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Gwen Hoogendijk
Mountain Trail

From nature to the big city

Reviewed September 2019

It was Awesome. From the beautiful Rocky Mountains to bright lights of Las Vegas.
It was 2 great weeks in West coast of the us. I have seen bears , bizons, and the beautiful nature.
One awesome road trip it was!

Southern Sun from Los Angeles

The best way to visit America

Reviewed September 2019

Southern Sun was absolutely incredible! It was definitely the best experience of my life. The different cultures and cities we visited allowed me to learn so much about America. My trek leader Andrew knew the best places to visit and eat! He made the long drive on some of the days go quickly, entertaining us (by playing his kazoo) and overall made the trek a trip to remember!

Max Beadnell
Atlantic Dream

Amazing and also fun

Reviewed September 2019

It was so great, even though it rained the whole time and the hurricane diverted our whole Trek. All of that literally made no difference at all. It the best 2 weeks ever, packed with fun and adventure

Southern Sun from New York

Memories I'll never forget

Reviewed September 2019

The southern sun tour was absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to see the big variety of the US. You'll see National Parks and big cities. Our tour guide was okay, not the best but probably not the worst either. But even if we didn't get along with him that well I enjoyed the 3 weeks traveling from East to West


Incredible and inspiring experience

Reviewed September 2019

I had the most amazing time on the Mountie tour. Our whole group was soo great, and our tour leader Mark Page was awesome. There were so many incredible moments from glacier walking to riding in a helicopter over the Rockies. We did an amazing hike on the last day at Moraine Lake, I have never seen anything so beautiful. I honestly had the best time, this was my third trek and I'll be back to do a 4th!!

Western Wonder from San Francisco

Exciting, easy, fun and enjoyable

Reviewed September 2019

From start to finish it was so much fun and I had absolutely no stress in comparison to travelling alone, with all the travel and accommodation to not worry about. I would definitely do this experience again. At first I was slightly worried about sleeping in a tent but with great comfort and a good set of trekkers it was amazing! The tour guide really made the trip enjoyable for us all also.

Northern Trail from New York

Life Changing

Reviewed September 2019

I was going through a tough time, figuring out what I wanted to do. My parents were going to the US to visit family. I decided to book a tour with Trek America, I picked the northern trail because it had so many places I wanted to go to such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore. I had a great experience, my tour leader Jodi was a pro, brilliant leader and approachable. The people I was with were amazing. I’m not a very social person, but I became good friends with the people on my tour. I’ve already decided to visit some of them next year.

Matthew Crouch
Western Wonder Plus from Los Angeles


Reviewed September 2019

From start to finish i had an absolute blast. So happy i went and did the Trek and i can't wait to book another one. Big shout out to Jay Burleson our Trek leader he is a great guy and an outstanding trek leader.

Danielle Nicholl
Canadian Rockies Plus


Reviewed September 2019

This was my first trip beyond Europe and I was travelling alone. It was everything I wanted and more. Our tour leader was Carson Balmer and he was great. He made us feel at ease from the get go. We got the ball rolling with getting to know each other via someone sitting in the front of the van and being DJ with their own music.

We got to Whistler and the views from the van en route were just so beautiful and they only got better from then! I couldn't take enough photos from the trip and our group whats app exceeded 1000 photos by the end of it. There was 8 of us and it was such a great number as we were able to space out on the van but still had a lot of energy to bring to each day. These people really made the trip what it was - Carson's banter and the comradery was second to none between us all. Friends for life were made on this and no mistake.

The hostels were of really great quality, really comfy to stay in and enough space to share with the other people in the room. The people in each one were all friendly and really welcoming - I had just begun to see just how kind Canadian people can be. It's one of the things I miss the most.

In Whistler I was too scared to do the Peak to Peak so I was able to explore the museum in the village and see the beautiful Vallae Lumina in the evening. <3

Wells Gray was the next stop, it was a long drive but that just made it more fun and we saw lots of sights along the way. Some beautiful lakes and waterfalls. Some sights that you just can't capture on your phone. We may have got eaten alive in Well Gray but the s'mores, camping aspect and canoeing made up for it. I mean when will you ever get the chance to be in the exact same position that we were in - we just enjoyed ourselves and lathered on the bug spray the next day.

Jasper was the next destination - we all were able to do a bit of clothes washing and get refreshed. The hiking of the glacier was by far THE BEST THING IVE EVER DONE. It was just stunning and our guide on the hike was so funny and had a way of telling stories and facts that really pulled you in. We all turned up thinking we had enough layers - we were wrong. We ended up with another few layers they were able to loan us, "you see, the thing about the glacier, is the wind". It was chilly.

Banff followed Jasper and it was a lovely town that we had time to explore for ourselves and had a great night out in the evening to have a dance and really let loose. The live band in the pub was great and really set a brilliant mood for the evening. We then hiked up the trail of Lake Louise the next day and it was fairly steep venture especially for a short woman but it was beautiful at the top. The teahouse was so cute and the fact that they have to make the food using the most authentic means just made the meal all the worthwhile.

Calgary was the final destination where we had to say our goodbyes - it was totes emosh but I didn't have to say goodbye to two of the girls as they both live in my hometown of Newcastle.

The trip was one of a lifetime, I loved the food, the culture, the people and the experience and knowledge it added to my life. I will go again in a heartbeat and the people who arranged my flights from Trek America were brilliant as British Airways had a mare on the day I was travelling there. So much gratitude to them <3

I hope to transter to Vancouver with my work in several years time!

Westerner 2

Best Adventure In My Life

Reviewed September 2019

I'm normally a sociable person and don't mind talking or meeting new people, but I was nervous about this trip. Meeting complete strangers and having to spend 24 hours a day over 2 weeks was pretty daunting... But I soon found out I had no reason to be nervous.

Little did I know at the start of the trip that the 12 strangers I met at 8am on the first day would become best friends and my own little camping family. The tour was led by Ryan Foley, he's one of the coolest guy's I've met and his knowledge of every area we visited was outstanding! He soon became part of our little family.

We started the trip by going to to San Diego, where we were thrown into our first WOW moment (this quickly became a group meme, Owen Wilson style). But before this, we stopped off at the first grocery store where we were split into Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner groups for the first big food shop. This is where my love for wraps started to deteriorate... haha! So with food taken care of and a couple bottles of Gatorade to combat the jet lag, we were taken on a tour of San Diego featuring Seals, amazing panoramic views of the area and a nice little campsite. The first night camping... So I was wondering why we had such a big trailer... It was for tents, this is where the first sighting of the great group we had came to light as everyone helped everyone to set up camp while others cooked.

The second day we were up early and briefed on the days activities, Free beach day in San Diego and sunset with food? This was a great start to the holiday! The beach day included surfing, tips from Ryan helped us find the best surf hire place. This gave us all time to sit down, sunbath and get to know each other which helped. And everyone got to laugh at me trying to surf... But I managed to tick surfing in California off my list. Later that day we were driven to the first sunset spot of the trip and grabbed some food on the way. I thought to myself "surely this trip can't get any better, it's only the 2nd day of 14." I was wrong.

Another early get up, tents packed and I was the trailer loader aka "Trailer Trash", we were packed in the van and on our way to Arizona (Colorado River). This was the first taste of how big america was travelling by car. But the trip flew by as we were all too busy chatting and harassing the daily DJ to put songs on our awesome playlist. We finally arrived at our second location and sadly we were only here for 1 night. We also got our first taste of the hot american sun as it was over 40C at 6pm! We quickly set up camp and ran to the the river to cool down. Sitting in a river with the mountains behind was an amazing view. So it got to 11pm and the temp was still too warm for sleeping bags or tents. So this is the first ever night I have slept outside and saw the Milky Way has clear has it was, easily another WOW moment!

Morning arrived and with it the heat! So we quickly packed up and headed for the Grand Canyon and another day of Minibus Karaoke, with cheesier songs being added to the playlist. We stopped by Joshua Tree on the way and had wraps for lunch... which was great! So we arrived at camp and the routine was in motion, before being taken to the Grand Canyon for a surprise. The next morning was another free day at the Grand Canyon and followed by the best place i've eaten pizza, grand canyon sunset anyone? Yes!

We headed to Las Vegas for a "rest" even though a comfy bed was a relief, the rest didn't happen... It's Vegas after all! This was a great 2 days with a lot of activities happening in a short amount of time. Before I knew it I was back on the bus and on our way to the next destination. We stopped over at a small town with amazing natural hot springs and more views of the amazing stars.

We finally got to my favourite bit of the trip. Yosemite! This place was breathtaking. How we went from the coast to cities to desert to massive forests and mountains in the same trip was unreal. While in Yosemite I was breathless the whole time (might have been something to do with the hiking...) but the knowledge from Ryan of the trails that would give us the best views was invaluable! This was my highlight, natural beauty everywhere! On the way to Yosemite, we stopped off at a beach for lunch (Yes more wraps) and swimming surrounded by granite hills at 3000m altitude.. you read that right, sounds perfect right?

So we made our way to San Francisco, my favourite city of the trip, I recommend attending the city tour. Unfortunately Karl the Cloud (Yes that's his name) was lingering over the GGB the entire time we were there but didn't make the visit any less amazing! Also you got to find the XOX cafe! It's worth it!

To finish off the tour we headed down the Pacific Coastal Highway, which has the best coastal views I've seen, this was the last big trip before the end of our amazing 2 weeks. We ended the tour at the famous Venice Beach/Santa Monica. Bit worse bit of the trip was coming next, I had to say goodbye to the small family I had made with the amazing people on the tour! I never would have thought at the start that leaving for the UK was going to be so difficult. This has without a doubt been the best experience of my life, I've gained life long friends and shared unforgettable memories with amazing people!

If you want to see America/California and make new friends along the way, this is hands down the best way to do it. Choose camping as this gives you more time to mingle with the people and bond quicker which will enhance the experience.

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