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Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

Compacted beauty

Reviewed December 2019

I’ll keep it short and simple, brilliant tour across a wonderful landscape, seeing a handful of beautiful and interesting locations along the way!

For how vast it is The tour Guide and mini bus make travelling across the west coast incredibly easy and fun, no need to book extra taxis or coaches to and from places (I.E. Yosemite from San Fran) makes it suuper easy to enjoy!

I’d 100% do the same tour again

Sam Critchell
Western Wonder Plus from Los Angeles

Amazing trip!

Reviewed November 2019

I went on the Western Wonder Plus trip in the beginning of October and wow what a trip. Everyday was an adventure with somewhere different to see and explore. Hiking in the Grand Canyon and in Yosemite were both highlights, with the views being outstanding!

Our tour group got on so well, and a mixture of friends (I went with my best friend) and solo travellers. Our tour leader Chris was amazing, he looked after us along the way and providing facts about the sights but also America itself. So learnt a lot as well as seeing some incredible views.

Definitely recommend this trip as its a way to see snapshots of the West Coast, such as the free day in Vegas was a great way to explore the Strip and Casinos. Overall, its created memories that will last a lifetime!

Canadian Parks West from Vancouver

A well organised, fast-paced, fun and exciting three weeks!

Reviewed October 2019

From start to finish there was something new each day, even on the days with long drives. Personally, I enjoyed starting in Vancouver and heading out to the island; it was a nice chilled start to allow us to get to know each other. Arriving a few days early also meant time to explore the city. There was a good balance of organised activities and free time, which catered for everyones needs. Whilst I loved Tofino, heading to the mountains was the most exciting bit for me. Our guide had great knowledge of everywhere we visited, as she was Canadian herself, and shared lots of 'secret' places with us that were less touristy. The camping did become a little tiresome towards the end of the trip, but only made the first night in a hotel all the more rewarding!

Southern Sun from New York


Reviewed October 2019

Words cannot describe. If your thinking about this, just go ahead and book it

Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Amazing adventure through Canada

Reviewed October 2019

Our trip through Western Canada was truly incredible. The scenery was stunning even if the weather was not so great. The wildlife was incredible. Gabby was an amazing tour leader, so knowledgeable and fun. Most of the accommodation was in really good, central locations - Jasper was a little outside, but made up for it by being surrounded by beautiful wilderness. Completely recommend this trip!

Canadian Road Trip from New York

Absolutely amazing, so beautiful had a class time

Reviewed October 2019

Would highly recommend such a good tour. Would be even better if we stayed in places for longer than one night though as it always seems you’re in the van a lot and always putting up and putting down your tent. Does get very cold. But would happily do this trip again.

Western Wonder from San Francisco

Awesome views, experience and people - loved it!

Reviewed October 2019

Me and my boyfriend LOVED this trip.
The views and hikes in Yosemite and the Grand Canyon National Parks were truly spectacular and will stay with us forever. These were definitely the highlight of the trip although being on Route 66, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and being on a Las Vegas Party Bus all added to an amazing adventure with some lovely people.
The only downside was the amount of travelling (we were prepared but just a tip for people reading this) and the heat. We trekked in August so we knew it would be hot but we had never felt heat like it due to us being from the UK so just a heads up to stay hydrated and maintain that suncream coverage!

Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

Great trek covering West coast gems

Reviewed October 2019

Loved this trek. Great way to see fantastic national parks (Grand Canyon <3) and some fun cities in a short space of time. If I could suggest one improvement it would be the accommodation in Yosemite, but the rest of the stops more than make up for it.

Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

Great whistlestop tour through west coast national parks

Reviewed October 2019

Fantastic week, mainly thanks to a great tour leader, Jessie, and a fun group with a mix of different nationalities and ages (19 to 35). Great way to see and enjoy three national parks (Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree). Quality of accommodation was surprisingly good (apart from Yosemite, which was poor in comparison). It would have been great to have more time at Grand Canyon and less time in Vegas. Tour leader Jessie's fun extra stops showed us some hidden gems and surprise highlights, and her choice of podcasts to listen to during the long drives about the destinations we visited really enhanced the trip. If you're looking for a short tour in this part of the US, I would definitely recommend this one!

Emily (Ems)

It was insanely beautiful! Add it to your bucket list

Reviewed October 2019

I had the best 2 weeks. The scenery was amazing, the group were lovely and mostly solo trekkers - which was great because so was I, and our tour leader Mark was so knowledgeable and a great cook!

This was my first Trek America trip and my first time traveling solo. I am so pleased that I chose this company to travel with, everything was easy from start to finish and the tour was just brilliant! I’m currently looking at ways I can move to Canada!

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