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Westerner 2

Best Adventure In My Life

Reviewed September 2019

I'm normally a sociable person and don't mind talking or meeting new people, but I was nervous about this trip. Meeting complete strangers and having to spend 24 hours a day over 2 weeks was pretty daunting... But I soon found out I had no reason to be nervous.

Little did I know at the start of the trip that the 12 strangers I met at 8am on the first day would become best friends and my own little camping family. The tour was led by Ryan Foley, he's one of the coolest guy's I've met and his knowledge of every area we visited was outstanding! He soon became part of our little family.

We started the trip by going to to San Diego, where we were thrown into our first WOW moment (this quickly became a group meme, Owen Wilson style). But before this, we stopped off at the first grocery store where we were split into Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner groups for the first big food shop. This is where my love for wraps started to deteriorate... haha! So with food taken care of and a couple bottles of Gatorade to combat the jet lag, we were taken on a tour of San Diego featuring Seals, amazing panoramic views of the area and a nice little campsite. The first night camping... So I was wondering why we had such a big trailer... It was for tents, this is where the first sighting of the great group we had came to light as everyone helped everyone to set up camp while others cooked.

The second day we were up early and briefed on the days activities, Free beach day in San Diego and sunset with food? This was a great start to the holiday! The beach day included surfing, tips from Ryan helped us find the best surf hire place. This gave us all time to sit down, sunbath and get to know each other which helped. And everyone got to laugh at me trying to surf... But I managed to tick surfing in California off my list. Later that day we were driven to the first sunset spot of the trip and grabbed some food on the way. I thought to myself "surely this trip can't get any better, it's only the 2nd day of 14." I was wrong.

Another early get up, tents packed and I was the trailer loader aka "Trailer Trash", we were packed in the van and on our way to Arizona (Colorado River). This was the first taste of how big america was travelling by car. But the trip flew by as we were all too busy chatting and harassing the daily DJ to put songs on our awesome playlist. We finally arrived at our second location and sadly we were only here for 1 night. We also got our first taste of the hot american sun as it was over 40C at 6pm! We quickly set up camp and ran to the the river to cool down. Sitting in a river with the mountains behind was an amazing view. So it got to 11pm and the temp was still too warm for sleeping bags or tents. So this is the first ever night I have slept outside and saw the Milky Way has clear has it was, easily another WOW moment!

Morning arrived and with it the heat! So we quickly packed up and headed for the Grand Canyon and another day of Minibus Karaoke, with cheesier songs being added to the playlist. We stopped by Joshua Tree on the way and had wraps for lunch... which was great! So we arrived at camp and the routine was in motion, before being taken to the Grand Canyon for a surprise. The next morning was another free day at the Grand Canyon and followed by the best place i've eaten pizza, grand canyon sunset anyone? Yes!

We headed to Las Vegas for a "rest" even though a comfy bed was a relief, the rest didn't happen... It's Vegas after all! This was a great 2 days with a lot of activities happening in a short amount of time. Before I knew it I was back on the bus and on our way to the next destination. We stopped over at a small town with amazing natural hot springs and more views of the amazing stars.

We finally got to my favourite bit of the trip. Yosemite! This place was breathtaking. How we went from the coast to cities to desert to massive forests and mountains in the same trip was unreal. While in Yosemite I was breathless the whole time (might have been something to do with the hiking...) but the knowledge from Ryan of the trails that would give us the best views was invaluable! This was my highlight, natural beauty everywhere! On the way to Yosemite, we stopped off at a beach for lunch (Yes more wraps) and swimming surrounded by granite hills at 3000m altitude.. you read that right, sounds perfect right?

So we made our way to San Francisco, my favourite city of the trip, I recommend attending the city tour. Unfortunately Karl the Cloud (Yes that's his name) was lingering over the GGB the entire time we were there but didn't make the visit any less amazing! Also you got to find the XOX cafe! It's worth it!

To finish off the tour we headed down the Pacific Coastal Highway, which has the best coastal views I've seen, this was the last big trip before the end of our amazing 2 weeks. We ended the tour at the famous Venice Beach/Santa Monica. Bit worse bit of the trip was coming next, I had to say goodbye to the small family I had made with the amazing people on the tour! I never would have thought at the start that leaving for the UK was going to be so difficult. This has without a doubt been the best experience of my life, I've gained life long friends and shared unforgettable memories with amazing people!

If you want to see America/California and make new friends along the way, this is hands down the best way to do it. Choose camping as this gives you more time to mingle with the people and bond quicker which will enhance the experience.

Hawaii Big Island


Reviewed September 2019

Just done this trip and boy it didn't disappoint. We were a full group and a wide age range but every one got on so well. Our tour guide Juli Z, a seasoned tour guide was amazing. She really looked after us well and made everything fun!! Hawaii is a must see!! 8 days was not long enough though. Do it!!! Was my 4th trek and one of the best!! I have made some friends for life!!

Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Absolutely fantastic!!

Reviewed September 2019

From 2018- I had the best 3 weeks of my life with my small group of 5 and our amazing tour guide Brittany Johnson. It may have been her first season but you could not tell!! The whole trip was fun from start to finish. Was my 3rd trek and by far the best. I have made friends for life. If your thinking about doing it, do it!!!

Freedom Trail

7 days of amazingness!

Reviewed August 2019

This trek was so fun! I was lucky I was with a group of only 9 people so it wasn't too big. Our trek leader Sam was so funny and chill and got along well with all of us which was great. We crammed in a lot of sight seeing in all the places we went to and I think it was enough time in each place to get a good insight of the cities. The bus trips were either a good place to catch up on naps or where we just chatted which was good. Honestly my favourite nights were when we set up camp and cooked dinner together and played games and had a few drinks. We all didn't want the trek to finish yet because we had so much fun. I would highly recommend doing a trek if you want to solo travel and make friends, and see a lot of stuff in a short amount of time! I would love to do another trek another time to places I haven't been to yet, because my trek leader Sam would tell us all the other treks and make us jealous that we haven't been there.

Westerner 2 Plus

Honestly the best thing I have ever done!

Reviewed August 2019

I honestly don’t know where to start with this review. I spent 14 days on the road traveling in and around the west coast. And I loved every second. Whether that be my helicopter ride, the tough hiking or the party bus in Vegas. This experience wouldn’t have been anywhere near as amazing if it wasn’t for our incredible tour leader James Dixon. He was sensational, from the first meeting to the final goodbye. He was organised, supportive and approachable. Whenever we would arrive somewhere he would tell us all the possible things we could do, so everyone was getting what they wanted out of the experience. He was friendly, got to know each of us individually as people and seemed to be generally interested in our lives and experiences. He seemed to always go the extra mile to make sure our time on the road was outstanding, a couple of examples being: On our way to San Francisco he took us home to meet his family and spent time in his family home, it was so lovely to be so accepted into someone’s life. On our last night as a group, he did a fire show for us. Which was incredibly exciting and truly rememberable. And finally, at our final goodbye he made us all little post cards. Which had photos of the group on and described each of us. He made these in his own free time and was such a personal touch and a true keepsake. It’s fair to say, I cried a lot at the final good bye. To finish this review I just want to say that this was the first time I have solo travelled, and I felt so safe and comfortable the whole time. I will definitely be booking another trip soon, I just hope I get another trek leader like James. #thesquashies

Heidi Calitri
Atlantic Dream

Incredible in every way..

Reviewed August 2019

So to summarise my recent American adventure of the eastern region... ATLANTIC DREAM. I've passed through about 9 states... Visited 10 different places.. I've seen the fast pace and volume of New York City.. The slightly more mellow new Jersey.. I've walked the streets of philadelphia and biked round the amazingly groomed Washington hosting some of the best buildings I've seen yet.. I've hiked through a tiny portion of the epically huge shenandoah national park and found its sparkle of natural beauty in the form of a waterfall.. I've had the best night of my life to date out in the amazing Nashville which is a true hub for fantastic music and entertainment... I've been privileged enough to stand in the exact place where elvis presleys voice was discovered in Memphis and touched the same microphone that was used.. Along with so many other legends of the music world... I've absorbed the craziness that is New Orleans.. And shared Louisianna waters with alligators.. I've witnessed an unbelievable sunset on Destin Beach which is a moment ill never forget.. I've gained some nostalgia by returning to Orlando and I've had my educational mind blown by the awesome Kennedy Space Center.. I've soaked up the cool but buzzing vibe that is Miami in which I'll be leaving a very happy memory behind.. I've danced on stage, attempted to sing, I've drank, eaten n been incredibly merry, I've done more Wallmart shops than ever imagined.. I've laughed till I've cried, I've watched so much scenery pass me by, I've erected more tents than probably any person should in the space of 14 days... I soon bonded with my beloved "meriwether Lewis" tent even when our relationship was tested during the memphis storm which left us parting ways for an evening.. I've tested a boundary whilst sleeping umong an epidemic of more spiders I've ever seen in one place which will always now be known as "spider camp".. I've been used as a chew toy by mosquitos and spent a collection of hours scratching like a rabid dog... I've basked in the light of a full moon and watched the sun rise.. I've shared camp fires, smores and stories.. I've been fully emerged in to American life and stuck out like a sore thumb with a dodgy accent. I've met a group of fantastic people and I've spent every day working as a team and gained a little functional family.. We've pulled together at more testing times and supported each other when it's been needed.. We've shared so many highs and laughs which will be embedded forever in my memory when reflecting back on my trip... I met people who have left a lasting impression on my life for definite... In wonderful ways.. And some I hope will remain in my life in some form for ever now. Our tour guide Chris Maltese was amazing, he ensured we were proactive, motivated, happy and safe each day. I personally couldnt wait to get up each morning. He designed a perfect rota system to ensure we worked as a team and all chores were done smoothly and didn't eat in to our time too much. He was always happy to stop for rest breaks or toilet breaks when they were needed and never hesitated assisting to any needs we had. He was always able to answer any questions we had and had a great level of knowledge on all aspects of America and its history and the places we visited. I wouldnt have changed a single thing about my trip.
I've had my memory jogged on what its like to feel part of something and more significant to the world again...
this trip of America has put me back in tune with the universe and more importantly back in tune with myself.. And im once again a more wholesome person going home and eternally grateful for yet another life changing roam of this humungus world we sometimes take for granted...
Travel feeds your soul.... And that enrichment lasts a life time... Don't ever let life pass you by whilst not living whatever your dream is at the time.....

Peace out for now ✌️ more adventures in the pipeline to follow.... ❤️

Westerner 2 Plus

Fantastic! Definitely recommend this tour company!!

Reviewed August 2019

I had a fantastic trip and am telling all my friends about my wonderful experience & this tour company! I was lucky I had an amazing guide (Abby Choruby) she was a great driver and really put us in holiday mode with her always positive & easy going personality. There was a fair bit of driving but it enabled us to see so many amazing places, and even chilling looking out the window at the varied landscapes was special. My group was also genuinely perfect, just 10 of us and we all got along so well. Thanks so much TrekAmerica!!

Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Breath taking

Reviewed August 2019

Couldn’t of asked for a better tour guide Abbey! Everything was welcoming organised and just all out amazing

Amy C
Southern Sun from New York

Worth every penny.

Reviewed August 2019

I honestly don't know where to start. Travelling the US has always been a dream of mine and the trip completely exceeded my expectations. Its a great mix of seeing cities and having incredible food/nights out to camping and star gazing around a campfire. I hadn't camped before properly or done strenuous hikes / activities like white water rafting but this turned out to be my favourite parts. You will have no better feeling than making it to the top of Angels Landing at Zion! There was so many opportunities to push yourself and get out your comfort zone but also weren't made to do anything you weren't comfortable with. I was luckily enough to be with a great group and our Tour Guide (Brit) was amazing. It's worth every penny for having someone take on the responsibility of driving and researching each place so you can truly enjoy the experience without any stress. And she did this with such positive energy and attitude, it was admirable. I have made friends for life and we are already looking at what we can book next year! If you are a music fan like me.. experiencing Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans can not be beaten. I read these reviews before going and was skeptical that they were all so positive but I honestly didn't want to come home. If you are undecided about whether to book it or not, just do it. You won't regret it.

Lazovic Jelena
Northern Trail from New York

Der pure Wahnsinn im Jahr 1989

Reviewed August 2019

1989 war ich mit Trek America unterwegs. Man hatte mir abgeraten, da es sehr stressig wäre mit Zelt etc. ständig unterwegs zu sein.
Unser Guide Andrew Paul war absolut spitze. Immer für uns da, wusste die besten Stellen etc. Wir waren ein gemischtes Völkchen (2 Israelis, 1 Niederländerin, 1 Britin, 2 Schweizerinnen und 3 Deutsche), verstanden uns auf Anhieb super und glaube, ich kann für die anderen mitreden, hatten die drei schönsten Wochen unseres jungen Leben (wir waren alle so 25 - 30 Jahre alt) Wir durften die schönsten Orte der Welt sehen, wie die Badlands, Yosemite Park und vor allem den Yellowstone Nationalpark, wo wir im Old Faithfull Inn übernachteten, im Old House Room. Ein Hotel, das fast nur aus Holz bestand. San Francisco war für mich das Highlight überhaupt, eine Wahnsinnsstadt, in der ich dann vier Jahre später 2 volle Wochen war, diesmal nur im Fort Mason Hostel. Danke an Trek America für den schönsten Urlaub meines Lebens. Ich kann Euch nur weiterempfehlen, und wer weiß, vielleicht fahre ich ja mal wieder mit Euch, um hautnah das Land zu erleben.

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