jam packed trip from start to finish, so much ground and amazing sights covered. None of which would have been achieved without tour leader Alex, who went out of his way to bring us to places off the beaten track and make sure we had a good time in the evenings! Would 100% recommend to a friend.

Kate W
Atlantic BLT from New York

Amazing trek amazing people

Reviewed November 2017

Did this trek in august this year and absolutely loved it! The BLTs are great for anyone that loves travelling but isnt really into me. The highlights for me were honestly the whole trip (well the top spot was harry potter world in orlando!!) loved everywhere we visited. The people on my trip were awesome..this makes the trip for me as youre with these people pretty much all day every day. Our leader peggy was amazing..always enthusiastic, knowledgable, friendly, helpful. She would always go the extra mile for us which was brilliant.

Would highly recommend this trip!

Kate W
Northern BLT

Amazing trek amazing people

Reviewed November 2017

Did this trek in august this year and absolutely loved it. I love to travel but im not one for camping so the BLT is great for that. Visited some amazing favourites being niagara falls, chicago and the national parks. Our leader was great..always full of energy and had lots of info on the areas we visited. Also met some awesome people..that really helps make the trek. If you dont get on with the people youre not going to have a good time in my opinion as you spend nearly all day every day with these people. Would recommend this trek!

Southern Sun from Los Angeles


Reviewed November 2017

I actually dont know where to start in regards to my trek. First of all, I wish it was longer and if we all could have we would have gone back the way just to do it all over again!!!

We started the trek off in Los Angeles so our first night was in Vegas, and as the trek went on we look back and laugh at that night as we hardly knew each other and compared to the end of the trip was just like night and day as its safe to say we had so many adventures on our journey that we became so so close!

Our journey was hit by a number of different changes due to hurricane harvey following us wherever we went, but we sure made light of a scary situation and all 13 of us cosying up in a 4 person cabin was definately a hilarious point for us all.

Each experience we did made us all stronger as a group, and every destination which we thought we couldnt top just kept getting topped by the next one making us all unable to pin point what our highlight of the trip was, from the grand canyon helicopter ride being insane, to then monument valley being a truely memorable experience, then leaving those destinations and heading for the likes of new orleans and memphis and line dancing in nashville was just amazing.

We ended up having a lot of time on the bus due to the weather and delays, but honestly thats what made out trip so so fun, a 12 hour journey seemed like nothing at the end of the 21 days, we managed to laugh, joke and sleep ALOT. from that and I can honestly say it was the most funniest time I have ever had on a bus!!!!

I will always remember the experience I had, you were able to be so carefree, and just enjoy the moment as the tour guides help and organisation was just truely amazing and guided you the whole way with you just being left to enjoy the experience, it was like being on a school trip but for adults!

I met some amazing people, saw some incredible sights, experience some hilarious moments, laughed till it hurt and most of all made memories I will never forget.

So if your thinking of doing a trek and not sure wether to or not, DO IT. you wont regret it. From the people to the places you see it will be amazing for you!!!!!!

Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Best 3 weeks of my life

Reviewed November 2017

I booked the southern sun trip as a solo traveller for September 2017 after spending the summer working on the east coast.

I picked southern sun over the northern route as there were more cities involved and there would be more variety in culture, people and scenery in the south.

Our tour leader Drew was amazing -he's exactly what you want in a tour leader. His passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of where to go, what to see, what to eat made this trip.

I would highly recommend this trip and doing all the optional activities such as the helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon, the hiking (no matter how hellish, it was worth it), the night in the monument valley and white water rafting.

Georgina Paton
Westerner 2 BLT


Reviewed November 2017

As a solo traveller, I found this trip to be the best way to explore the West Coast. From start to end, it was perfect. Having a tour guide to drive me to all of these wonderful places took all of the stress out of travelling on my own.

It was the perfect mix of cities and National Parks. The accommodation was very decent and great value for money.

I would definitely recommend doing the add on's - San Diego Zoo, Alcatraz, Party Bus in Vegas, Helicopter over the Canyon & the sunset sail under the Golden Gate bridge.

I also recommend getting out of bed early to watch the sunrise over the a Grand Canyon. Such an uplifting experience not to miss.

Most of the group were solo travellers and became like a family from the first night in San Diego. Mix of ages from 21-30 which was nice.

October was such a nice month to travel as California gets an Indian Summer and places weren't as busy with tourists. The longer drives don't seem too long when you are in a comfortable van with access to wifi and Spotify.

Our tour guide Phil was super chill and friendly and knew all of the best spots to eat and drink. Great to have instant access to insider tips and learn about the history behind each stop on the tour.

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