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Past Trekkers Review
Canyon Christmas Vegas New Year [CLOSED]

Amazing, refreshing winter fun

Reviewed November 2012

I had a great time, the tour guide was fantastic. Having been to most places before, going in the winter was completely different and definitely worth it!!!

Past Trekkers Review
Atlantic Dream

fab loved it.

Reviewed November 2012

I did this trek after spending 10 weeks working at a summer camp, I had already done a trek before and knew was to expect.
But this Trek was so different from my last but i a good way.
I loved this trek so much i had such fun my fellow travellers were great ad up for anything.
We played nija in Washington DC, Hung out with the locals in Tennessee, got diverted by a hurrcaine, got to be big kids in disney world.

You make the trek what you want and my group all had the same idea, again i came away knowing 12 people who 14 days ago where complete stangers to me.

we all keep in touch and are arranging to meet up never year.

on trek you make friends for life.

Past Trekkers Review
Best of the East

Great Trek

Reviewed November 2012

It was a very good trip with a treak leader ansome fantastic. We saw a lot of beautiful places.

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from New York

Amazing Best thing i have done

Reviewed November 2012

I started this trek I didnt really know my fellow travellers well, we had spoke on trek live and the created our own trek group on FB.
I was luck and ended up in NY a few days before trek and so were some of the other trekers so i go a chance to meet some of them before hand which was great.
Trek was amazing i loved every moment of it and would never wish to change anything.
Our trek leader was great and since trek is so flexiable it can change and ours did, we ended up going to West Virgina and spending 2 nights there, as there was a local event on that only happens once a year.
On the southen sun i did thing i had only dreamed of doing ( zip line, white water rafting, flight over grand canyon, show in Vegas)
i can sit and tel you all the great things i did put the best advise i can give is just do it, dont think about it

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

Amazing once in a lifetime adventure!

Reviewed November 2012

This trek delivered everything I wanted and more!! I did so many things I will probably never get to do again! These include: flying over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, looking for Aligators in a swamp in Louisiana AND cruising around Vegas in a stretch hummer! I would definatley reccomend this trek to anyone who is looking for a great adventure but not too keen on camping!

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

Trip of my life!

Reviewed November 2012

This treck was the end of my year as an au pair in the USA. I got to know the people, so I also wanted to get to know the Country I lived in for 365 days! Trek did an amazing Job!
Our track Leader was great, and the people even greater! I would recommend this treck to everybody, especially peope 21 and older, since this is the drinking age in the us, and you are simply more included into the group when you are able to go out with them! Those 3 weeks were some of the greatest weeks of my life... (so far) !

Past Trekkers Review
Wild West [CLOSED]


Reviewed November 2012

Great leader,great group,great places,absolutely amazing!

Past Trekkers Review

Like a gym and a dating agency in one (in a good way)

Reviewed November 2012

Even though the nights were flipping freezing, the mosquitoes at Beaverfoot Lodge ate us to pieces and we had to buy our own beers, the Mountie trek was incredible. We got a hell of a workout walking up mountains and biking around forests, we ate our body weight in toasted marshmallows (well I did) and we spotted a bear on day two, who paraded around for us like it was Canada's Next Top Model. We even had a romance on the trip, which I can personally tell you is still going on now, back home in England/Holland. Will we be witnessing the first Trek America wedding?

I had an amazing time, met fantastic people and got incredible thighs from all the trekking. What more can you ask for?

Past Trekkers Review

Exemplary, exhilarating, incredible, cherishable, perfect,

Reviewed November 2012

I couldnt have asked more of this trek.
To see as many places we see and do within the two weeks was sensational. We saw a lot more in two weeks of America than people have seen in their lifetime.
The time in each place was just right to experience what place had to offer.
The food was great and the travelling time was good as that sometimes can be a drag.
It doesnt matter if you go in summer or winter as you will still see the same beautiful places.
More than ample time for free time.

Past Trekkers Review
Alaskan Denali

Alaska will blow your mind.

Reviewed November 2012

No picture will make it justice. Alaska is an amazing place and I was very fortunate to be able to make this trip. This tour is worthwhile.

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