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Western Wonder from San Francisco

Best trip of my life!

Reviewed June 2019

Really is hard to describe how amazing this trip was. Seen so many amazing places. The highlight for me was Yosemite! Breathtaking views from the top. Can't believe we managed to fit so much in for a week trip. Jane our wide was awesome. She really was an amazing guide that made sure everyone was enjoying the trip. Made a group of friends for life. Would 100% recommend this tour.

New Orleans to New York Plus [CLOSED]

Our own American Dream

Reviewed June 2019

Me and my husband knew we wanted to do an American tour and doing it ourselves turned out too much money. I wanted to go to NOLA. My husband Memphis, Graceland. When we found this tour and saw the other destinations they were places we were both keen to explore.
Our tour guide Taylor was front Memphis so we were in his back garden. He knew all the right places to go to from S’mores in a fairy lit beer garden to the best place to line dancing in Nashville. We had a life changing experience with a great group of people we didn’t know, a tour guide who was exceptional and in cities that won our heart. We can’t wait for another adventure.

Ryan Thorley
Southern Sun from New York

The best thing I have ever done!

Reviewed May 2019

The Southern Sun trek was by far the best thing I have ever done (so far!). Every destination met or exceeded my expectations! When booking I was most looking forward to Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Phili and Washington DC. I can safely say that whilst those places were amazing, other main highlights for me now are, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans (The music cities lived up to their name!), Monument Valley and Zion National park. The tour leader went the extra mile every step of the way, with surprising activities and also making my birthday in Vegas better than I could've hoped for. On top of this I feel like I made great friends. Through the exhausting 8-mile hike down and up the Grand Canyon, to the partying in the brilliant Nashville, holding Elvis' Microphone or facing my biggest fear of heights when hiking Angels landing at Zion (something I would never have dreamed of doing), it's safe to say I will never forget this trip. Don't be put off by the long travel, with the right group of people and music it flies by! I can't wait to see what else I can do in the future as I will definitely be travelling with Trek America again!

Julia Rose
Westerner 2

Great New Friends on A Crazy New Adventure!

Reviewed May 2019

I really loved this trip!
I went on my own and pretty much immediately we bonded as a group which really did make the trip because it made the amazing experiences (grand canyon, yosemite, vegas and so much more) even more amazing because I got to share them with great new friends.

I really recommend this trip if you love a mix of outdoor adventure, city breaks and sightseeing and particularly if you want to make friends! I honestly can't recommend it enough and if you get Richard as a tour leader you are a very lucky bunch!

Iz Lowe
Canadian Pioneer

Wilderness, cities, wildlife and adventure - all of my favourite things!

Reviewed May 2019

This was such a fab trip, it was so lovely meeting all the like minded people that came along and the tour guide was brilliant! There was a perfect balance between bustling city life and ‘middle-of-nowhere’ wilderness so there was definitely something for everyone. Perfect length, perfect route, would love to do it all again!

Westerner 2

Trip of a lifetime!

Reviewed April 2019

I had wanted to do a West Coast USA road trip for as long as I can remember and after hearing about this particular trip via social media, I decided I wanted to do the trip with Trek America - best decision ever! This trip has a very full itinerary, each day full of 'wow' moments and iconic landmarks. Visiting places that for years I had looked at online, and dreamt of visiting, and then there I was actually seeing these places for myself. I loved that the tour had a mix of both cities (San Diego, San Fran, Vegas) and national parks (Yosemite & Grand Canyon). For me, going on a camping version of this trip made the whole experience way more memorable. Setting up camp together, cooking as a group and eating s'mores around a campfire - it was these little things that made the trip so special and meant that our group bonded so well. My trip had 11 trekkers and 9 of us were solo travellers, but honestly we all got along so well it literally felt like we had known each other for years. What was great about this was that each day you could hang out with different people, depending on what activities you wanted to do. Huge shoutout to our tour leader Brad who was amazing and had lots of great information for us. He helped us to book tickets for attractions we wanted to visit (baseball in San Diego) and dropped us off at specific locations on our free days depending where we wanted to be - this was greatly appreciated. He also ordered pizza for us to eat whilst we watched the sunset over the Grand Canyon (not many people can say they have done that), it was one of my highlights of the whole trip! The trip might be considered 'expensive' but after doing the trip I can say it was 100% worth every penny. I booked this trip 9 months before I actually went on the trek, meaning I had time to initially save for the trip itself and then even more time to save for flights and spending money. I The first thing I did when I got home, was order a new brochure - I can't wait to go on another adventure with Trek America!

Western Wonder from Los Angeles

Amazing trip! Short and sweet but amazing!

Reviewed April 2019

This trek has everything! Cities and sight seeing, hiking in Yosemite and Grand Canyon oh and camping on both places too. Camping in Arizona is also awesome, also did you know Arizona has it’s own London Bridge? Yups literally shipped over from London and you will get to see it! A London like me found it funny. VEGAS!!! Be prepared for some awesome surprises! Of course can’t not mention LA/Hollywood! And also San Francisco isn’t a shabby place to finish a trek! I would recommend a a day in LA before hand to get over jet lag but also to have trip to Santa Monica and see the beach! Also a day or two in SAN fran at the end!

Deep South Plus

This trek has everything! Full of Fun, History, Music and Hiking!

Reviewed April 2019

I did this trek back in 2016, not only did I have an amazing time and made life long friends but I also had a blast! There was a lot of history (mainly civil rights and music history), there was music and dancing (NOLA, Nashville and Memphis), Hiking in the Smokys and just a a lot of adventure! My favourite parts were New Orleans so much so I’ve been back twice since and the civil rights history. I made friends for life on this trip and two friends that live across the world from me who I now see at least once a year on a new adventure each time!

Southern Sun from New York

Super Awesome Camping Trip

Reviewed April 2019

I have been on pre-organised tour trips a few times and by far my experience with Trek America stands out as the best. The combination of Camping/Hiking/ City Experiences/ Campfires was just amazing. Whereas my past Contikki trips have been jam packed full of over 50 people on giant coach bus with one driver and one trip coordinator the Trek America experience was far more personal and close. It was about 8 of us for one month travelling down the east coast and then cutting across through the southern states to finish in LA. We spent our nights between cities camping together around campfires with drinks with wild nights in the cities interspersed throughout. This is compared to the Contikki where every night was in a new bar spending mountains of money and getting absolutely hammered. Whilst there are merits to both, for me the Trek America experience was much more sustainable over an entire month and much more memorable and enjoyable. We climbed mountains and the Grand Canyon, went white water rafting, bought last minute tickets to a game of baseball, and experienced the absolute awesomeness of French Street in New Orleans until the late hours of the night. On the Trek America helping out around the campsite with cleaning/ cooking felt like a fun group activity rather than a cumbersome chore. The only issue I ever had with the Trek America experience was that their contingency plan for if a campsite is cancelled was quite poor. Rather than Trek America fronting the cost of finding alternative accommodation we were posed with the idea of covering the extra cost of finding a hotel and with the different financial levels of people within the group there were some difficulties. Overall however, this was a minor hiccup in an otherwise fantastic trip. I Wholeheartedly recommend Trek America as an experience that I would go on again.



Reviewed April 2019

This was my first trek, first time travelling alone and my first time to the West coast. It was amazing!
I had the loveliest group and the best tour leader.
We saw so many sunsets & sunrises, had lots of camp fires, singalongs, hikes, swims, drinks & food.
My highlight was Monument Valley, but I also loved Yosemite and Vegas!
If you're thinking about going on this trip, do it!!

I've written all about it on my blog:

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