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Amazing way to discover the beautiful western Canada

Reviewed March 2020

I did this tour at the beginning of July 2019.
The tour takes you to the most peaceful and beautiful places British Colombia has to offer.
I especially want to thank our tour guide for the amazing guiding at our trip!
Great wildlife spotting opportunities and amazing and majestic nature.
Loved every second of the trip!

Northeastern Plus

Fantastic experience, great people, amazing tour leader!

Reviewed January 2020

What a great experience! I did nearly all of the optional activities, would HIGHLY recommend O'Noir (restaurant eating in the dark) insane experience! Chris our tour leader was GREAT fun! Playing 21 and the Alphabet game really passed the time! Definitely do the hiking in Stowe, such a wonderful view! So glad I signed up to the tour, I was travelling on my own and met some fab people!

Hawaii Big Island

A fun filled adventure!

Reviewed January 2020

The perfect mix of exploration and adventure, alongside relaxation and calm.

San Francisco to Yosemite Mini

1 day in Yosemite Valley - I feel itinerary may be misleading - if time in Yosemite matters to you, rethink this tour.

Reviewed January 2020

For years I have dreamed about visiting Yosemite and exploring its iconic sites - waterfalls, El Capitan, Half Dome, the church, Gallery, the river, meadows and more. I thought I did my research and read the itinerary carefully, but in my opinion it was misleading because you will not spend a lot of time right in Yosemite Valley. You will spend one day from about 7:30am - evening. If your true desire is to spend time right in Yosemite Valley I would not choose this tour. If you are okay with 1 day Yosemite valley itself, then this tour was good.

First of all, we did not camp in the National Park ,as the itinerary led me to believe. We camped an hour drive from Yosemite valley. For me this was a surprise and cut a lot of my time down exploring all that I had hoped. Day 1 - we did not go into Yosemite Valley itself. The camp ground we did stay was nice, had wifi, showers etc. I Made the best of this surprise, though quite surprised, had a good night with everyone on my tour. Wonderful to meet people from around the world.

You will only have day 2 of the tour in Yosemite Valley- FINALLY. We left campsite at 6;30-7, drove for an hr, and started hiking around 9-10am - the fabulous Mist Trail, John Muir. When we arrived back in the village (3:30pm.) we raced to rent bikes so we could explore more because we knew our tour would leave the valley in the evening. Honestly, I was heart broken that I had to rush so much and would not see much. Luckily we did visit Glacier Point at sunset which was AMAZING. We left in the evening and again left park and returned to camp ground an hr away. 1 day in Yosemite valley is all this tour really is.

Day 3: again itinerary led me to think I would be in the valley to explore but we left campsite right away in the morning. Felt rushed again, in order to leave and get back to San Fran for some reason. While I adore San Fran and we had a blast there, no time on day 3 in the park again was a surprise and so disappointing. We had made the best of our tour, I wish I had known truly what this tour entailed as I would have chosen differently. Again, I think because my sole purpose was to be right in the Yosemite park/valley..... this is my view of the tour. If you are just wanting to go check it out, have fun etc., then this tour was awesome.

Food decent, tour guide decent, music awesome, driving by guide excellent....people on tour amazing.

Grand Trek

The best 6 weeks of my life!

Reviewed January 2020

This was the most amazing trip I’ve been on! It’s a once in a lifetime trip, perfect for solo travellers who want to get a taste of as much of the US as possible. Highly recommended

Lisa P
Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Amazing locations but slightly disappointed overall

Reviewed December 2019

The Canadian Rockies are absolutely amazing. My jaw dropped every day on this tour! Banff is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and I completely fell in love with the town. I did have an incredible holiday, but the tour did have some disappointments. Breakfast is meant to be included in the tour, but we were given $50 CAD in gift cards to last for the entire tour. This would not cover a drink and a snack at Starbucks each morning. Not all of the optional activities were available, but after several complaints we were still able to do the Althabasca Glacier Walk - which was an incredible experience! It was the last tour of the season for our guide and she seemed quite disengaged and like she was doing us a favour. Most of the group did not warm to her. Overall, I loved the people on my tour and the locations were amazing, but I was expecting more from TrekAmerica given the great reviews I’d read before my trip.

Ashley Cruickshank
Hawaii Big Island

Time of my life!!!

Reviewed December 2019

What a trek, from hikes inside the crater of a volcano to valleys that make you feel like you’re in a Jurassic Park movie, black sand and green sand beaches, and sunsets that’ll make the world stop around you.
Our tour leader Erin was fantastic, she went above and beyond the call of duty and it seemed so seamless for us. Even after the tour officially finished she still sorted things out for everyone. Can’t say enough good things about her.
Great times, amazing places, great people.
Without a doubt do the Manta Ray snorkelling, there’s only a few places in the world it’s possible to do it and Hawai’i is one of the best. Amazing is an understatement.
Honestly was the time of my life, this was the first time in the USA and my first time travelling alone. I’ve always been a bit of an overthinker and panicker so admittedly I was pretty nervous, but this has made me realise there was nothing to worry about. You’ve just got to do it.

Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

Compacted beauty

Reviewed December 2019

I’ll keep it short and simple, brilliant tour across a wonderful landscape, seeing a handful of beautiful and interesting locations along the way!

For how vast it is The tour Guide and mini bus make travelling across the west coast incredibly easy and fun, no need to book extra taxis or coaches to and from places (I.E. Yosemite from San Fran) makes it suuper easy to enjoy!

I’d 100% do the same tour again

Sam Critchell
Western Wonder Plus from Los Angeles

Amazing trip!

Reviewed November 2019

I went on the Western Wonder Plus trip in the beginning of October and wow what a trip. Everyday was an adventure with somewhere different to see and explore. Hiking in the Grand Canyon and in Yosemite were both highlights, with the views being outstanding!

Our tour group got on so well, and a mixture of friends (I went with my best friend) and solo travellers. Our tour leader Chris was amazing, he looked after us along the way and providing facts about the sights but also America itself. So learnt a lot as well as seeing some incredible views.

Definitely recommend this trip as its a way to see snapshots of the West Coast, such as the free day in Vegas was a great way to explore the Strip and Casinos. Overall, its created memories that will last a lifetime!

Canadian Parks West from Vancouver

A well organised, fast-paced, fun and exciting three weeks!

Reviewed October 2019

From start to finish there was something new each day, even on the days with long drives. Personally, I enjoyed starting in Vancouver and heading out to the island; it was a nice chilled start to allow us to get to know each other. Arriving a few days early also meant time to explore the city. There was a good balance of organised activities and free time, which catered for everyones needs. Whilst I loved Tofino, heading to the mountains was the most exciting bit for me. Our guide had great knowledge of everywhere we visited, as she was Canadian herself, and shared lots of 'secret' places with us that were less touristy. The camping did become a little tiresome towards the end of the trip, but only made the first night in a hotel all the more rewarding!

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