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Sim Sui

Wildlife, nature and fun

Reviewed January 2019

Great experience, never saw as much wildlife on any other trip. Glaciers, snowy mountains, river rafting and forests and as always amazing people :).

jess b
Westerner 2

The absolute best way to travel the west

Reviewed January 2019

Westerner 2 was honestly the best trip I've ever done. I've made friends for life and visited so much in such little time. The memories, trek jokes and experiences I had with on W2 were indescribable. If you are considering this trip then go for it because you won't regret it. The itinerary was jam packed with things to do, the accommodation and camping was great and the west really is one of the coolest places to visit. There was so much to do and see and even driving from place to place in the van was thoroughly enjoyable. Chatting round the camp at night was so much fun and I wouldn't of changed a single thing about my whole experience. I loved it so much I'm sure I am going to go again. Walking to Plateau Point in the Grand Canyon was a crazy experience and camping under the stars in Yosemite is going to be a hard experience to beat. W2 is a trip of a life time. Go Go Go!!

David Clarke
Rocky Mountain High

A hikers paradise - Non Stop National Parks

Reviewed December 2018

I joined this trip in July 2018 on the back of a trek I did 2 years previous. I feel in love with the National Parks and I needed to go back for more.

Rocky Mountain High offered non stop National Parks and the sense of being emerged in the Wilderness. This trip is a hikers paradise as you will spend more time trekking the mountains than being in small towns and cities.

You get to spend the night camping in some of the most beautiful National Parks in the country and also get to live with and see so many diverse animals in every Park

David Clarke
Trailblazer from New York

A beautiful mix of Cities and National Parks

Reviewed December 2018

If you want to see the United States, this trip is the best choice as it gives you cities, National Parks and a fantastic array of different personalities in every State.

Every city had it's own personality and locals were always very welcoming.

The second half of the trip offered more wilderness and National Parks. This is the reason I have come back to America again and again. That's to this trip, I fell in love with hiking and being as far away from a city as possible. It offered a different perspective on life, camping and living with the wildlife.

Finally, camping is a must if you are exploring the United States. You feel more like a family with the your fellow Trekkers and 2 years later, I'm still in regular contact.

Western Wonder from San Francisco

Trek of a lifetime

Reviewed December 2018

This is by far one of the best things I’ve ever done! It’s ticked off majority off my bucket list, it was just unreal! From getting to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, seeing las vagas (still unreal even if you are under 21) and seeing the Grand Canyon, it was all absolutely amazing it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite bit. I met some fab people and also had a fab tour leader who made the trip so fun.

Deep South BLT

Deep South BLT- Loved it

Reviewed November 2018

Just back from the most jam packed 9 days with the Deep South BLT. Seen so many things in so many different places. Never traveled myself before and never done anything like this before so was terrified before I went. I am 100% glad I done it and would do it again in no time.
Really think this is the best way to make the most of travelling around America, we seen so much you would probably miss doing yourself. Had the best time with the best people. Would totally recommend.

Southern Sun from New York


Reviewed November 2018

I actually don't know where to begin!! Easily the best decision i have ever made to go on this trip! I am the biggest woose & love my home comforts, also massive over thinker & worrier. So if i can do this trip ANYONE can, i promise you that. The whole experience was just something you cant really explain, its just incredible and would recommend to everyone. From just being around the camp fires to the nights out in the cities was all amazing, Nashville was a great night out & our first bed after a few nights camping (which ive never done before btw). Every place was so different but i loved them all. Monument valley is just breathtaking its actually unreal!! We stayed in our tents to watch the sunrise in the morning, comfort and showers & still an epic view. Austin Texas - you are bonkers and i love you!! Myself and my tent buddy actually got matching tattoos hahaha! Yep thats how close you get to your Trek buddies - you bond with them so quickly & on another level to people you meet at home. Ive already met up with two of my trekkers twice & booked to go to Dublin with them over new year too! (we went in June 2018).

I could write so much about this trip but i would be here all day, if anyone wants more info or advice i am happy to be messaged on facebook.

I just cannot recommend this trip enough, i was so worried about it being such a big trip and going alone but hands down would do it all over again! Our tour leader was great, so enthusiastic and such a laugh, Harrison we love you!!! YOU GOT A NEW HAT!!! #TeamEverywhere

Westerner 2 BLT

A wonderful whirlwind tour of California with amazing trek buddies

Reviewed November 2018

I joined this tour in San Francisco at the end of October 2018. On the first day of the tour we visited the Golden Gate Bridge and walked across to admire the views. We then headed to the stunning Yosemite National Park and hiked up waterfalls checking out the scenery and breathing the fresh air. The next stop was Vegas where we partied on a limo touring the strip, explored all Vegas hotels and casinos, had fun at Freemont Street and danced in clubs in Vegas. Both before and after Vegas we stopped at Route 66 to check out the diners, souvenir shops and to take amazing pics. The next stop was the awesome Grand Canyon where we watched the sunset and got up super early the next day to watch the sunrise, both magical experiences. We hiked around the Canyon and headed to Laughlin near the Colorado River to chill before heading to our last stop at LA. On the tour we checked out the Hollywood sign and the walk of fame. I was super lucky so be with such an amazing group of people that we all became friends. I would also recommend the tour guide Charlie, he was a great tour guide, made awesome recommendations about what to see and do, had a great playlist for the journey and was a lot of fun. This trip was one of the best travel experiences and I would recommend won't regret it!

Western BLT from San Francisco

Amazing people, incredible places. Trip of a lifetime.

Reviewed November 2018

This tour was the most unforgettable week, not just because of the places we visited but also because a group of strangers became so close it was like we'd known each other for years.

The destinations of the tour are the reason I chose this one and every place we visited was truly amazing, all for different reasons. From walking the Golden Gate Bridge to hiking around Yosemite, touring the Vegas strip in a party bus to sunrise at the Grand Canyon, this trip had so many incredible places.

Our tour leader Charlie was such a cool guy and knew everything about where we were going. He made us feel totally at ease and gave us a lot of freedom when possible.

San Francisco to New Orleans Plus

So much to see in so little time

Reviewed November 2018

The Trek America "San Francisco to New Orleans Plus" tour is part of the bigger "San Francisco to New York Plus" tour Trek America was trying out this year. Some people, even guides, hopped on and/or off at various cities along the way: Las Vegas and/or New Orleans. Our part of the bigger tour started on October 6th and ended on October 18th 2018. I really wish I could go back in time and buy the bigger tour because 13 days was not long enough to see and learn everything... not enough to get to know everyone on the tour better.

First, I need to clarify that I have tried pretty much every kind of way of travelling there is to try out out there: road trip on my own, overseas on my own, all-inclusive on my own, road trip with one or more people, tours overseas with people I know, tours and a cruise overseas with people I don't know, all-inclusive with people I know... Personally, there is no better way than to travel by myself because I set up the itinerary, times and budget. However, this was the best and most inexpensive way to see the South West of the US.

Don't get fooled by the age restraint Trek America set up on their page. I am 41 and they had me read and sign a waiver to prove I understood the possibility of not appreciating my trip because of the age difference with the other people on the bus. One way or another, there will always be someone who won't be happy with their fellow travelers if they expect them to do what they want instead of going on their own to do it by themselves. My tip: try both and choose the one that suits you most... It's your trip! You have to live with it!

I was lucky I made friends with two of my cotravelers prior to the trip and the other seven (5 of them I met in San Francisco and the 2 other joined us in Las Vegas) were very easy to get along with. Being a bilingual french canadian, my main trouble was switching my brain to full english mode from the get-go and trying to adjust it to the different accents (and various cultural references) because the other trekkers were from England, Ireland and Australia. The youngest of us was 23 and I was the oldest, but the average age was 33.

Our first guide (from San Francisco to Las Vegas) was a California born and raised young woman who was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Our second guide (from Las Vegas to New Orleans, and he went on with the others to New York after that part) was a very well organised and honest young man. From the start, both guides advised us that they didn't know the answer to our every questions, but would try to find it for us (or tell us to Google it; lol). They felt like friend and fellow travelers on this journey with us! Loved it!

We got to spend a lot more time with our second guide... 9 days instead of 3 for the first one, so we had time to get to know each other better. He always had the appropriate music playlist for the bus, made us watch interesting movies when on the road for a long time, had us do some activities that weren't on the original plan but were amazing (like Meow Wolf in Santa Fe), went out of his way to have our group go to a place I had requested (Family Business Beer Company in Austin) and made us celebrate Halloween in style in the streets of New Orleans. He was like a big (younger) brother! We even nicknamed him Jesus Eeyore Gump! ;)

I must admit that we did spend a bit too much time on the road and not enough in every city on the itinerary. I would say that this tour is more a sample of what there is to see and do so you can go back later on and spend more time in the different places you preferred... pretty much every single one of them. ;) I would strongly suggest to spend more than one day in San Francisco before the trip and same goes for New Orleans at the end of the trip. Don't end up like me, crying on the wharf wishing you had more time there...

Though the hotels we were staying at were conveniently located, they were really just average hotels (except for the Bally's in Vegas <3). Trek America usually being for camping trips, I shouldn't have expected more, but they all looked/felt the same. They did cover our basic needs, especially since we basically only spent time in them to sleep and get ready for our days out in town or on the road. Being on my own, I like that Trek America understood the importance of not sharing the room with the same person every night.

I was a bit disappointed that Trek America's website had promised things that we didn't get, mostly the breakfasts at every hotel... they weren't included in Vegas and we received no compensation for them... I suffer from gluten and lactose intolerances and none of the breakfasts were adapted for my food restrictions and I got no compensation for that either. However, I could always find something to eat at every restaurant we visited and did not get sick while on vacation, which is a big plus for me!

Unfortunately for us, we had to deal with unexpected low temperatures for this time of the year. It snowed in Santa Fe! We actually followed a cold front from Grand Canyon to Austin! But that is out of Trek America's power, right? Luckily, I come from Montreal, Canada, where it got colder than Siberia last year, so I can tolerate temperatures that cold... Well, I did have my light winter jacket with me! Always be prepared!

You're invited to come read my more detailed resume (in 2 parts) here: It has pictures!

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