Antigua to San Jose

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Antigua to San Jose

Hot, humid and nothing like you've seen before

Reviewed June 2014

I chose to do this trip because I have never been to central America before and it was amazing, nothing like I've seen before. Firstly this tour is through a company called Intrepid and they were great! All the other tour-goers however were slightly older. Also most of the people on my tour had been together for 17 days and had started in Mexico, they all thoroughly recommended doing the bit before this tour. This trip is also advertised as using local transport however for the whole duration of the tour we had our own minibus that could fit up to 24 people and so we did not share with anyone else. We did however change buses along the route and the boats we used were open to the public also.
The trip itself was great, our tour guide was from Guatemala and he helped me out so much, suggesting all the great things to see and do, and also did a lot of translating! I never felt unsafe even though I was told of all the things that could happen in these countries. The weather was very hot and I definitely did not pack for that, I was expecting lots of rain but barely saw any until we got to Costa Rica. The humidity was insane and have never experienced that before, so make sure you take a mini fan. The scenery was beautiful throughout all the countries and it was great seeing all the changes going through all the different countries.

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