Mexico City to Playa Del Carmen

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Ryan Thorley
Mexico City to Playa Del Carmen

REAL Mexico

Reviewed February 2019

Amazing trip to Mexico. If you're looking to get to learn the history and culture of Mexico then this trek is for you! As we travelled through Mexico we experienced amazing archaeological sites and the way the Mayans, Aztec's and many other Mexican cultures used to live. The Markets cannot be missed for some good food and Mexican memorabilia and the tour guide we had was outstanding. I didn't really know what to expect with this as it is my first trek but it certainly exceeded any expectations I did have. I was worried about safety as Mexico can get some bad coverage but this was never an issue. Mexico is a beautiful place and the canyon trip, cenotes trip and cities show this. This trek has such a good variety of activities! I truly feel like I've experienced the 'real' Mexico through this tour and highly recommend! There aren't many reviews on here for this trek, but rest assured you won't be disappointed. Onto the next Adventure!

Past Trekkers Review
Mexico City to Playa Del Carmen

It was fun, interesting, exciting & our tour leader was great!

Reviewed January 2015

I had a great time. All of our hotels were great but I do know that a lot of people had trouble with our first hotel in Mexico City. The places we visited were beautiful and I really loved Puebla.

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