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Whether you choose an awesome Coast to Coast experience or a quick-fire one-week road trip across the Americas, life on the road is pretty sweet.

But to sweeten the deal further, TrekAmerica has catered their trips to satisfy every kind of traveller. Should you want to strap in for a classic road trip experience down Route 66 on our Original tours, enjoy your creature comforts on the open road to New Orleans with Plus, or see through the eyes of a local staying in traditional lodges with BOLT - we're sure to have a trip that'll spark your wanderlust!

Authentic Road Trips

Original Tours

Original Tours

Experience life on the road like our original Trek trailblazers across the USA, Canada and Central America. Designed to give you the most authentic road trip experiences with fellow Trekkers that are keen to venture off the tourist trail, we offer comfortable private vans and camping with the occasional budget lodging night, that allow you to get tick off those bucket-list moments in style.

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Extra Comfort

Plus Tours

Plus tours

For those who enjoy the thrill of the open road, but still love their creature comforts, our Plus tours are just the ticket. These tours include everything you’d find in our Original Trek tours from unmissable hotspots to our classic Trek vehicles, but with the added benefit of multi-share hostels and twin-share hotels for a more comfortable experience, that’ll give you plenty of time to recharge, for the gram.

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Buses Or Local Transport

BOLT Tours

TrekAmerica BOLT Tours

BOLT tours explore Central and South America using a combination of local and private transport for a more immersive style of travel; ideal if you’re travelling on a budget. These trips are perfect if you’re after a group experience, but want plenty of free time and the flexibility to choose activities on the go!

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More ways to travel

More Adventure

Xmas & New Year
Wake up to a sunrise over the Grand Canyon on Christmas morning or see in the New Year on the Vegas strip.
Special Departures
Make sure you're right in the heart of the action at the absolute best time with our Special Departures.
Winter Trips
Our winter tours have been adapted with additional hotels, lodge and ranch stays and activities best done in winter.
Singles & Solos
Planning to travel across the USA alone? Our singles holidays offer the best way to experience North America.

Trek America Tours Goes 360

TrekAmerica Virtual Reality 360 VideosHow do you fancy heading to some of the most amazing national parks in the US? We're talking right now, wherever you are in the world. Well... with TrekAmerica Goes 360, you can!

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