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Charlotte Sloan
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Westerner 2


Reviewed August 2018

Had the most amazing trip and made amazing friends! Our trek leader Andrew really made the trip special and stress free! Only wish I could've stayed longer and let the adventure continue!

The Great 48

All in all this was an amazing trip.

Reviewed August 2018

Although I enjoyed my 11 week trek across the USA, the first 4 weeks had it’s ups and downs, this mainly concerned the issues me and my fellow trekkers had with our first trek leader, Grant. The issues we had with Grant were his constant smoking of marijuana and consuming of alcohol till the early hours of the morning, his laziness around camp, sexual comments he made towards some of the female trekkers and being forceful with some of the optional activities.

By week 4, trek America were quick to respond with hiring a replacement for Grant. Our second trek leader Nik was fantastic, very helpful, a lot more experienced and an all round lovely guy.

All in all I would throughly recommend this trek to anyone who has never travelled before and wants to see the real America. Through this trip I have seen and experienced some fantastic opportunity’s and made some lifelong friends.

Flo King
The Great 48

had its ups and downs but was a very enjoyable trip

Reviewed August 2018

Although I had a lot of fun on my trip, I feel like I should very honestly weigh out all of the Pros and Cons...

Cons: I'm going to be honest, our first tour leader had to be replaced halfway through the trip as he had been behaving in a very unprofessional way (making inappropriate comments towards the girls, drinking, smoking weed, being forceful with the optional activities and providing crappy broken equipment when name a few)

Pros: When difficulties arose with our first tour leader, Trek America was quick to respond and immediately flew out a different and much more experienced tour leader named Nik Archuleta to take over.
After this had been taken care of the trip became much more enjoyable, Nik was an incredibly fun and friendly guy who knew exactly what he was doing and really went above and beyond the call of duty for all of us from day one!
I also made some very close friends and had some amazing experiences in the USA, things that will never be forgotten!

Atlantic BLT from New York

Great fun with a great bunch of people

Reviewed August 2018

We had a fantastic time with our group! As I was the only New Zealander, surrounded by a bunch of awesome people from the UK was great! I was most surprised by Washington DC and enjoyed visiting all the bucket list areas on my USA list! The group size was great and we were all independent enough to go on our separate ways or divide into groups if we needed to for all the sights we wanted to see. Would definitely recommend! Our guide Christine was a laugh and definitely made our trip and the drives more enjoyable! All the stories along the way and the bonding we had over this short amount of time will make memories for life.

Western Wonder from Los Angeles

My best adventure yet!

Reviewed August 2018

This was my second trek, so I thought I knew what to expect. This trip surpassed all my expectations. I ticked things off my bucket list I didn't even really were on there; each day was filled with "once in a life time" moments, whether it was floating in a lake surrounded by mountains or teaching a fellow trekked how to play Blackjack in Vegas.

My fellow travellers were the best company someone could ask for! Even the longest drives passed in laughter and singing and we wanted to spend time together even after our Trek finished, so groups of us got together on San Francisco.

Also, a huge shout out to the best leader there could be, Kate! If she is your leader you are in very safe, organised hands! She went above and beyond to make sure we had the best experience possible and she was so much fun to be around. She became out 14th group member!

Southern BLT from New York

Best Trip ever!

Reviewed August 2018

Absolutely loved this trip. It was the first solo trip I'd ever done and it was amazing....I will say that it totally depends on the group that you're travelling with. There were a few in the group that didn't get on so well, but everyone was so nice and friendly that any disputes or clashes weren't focussed on as the sights we got to see were awesome!

Would definitely recommend

Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Epic Honeymoon with amazing people and views

Reviewed August 2018

We took part in two tours almost back to back - Glaciers & Grizzlies and Mountain Trail in July/Aug 2018 for our honeymoon. I struggle to find the words to explain how much fun we had. It was the most fantastic experience. We loved every minute of it. We got to do a mixture of lodging and camping and highly recommend both. We saw some epic sights with absolutely incredible people. Our tour leaders Tyler and Nick really made our trips the best with their friendships, enthusiasm, knowledge and just all round being great guys. We have made life long friends who we look forward to catching up with somewhere else along the line.
Trip highlights: Zip line in Whistler, Whitewater rafting in Golden, Lake Louise hike, Yellowstone National Park, Arches National Park, Hummer cruise in Moab, Utah, Tetons, Grand Canyon and to finish our grand adventure - living it up hard in Las Vegas with a party bus, seeing a show and throwing some money around at the many casinos!!
Going back to work has been rough but I now think of the money for our next adventure!
We would highly recommend Trek America to anyone!

Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Book this trip - Best decision you'll ever make

Reviewed July 2018

This was an amazing trip and exceeded all my expectations. From the incredible hiking in Zion and the Grand Canyon to the country music scene in Nashville; this tour has it all. There’s lots of driving in the 3 weeks but you get to see some stunning scenery along the way.

Our tour guide Erin was great, she was enthusiastic, friendly and encouraged us to try new things, she made the tour so much more fun. Take advantage of the tour guides knowledge as they’ll recommend the best places to go on your free days. The camping was really easy; in fact towards the end of the trip I actually preferred the tents to the hostels and hotels! You’ve definitely got to travel with an open mind and be prepared to get involved. Make sure you budget for all the optional activities so you don’t miss out; I’d recommend white water rafting, the guided 4x4 tour in Monument Valley and the civil rights museum. Overall the trip is really good value for money and I’d highly recommend it for anybody who wants to see a lot of America in short space of time.

Amy Tasker
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Mountain Trail

Experience of a lifetime, loved every second

Reviewed July 2018

I loved this trek from start to finish and highly recommend to anyone! If you love national parks, hiking and seeing the most stunning views, then this is the trek for you! Becca was an absolute star and made everything we wanted happen! 10/10 and a lifetime of memories.

Emma C.
Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

The Best Trip of my life

Reviewed July 2018

This was my very first Trek that I did and I had no idea what to expect. It was the most amaizing experience I ever had. I pushed myself to do things that I would never do thanks to Jen. Jen was an amaizing tour leader. She took us to the most amazing spots and made us laugh so much. She told us a lot of information like Pine beetles and fires that had happened and why things were named after what they were named. I had an amazing group and I will miss the girls and one guy. Will definitely do another Trek.

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