Costa Rica BLT [CLOSED]

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Jazzie Roy
Costa Rica BLT [CLOSED]

Most amazing experience of my life!

Reviewed May 2017

The perfect blend of adrenaline, hiking, wildlife and relaxation. It was as if someone reached into my head and designed the perfect trip for me. The group size was perfect and our Tour Guide and Driver were amazing, they had so much knowledge to share about everywhere we travelled. The best part was that I didn't once feel like a tourist, we may have been shown a slightly glamorised version of Costa Rica but it was still the real deal. I would recommend this trip to anyone who's even slightly thinking about going. I promise it's so worth it.

Past Trekkers Review
Costa Rica BLT [CLOSED]

It has beautiful parts

Reviewed September 2015

Tour guide Rafael and driver Johnny were outstanding! Funny, reliable, knowledgeable. They had a great eye for spotting wildlife whilst on the road.
It’s not like the previous trek I done in Canada where the tour guide socialises with the group, eats with us and goes out with us on evenings to eat ect, the costa Rican tour guides pretty much are only with you for the day trips that are scheduled or when you’re driving, and that’s it, you don’t see them in the evenings. They also do not join in any of the optional activities.
Costa Rica itself....
San Jose I hated.... it was dirty busy and unsafe to go out. There were prostitutes lining the streets and I seen a woman mugged at 7.55am, and the person who mugged her on the ground in handcuffs with a police man pointing a huge gun at his head.... scary I would never go out there in a group and 100% not on my own. Lucky you’re only there for one night at beginning and end of trek.

The tour itself felt to me rushed, some places we stayed well there was nothing there we just drove there and were told this is a small town and that was it then we would leave the next day so all we would do was go in hotel go for food and leave the next day.
Costa Rica really does not have much history to talk about but the guide filled us in on any he could.
I wouldn’t rush to go back to Costa Rica or to go on this trip again.
If you are going in wet season/green season be warned at times the humidity is almost unbearable. and 90% of places you stay will NOT have air con.
some of the lodges are beautiful and eco-friendly which is nice set in nice grounds.
But overall Costa Rica didn’t meet my expectation’s.
In my head I seen stunning golden beaches and clear blue sea... this is not the case definitely on the Caribbean side of the island pacific side is a little better for more of paradise beach look.
I thought there would be opportunities to swim in waterfalls climb behind waterfalls surf and there were none of these options, there was an option on 2nd to last day to surf but would require private taxi that would take 90mins to get to place then $100 for surfing lessons which is just a complete rip off.
Trek America as always were amazing and I’m going to book my next trek with them next year the northern trail.
But for me personally Costa Rica was a let-down. I know the tour was new for this year so maybe it needs amending to take in some better stays and locations.

I added on the end a stay in Playa Samara I think that would be much better than Playa Hermosa. First the beach is much better ad you could surf there second gold sand blue water third a ice big town with shops bars and restaurants.

Past Trekkers Review
Costa Rica BLT [CLOSED]

Couldn't believe my eyes!

Reviewed August 2015

Our trip to Costa Rica was amazing from start to finish, due in large part to our wonderful guide Edgar! His knowledge of Costa Rican history and ecology was extensive and he went out of his way to make sure we saw everything we wanted.

Our group focused a lot on hiking around different areas to find the wildlife and by the end of the trip we had documented over 100 different species! However we did make time for white water rafting, zip lining, sailing, snorkeling and hot springs among other things, which were all great fun.

The accommodations were lovely, often in incredibly beautiful locations and with the exception perhaps of the night in Cahuita, they were hardly budget lodging.

Costa Rica is an incredibly beautiful country, with amazing scenery and wildlife around every corner. Highly recommended!

Past Trekkers Review
Costa Rica BLT [CLOSED]

Amazing country, just paradise.

Reviewed April 2015

I could not fault my trip to Costa Rica, this my 2nd trek with Trek America & I would never travel with anyone else, they are so organised. Our tour leader Yogi was incredible, he knew every answer to every question we had about the country.
I saw things i didnt even know existed. Couldnt believe my eyes half the time, from monkeys to sloths, to crocs & dogs everywhere! It was full of animals, incredible.
So many optional activities too, we did quad biking, zip lining in the clouds, bunjee jumping, crocodile tour, hot springs in the volcanos, hiking up the volcano, sunbathing on the most beautiful beach in Manuel Antonio.
If your looking for something totally different than visiting an american city and fancy a bit of jungle life then book this trip! 5********* Thank you so much Trek America xx

Past Trekkers Review
Costa Rica BLT [CLOSED]

More than I could have hoped for

Reviewed April 2015

Wow, what an amazing 2 weeks. I went with my boyfriend, his firt trek and my 3rd trek (done southern sun, USA and tiera del sol, mexico in the past). We had a super fun group of 9 and all got on well.
The places we visited were unbelievable, so beautiful and the sounds were insane!
Action based activities were awesome and the hikes were great fun and a good mix of slightly challenging and a 'nice stroll'. Edgar our leader was brilliant, we learnt so much about the country and it's history. More than any lonely planet guide could offer!
The lodges were great too - hardly 'budget'.

Great adventure and planning number four!!

Past Trekkers Review
Costa Rica BLT [CLOSED]

See all that Costa Rica has to offer

Reviewed January 2015

This was my first trek through Trek America although I'd been to Belize before with another company. The trip was packed full each day with early morning starts to get to a park early before it got too crowded. Meals were delicious - I'm in 'casado' withdrawal now...

Downside is the travel each day since you move almost every day to a new hotel/lodge, but the tradeoff is that you see so much. Caribbean side, mountains, Pacific beaches, volcanoes in the north. The trek gives a great overview of the country so if you ever did return you could focus in on your favorite couple of areas. You see a lot on the bus too - wildlife on the side of the roads, banana plantations, small villages, etc. The mountains have a lot of scenic views too.

Trip was well worth it and I've already considered returning to Costa Rica and also seeing what other destinations Trek America offers.

Past Trekkers Review
Costa Rica BLT [CLOSED]

Amazing/ jungle/mountain/beach/ paradise

Reviewed January 2015

This was my first Trek and an experience I won't forget. Our guide Edgar was incredibly knowledgeable on the social, political and environmental history of Costa Rica. His training background meant he could name all most all flora and fauna, its environment and behaviours which made the trip really interesting. The trip itself was fantastic. Travelling by day to areas of interest before completing a walk/waterslide/swim or other optional activities. I was really impressed with the amount Trek had squeezed in to this trip. The number of national parks and activites were phenomenal and although there is the drawback of jumping on the bus for a journey everyday it was well worth it and realistically it is the only way to explore so much of one country in the given time. The drivers provided by the tour operator were very good. The roads can be a bit bumpy and off of the beaten track and the driving style a little bit more adventurous than us Brits are used to, but they were safe, knew the roads very well and kept the bus immaculate.

There was only one venue that was not as desirable as the rest due to part of town we were located and the hotel itself but it is worth it for one night and the day of incredible white water rafting that followed.

All in All a very enjoyable trip with Amazing memories and friends to compliment it.

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