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Incredible and inspiring experience

Reviewed September 2019

I had the most amazing time on the Mountie tour. Our whole group was soo great, and our tour leader Mark Page was awesome. There were so many incredible moments from glacier walking to riding in a helicopter over the Rockies. We did an amazing hike on the last day at Moraine Lake, I have never seen anything so beautiful. I honestly had the best time, this was my third trek and I'll be back to do a 4th!!


Didn't want to leave! Canada is WOW!!

Reviewed August 2019

If you are looking to see the best of Canada, this is the trek for you. This was my second TA trip and so I sort of knew what to expect in terms of the camping situation and how the days generally pan out. Pro tip: take a decent sleeping bag because regardless of how hot it can get during the day (I did the trip end of July 2019) it can get REALLY cold at night!

If you are into the outdoors then you'd enjoy this trip. There are so many different activities you can do and this really is the best place for it. I genuinely can't say I had one highlight of the trip because we did so many amazing things including a ziptrek in Whistler (paid optional activity - not included in trek), a glacier walk, helicopter ride over the rockies and rafting in Golden. I would say that there are loads of extra activities you can do, most over $100 so make sure you take enough money!

Our tour leader Alex Albrighton was so friendly and really fun and made an effort to make sure everyone had a good time. He had such a vast knowledge of each place we visited and gave plenty of suggestions for our free days. He also joined in on many of our activities so it felt like he was one of the group as opposed to the leader! Couldn't of asked for a better tour leader :)

With regards to the joining and finishing hotels, don't be obliged to stay there. The joining hotel in Vancouver was near the airport - fine if you are travelling in the night before the trip but it's too out of the city if you stay a few days before the trip like a few of us did. It was easy to get to from the city centre.

My only complaint is I wish the trip had been longer!!

As previously mentioned, this is my second TA tour - Both trips I have done solo - on both my tours everyone was solo. This is a great way to travel solo but also meet new people. I have friends for life from both my trips and the best memories!

Sim Sui

Wildlife, nature and fun

Reviewed January 2019

Great experience, never saw as much wildlife on any other trip. Glaciers, snowy mountains, river rafting and forests and as always amazing people :).

Jayne Rose

Best time of my life! Absolutely fantastic experience!

Reviewed July 2018

Wow - where do I start! At first, when I booked this trip, I was terrified about travelling alone for the first time but it was something that I had to do for myself. There were times when I wanted to cancel due to my worrying but I'm so glad I didn't as it was honestly the best thing I have ever done! This honestly was the best time of my life, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment in Canada and met some incredibly amazing people! They were my Trekfam and still are, we have all kept in touch and I can truly call them lifelong friends. Our tour leader Andrew was absolutely awesome and one of the happiest, most passionate people I have met and he made the tour what it was. He took us to some outstanding places, some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Canada is truly amazing and I can't wait to go back. None of us wanted to leave by the end and it was so sad saying goodbye as we became such good friends. I'm quite a shy person and was worried I wouldn't fit in but it only took a couple of days to settle and we all clicked and ended up becoming the best of friends. Every day we were up and out early to make the most of the day, we saw so many different places and I think the best of Canada really! The food was great - breakfast and lunch was lovely and every night we took in turns to cook delicious meals. I have never laughed so much! I would recommend this trip to everyone and to use Trekamerica as I will definitely be travelling with them again as it's such a great idea for solo travellers and a great company to use. The whole trip went so smoothly which was great for a first timer so nothing to worry about! We were really lucky with the weather too, only 1 day of rain at Lake Louise. If you're thinking about booking, don't hesitate just go for it, you won't regret it! Thanks Trek for giving me the best trip of my life and for some incredible memories that I will forever cherish!

Amy C

11 Days of Bucket List Goals!

Reviewed July 2018

I had been looking forward to this trip for a long time and it was totally worth the wait, all thanks to the amazing people I was lucky enough to meet on this trek and our awesome tour leader Chelle who knew everything there was to know about BC and Alberta, and made sure our bucket lists were ticked off!

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Out of this world

Reviewed February 2018

Where else can you say you've seen 10 black bears and 10 Grizzly bears in the wild?! Where else can you say you've hiked up the Anthabascia Galcier for 3 hours? Where else can you say you've camped out in the Rockies with amazing people.

Damn, this was an amazing trip. First trip and definitely not the last!!!

Absolutely loved it.

Past Trekkers Review

Totally amazing.

Reviewed September 2016

This was my first Trek America, it won't be the last. The blue Lakes, bear sighting and the mountains were amazing. Everything was well organised. The tour leader was fantastic she made it even more of a great experience. The group were amazing everyone got on. I did not want the trip to end.

Past Trekkers Review

Beautiful scenary, let down in some areas

Reviewed July 2016

The trip location wise was perfect. Beautiful views and campsites all great (although take flip flops as some floors pretty muddy if it's rained...which it did everyday for us!). Come rain or shine you'll have plenty to do. We absolutely loved that element to this trip. Calgary stampede was phenominal so do the 13 day trip if you can.
Slightly unsure about some timing. We felt leaving at 9:45am from campsite was just too late. We got to one location so late we couldn't do anything there but eat a late dinner. Also disappointed the wine tasting wasn't even on the schedule as advertised. As a wine lover I was really looking forward to this, so felt a little let down. Not sure why it's siddenly okay that trek leaders sleep in the van. It always smelt so bad the next morning. One personal pet peave was that our leader was a heavy smoker. So the van smelt of smoke and also it meant we had a lot of 'bathroom stops'. Slowing up the day and we'd all be sat waiting whilst cigerettes were smoked, snuffed out and then placed back in the van.
They really are our only complaints though. We felt we had to much 'faffing' time. It would have also helped if our leader encouraged politely some of the group that didn't do their daily jobs. I think it would have been nice had they helped out a little to, we basically catered for ours for 2 weeks, all cooking, washing up etc and they'd sit drinking a beer by the fire. We loved the trek otherwise (this one was number 4). The locations were spectacular.
The sad fact is that we aren't sure we will do another now. Maybe we've just outgrown it.
I would highly recommend it if you are pushed for time. As you do squash a lot in. You also meet great link minded people. In hindsight, I think we may have done it on our own.

I hope over the next few months I see past a few of these resentments and book trek number 5, but we aren't convinced yet.

Past Trekkers Review

Most amazing adventure ever, beautiful country

Reviewed September 2015

This was my second adventure with Trek America however it was my first time as a solo traveller. I was slightly nervous at first but luckily I had an amazing group and a fantastic trek leader.

I loved every place we visited, the scenery was amazing and the views were just breathtaking especially Lake Louise. My favourite place was Banff national park.

My group got on really well together. I made some amazing friends I will defineltly keep in touch with. Our trek leader Dustin was fantastic as well. He always put the group first, sorted out any problems and was very approachable. He was also very knowledgeable and very passionate and you could tell he loved showing and telling the group all about his country.

I will definitely visit Canada again in the near future. I still have loads more to see and explore.

Past Trekkers Review

Best 12 days of my life!

Reviewed July 2015

This was my second trek with Trek America and it was amazing. There were so many highlights from this trip including white water rafting, glacier walks and mountain biking in Whistler. Not to mention all the beautiful scenery that Canada has to offer (and I saw a few bears!). Camping was such a great experience and I now have life long friends from all over the world. I would definitely recommend this Trek to anyone who is keen on adventure.

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