Canadian Road Trip from New York [CLOSED]

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Canadian Road Trip from New York [CLOSED]

Absolutely amazing, so beautiful had a class time

Reviewed October 2019

Would highly recommend such a good tour. Would be even better if we stayed in places for longer than one night though as it always seems you’re in the van a lot and always putting up and putting down your tent. Does get very cold. But would happily do this trip again.

Canadian Road Trip from New York [CLOSED]

Amazing trip with beautiful views an a fantastic tour leader

Reviewed October 2018

This trip was perfect. The amount of days was just enough for me, as it was quite an intense trip, but it was absolutely worth it! It is amazing how it's possible to look at a picture perfect lake in 30 degrees Celsius one day and walk on a glacier the next. For everyone who likes/loves being in the outdoor and wants to see as much of Canada as possible, this trip is absolutely a recommendation!

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Canadian Road Trip from New York [CLOSED]

The time of my life

Reviewed June 2015

Canada is stunning, but its a really big place and you can feel a bit lost i dont know where to go.... so having an awesome tour guide with is the whole time was priceless, jacob is Canadian himself and he was so fu and kind and helpful could ot have asked for a better guide. When ever im sad i think about swimming in the big lakes there or rafting on the kickig horse river, zp liing down a whistler mountain. i cannot reccomend this trek enough. Im booked o my next trek already Costa Rica in 9 weeks.

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Canadian Road Trip from New York [CLOSED]

All the best bits of Canada in one trip!

Reviewed September 2014

I really enjoyed this trek, it was a great way of seeing everything that this amazing huge country has to offer. I would definitely recommend starting in New York and travelling east to west as this way you save the best 'til last: The Rockies! This was definitely my favourite section of the trip, Banff and Jasper are probably the most beautiful places I have ever been lucky enough to visit.
25 days is a good length of time for this tour, however I wished it could have lasted a bit longer as I was having such a great time, and made lots of cool new friends, and wasn't ready to come home!

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Canadian Road Trip from New York [CLOSED]

Couldn't have been better

Reviewed August 2014

I didn't really know what to expect from the trip but I was absolutely blown away by how fantastic Shayna was, she really made it the best trip ever. We had a pretty small group which I think helps you to get to know everyone really quickly, and Shay always had so many suggestions of stuff to do and tips for what's good in each area. You could tell she had a lot of experience which meant that we got the most out of each place we stayed.
What i was most impressed with was her ability to manage the group. There were a couple of people who were very negative and could have been a real pain in the ass for everyone, but Shay never seemed to get annoyed with them and had this ability to get along with even the most tiring of them.
Even after the long drives in the middle of the trip Shay would always be around when we needed her help, and up for chilling together and having a laugh.
Her experience of the places we went meant that the activities we did were awesome and we really got to see parts of Canada which we 'off the beaten track' and which i never would have thought to explore by myself.
I was very sceptical about how much i was going to enjoy camping for a month, but i absolutely loved it. The equipment we had was fantastic and Shay was always on hand to help us out when we needed it.
I just want to say a massive thank you for the amazing trip and I can't wait to do the next one...though I feel sorry for my next tour leader because Shay has set the bar VERY high!!!

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Canadian Road Trip from New York [CLOSED]

Great taste of Canada in a couple of weeks- ticked off a lot of the must sees!

Reviewed December 2012

This was a great way to see Canada from East to West in a short amount of time. In just 3 weeks and a half weeks we made it from New York to Seattle, which meant there were some long drive days involved, but also meant we got to see some places off the beaten track. While the prairies are definitely not the best of what Canada has to offer, stopping off in crazy little towns along the way only added to the experience, and it was amazing to see the landscape change from the nothing in sight of the prairies to the magic of the Rockies. Loved the mix of cities and wilderness, and the camping really let you immerse yourself in the experience of each place. The chance to see Canada's wildlife- and there were many chances- was incredible. Would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to see as much of Canada as you can!

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Canadian Road Trip from New York [CLOSED]

Amazing taste of what Canada has to offer!

Reviewed December 2012

This Trek provides an opportunity for you to see a lot of Canada in only a short space of time. While geographically you see only a small part, culturally you see a lot of Canada's major cities and National Parks.

I travelled East to West and so our trek began with a trip north from New York towards our first city Quebec. I felt this was the best way as it helped the group to bond as there were a lot of group activites. Through the subsequent days we hit Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa before making our way across the prairies towards Calgary and the gateway to the Canadian Rockies.

The hikes that are on offer are spectacular and the outdoor heated pool in Banff was ideal after a day in the mountains. The people are friendly and the food delicious.

I would suggest to everyone who is thinking about doing this trek to make sure that you have funds to do many of the extra activities that are on offer. From river boating on the St Lawrence river in Montreal to hiking up the Athabasca glacier, you will most likely never be back to these places again and the memories that you get will stay with you for the rest of your life.

You will not regret booking a place on this Trek.

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