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Western Wonder from Los Angeles

Amazing trip with amazing people

Reviewed October 2018

I had the best time ever! It's the best way to see as much of the USA as possible, really really good value for money. The people on the trip were amazing we had so much fun... I was 40 at the time of the trip so a little apprehensive before hand but needn't of worried :) I made friends for life and memories to last a lifetime just deciding which one to do next :)

Jasmin Carter
San Francisco to New Orleans Plus

Had the absolute time of my life!

Reviewed October 2018

How do I even begin this review?

I had the time of the time! I never ever wanted it to end. The friends I made along the way and the cool, exciting stuff we did will stay with me for the rest of my life.

My own personal highlights were;
The party bus in Vegas! Pretty much the greatest night of my life.
The helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon legit made me cry, I was so overwhelmed.
The tour in Monument Valley and getting to eat dinner with a couple of Navajo people was amazing. I had to stop filming them dancing/singing because I wanted to get lost in the moment, it was so inspiring.
Becoming junior rangers with Coca (A tour guide we had for three days at the start who was also great!) in Yosemite, which had such pretty views.
Visiting a Coyote Ugly bar in Austin. I can say I've danced on a bar now, woo!
The Texan themed room in Amarillo was hilarious. I didn't expect to have to go through Saloon doors to go into the bathroom, haha!
The bus journeys! Even though some of them were long, we all made them fun by singing, having banter and watching a couple of films.
Walking along Bourbon Street in New Orleans in our fancy dress. We had Snow White, Jesus, Jack Skeleton, a couple of vampires, a cat, a witch and a ghost buster! We got tons of looks and the whole night was just a huge laugh. A few of us got beignets from Cafe Du Monde at 2AM, which was a great idea as it sobered us up and we didn't have to wait in line for the famous pastries! Also I recommend getting a hand grenade. Those things are strong but they last forever!
Also, making some amazing friends and hopefully future travel buddies!

Our tour guide, Taylor, was an awesome guy. Very approachable with a great sense of humour. Always answered any questions we had and joined in with our groups very sarcastic banter. Was great at giving directions and nothing was ever too much trouble for him.

I don't know what else to say really, the trek was the best time of my life. On my last night I (might) have shed a tear or two saying goodbye to everyone, I never wanted it to end.

To some it up, some old American dude got chatting to me at the airport and he told me I'd seen more of America in those two weeks than he had done in his whole life. Do you get much relaxation? No. But do you make memories that last a lifetime? A thousand times yes!

Already planning my next Trek America holiday!

Las Vegas to New Orleans Plus

Great time - but not impressed with Trek America.

Reviewed October 2018

The Tour: It's not the first time I have travelled on a group tour. I chose this tour because I wanted to see New Orleans, and the travel dates were convenient.

Having travelled from Las Vegas to New Orleans with Trek America, I consider that Trek America compares less favourably than competitors such as G Adventures.

This tour is too ambitious - it tries to cover too much in a short space of time, so travellers are almost obliged to book pre / post accommodation in Las Vegas and New Orleans.

We effectively lost two days travelling by bus on the longer stretches of the trip, and had no free time in Santa Fe (albeit the group chose an excellent activity over free time due to the weather). Overall, the tour didn't allow for much free time, which felt a little like being chaperoned.

However, the sights we did see were spectacular, and it's a great feeling to have ticked a few more states off the list.

The People: I was fortunate in that the others on the tour were lovely, and I have definitely made new friends.

The Accommodation: The accommodation in each location was of a good standard, and conveniently located for the most part.

The Tour Leader: I don't rate the tour leader highly at all. He did not seem very knowledgeable about the places we visited, spoke in a derogatory way about some locations, and made up information for fun. One stop seemed to be scheduled so he could meet a friend for lunch. The town was picturesque, though. Another friend / colleague of his joined us for dinner on another evening. I'm not sure if there is a Trek policy on that.

At best, he was a driver - and even then, I challenged him on repeatedly texting whilst driving.

It might have been beneficial to have had a larger group with both driver and tour leader.

In addition, some of this tour leader's behaviour was very unprofessional - really lewd comments at dinner to young women in the group (whilst in a family restaurant), and making obscene gestures to passing motorists at one of our stops.

This person is an ambassador for Trek America, and my lasting impression of Trek America is not good. For future trips, I'll make my own travel plans or choose a different tour provider.


Response from TrekAmerica:

Thank you for taking the time to review this tour.

The US is vast and we appreciate it can appear that a lot of time spent is travelling. Road tripping is at the heart of our tours which are carefully crafted to ensure plenty of stop offs at points of interest, for the group to enjoy road side attractions as well as city and national park highlights.

We understand that due to bad weather you were forced to detour to Durango instead of Farmington which took more time than expected. We always get positive feedback about Durango, so we are pleased you got to experience this town that is not normally part of the tour.

Tour leaders often meet with friends during their free time and are encouraged to introduce them to their passengers to give them a more authentic American experience. We are sorry to hear you did not enjoy the extra company.

Taylor is deeply sorry if any of his actions or comments let the experience of the tour down for you. This was Taylor’s first year leading for TrekAmerica, and after comprehensive training, he has received an overall customer feedback score of 5. This is the highest possible rating. We're sorry this does not reflect your own experience. We will be working with Taylor on areas of development.

Western Wonder from San Francisco


Reviewed October 2018

I love being on the road & I love camping - thus this was absolutely perfect for me. Especially that I didn't have to drive for a change....

Saw some wonderful places - things got ticked off the so called 'Bucketlist' - Made new friends.

If you're after a relaxing vacation - this is not for you. A few early mornings & long days are involved - but they are well worth it. Trust me.

Don't be scared to travel solo, you'll meet new friends, and there are many other humans that are in the same boat as you.

Super duper happy that I've actually done this trip. Will definitely be looking at similar trips very soon. Not too fond of being home and back to reality. Take me back!

Book the trip & you'll have the time of your life.

Emily Sturdy
Southern Sun from New York

Absolutely amazing.

Reviewed October 2018

I booked this trek in February after hovering over the book button for at least a couple of months and then one day I plucked up the courage and booked. I had never solo travelled before as I was just used to holidays with friends and family but I have always wanted to see the world, so this was a big decision for me and I can honestly say the best thing I have ever done.

Firstly, I made the best group of friends. I couldn't have wished for a better group to travel with. You get so close within them 3 weeks that when it's time to say goodbye you are so emotional (Well I was an emotional wreck) as you feel like you've known them forever. Also, I was lucky that in my group everyone was travelling solo, so we were all in the same position with feeling nervous/apprehensive and it was lovely to share such amazing experiences with them.

Secondly, our tour leader Coca was the best. She went out of her way to give us all the best experience possible. The tour leaders have very long days, from getting up super early to sometimes going to bed quite late and having to drive for long hours most days, Coca didn't let her tiredness or how she was feeling effect our tour in the slightest. She was always happy, smiling and joined in with the group. She was also full of great surprises which added to the trip and made it even better. We couldn't fault her as a group and we all miss her lots, we love you Carol!!

The trip itself is just something you will never forget. You see beautiful sights and camp in the nicest locations. The hostels and hotels are also lovely and I don't have any complaints about the places we stayed. Apart from the one campsite which wasn't a great experience for any of us due to mosquitos but we don't talk about that! The bus journeys fly by, you will take it in turns to sit in the front seat and be DJ for the day so make sure you have your playlist ready! It is tiring and there isn't much time to rest but you can nap on the bus and it is so worth the early mornings when you see some beautiful sunrise's.

I had never camped before this trip and to be honest I was dreading sleeping in a tent with bugs (especially spiders) and everything else that comes with sleeping in a tent but I absolutely loved it. Although myself and my tent mate woke up to 2 massive spiders on our tent on the first morning, It was such an experience and by the end of the 3 weeks we were all cowboy camping under the stars for our last couple of nights. You have to throw yourself into the whole experience as when you get home I can guarantee you will want to do it all again. You see so much in the 3 weeks so make sure you have enough storage on your phones. It is impossible to choose a highlight of the trip as I enjoyed every place in a different way. From watching the sunrise in Monument Valley to flying in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon to cooking camp meals and sitting around the campfire, they are all memories I will definitely treasure forever.

Therefore, if you are thinking of booking this trek then think no more. It will be the best thing you ever do.

Canadian Road Trip from New York

Amazing trip with beautiful views an a fantastic tour leader

Reviewed October 2018

This trip was perfect. The amount of days was just enough for me, as it was quite an intense trip, but it was absolutely worth it! It is amazing how it's possible to look at a picture perfect lake in 30 degrees Celsius one day and walk on a glacier the next. For everyone who likes/loves being in the outdoor and wants to see as much of Canada as possible, this trip is absolutely a recommendation!

Western Wonder from Los Angeles

The best week of my life.

Reviewed September 2018

Jumping on a plane on my own to travel the west coast with a group of strangers was the best thing I ever did. Honestly places like Yosemite and Grand Canyon you really do have to see to believe how incredible they are, Vegas is a whirlwind and the party bus is hilarious. Our tour leader Bryson was both leader and a friend and made the whole trip way better. We went running into Colorado river at midnight on our first night together, we all gelled so quickly. The camp sites were amazing, the bus is really comfy, the feel of the whole trip is just fab. It was heartbreaking to leave the group- we're arranging a meet up next year for our 1 year anniversary!

Craig Robertson
Northern Trail from New York

trip of a lifetime

Reviewed September 2018

Awesome experience travelling across the continent with a great group of people.

We had an awesome trek leader! He took time to got to know each of us a little bit, and picked some interesting places to stop along the way (that werent in the itinerary) that people in the group were really interested in. He was also really great at giving activity ideas for the free days, and suggesting things at suitable fitness levels.

I was 34 - despite being a bit older, I never felt locked out or disconnected from the group - even when I was usually one of the first to bed every night.

Western BLT from San Francisco

I left my heart in (Western BLT from) San Francisco!

Reviewed September 2018

Looking at some of the other reviews people have written on here, this may sound like a bit of a broken record. But genuinely, this trip has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. If I could go back and do it again tomorrow, I would!

In terms of a USA West Coast experience, couldn't have asked for more. We walked the Golden Gate Bridge, hiked up and saw gorgeous views in Yosemite, hired a party bus in Vegas and explored all the nightlife Vegas has to offer (from shows, clubs, water-fountains - the lot!), explored the Grand Canyon and finished up in LA. It was a jam-packed itinerary for sure, but we made every moment count. I knew it sounded good on paper and looked good in pictures before I left, but it's honestly 100% better when you are actually there, experiencing it for yourself.

Like a lot of people, I was nervous about travelling on my own, but after about 5 minutes I realised there was no need to be. The beauty of this type of trip is that you meet and spend a week with a group of people who are all in exactly the same boat as you. Plus there's plenty of time to chat / bond in the van, in fact a couple of my favourite memories from the trip were from some of the great times we had on the drives! I was very lucky, my group were all wonderful people and I have made some amazing friends.

So basically, if you want a trip where you get to see amazing places, meet new people, and make some great memories - this is it :)

Liam H
Westerner 2

Best way to see West Coast USA!

Reviewed September 2018

My trek tour left June 7th 2018 and was my first time experiencing travelling alone at the age of 18. I highly recommend pre-accommodation with trekamerica. They had us stay at Aloft, the hotel right next to the Fairfield; which in my opinion was much more modern.

My tour guide, Anya, was so incredibly knowledgeable of the geographical locations of each of the cities we visited, I still can't believe it was her first time! As for my trek group, it was fantastic traversing the west coast with a bunch of outdoor-oriented and adventurous souls. Being 18, I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to include myself in the activities that the 21+ year olds would be able to do, but my group made sure (when necessary) that we went to bars suitable for all ages and found activities that were also age inclusive.

I could not have asked for a better experience travelling alone in California, Nevada and Arizona. I'm so glad I decided to this tour and I'm so happy with the friends and memories that resulted from me going on it!

If you're heading to work at USA summer camps, I highly recommend booking with these tour providers as the dates they offer for tours can work around camp start/end dates.

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