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When you're heading off for the road trip of a lifetime, you'll probably have some questions. Even though our super-helpful Trek team are on hand to answer all your questions, our past Trekkers have some epic tips and tricks up their sleeves to help you out. Some of our social 'Trexperts' shared their best tour hacks with us - and now, you!

Even before you've headed out of your front door and off to the airport, there are some things you can pick up that'll prove super handy on your tour...

"Packing cubes are the best thing ever invented!! Organises all your clothes and saves you sifting through everything to find that one top!" – Beth Probert

"If you're on a camping tour take a head torch. It's much easier than using the torch on your phone" – Debbie Traynor

"Take a see-through toiletry bag. I was able to get exactly what I wanted out of it without digging around at 5am. Life saver!!" – Leah Skinner

For BLT trips - "Flip flops and a padlock for hostels" – Kirsty Phipps

"A refillable water bottle is a must you can decorate it with stickers from the places you visit" – Kat Leigh

On the road, you'll get to experience some amazing things - and our Trexperts are all about embracing them...even when it's an early start!

"Get out of bed as early as possible and squeeze as much as you can into the day. Our 4am hike down into Grand Canyon was AMAZING!" – Laura Kathryn Shepherd

"Don't sleep on the drives between place to place! Sit back and take in the views!" – Holly Olivia Broomfield

"Hike every opportunity you get, the views are incredible!!" – Elisha Gaffney

Some of our Trekkers' tips were a little more unusual, but will definitely make your trip experience run a little more smoothly.

"Learn your change. If you prefer to pay in cash, you will amass so much at rest-stops. If you are aware you are going to stop soon, try and prepare some of the change for the snacks/drinks you will buy." - James Finch

"If you have to pack up camp while its raining, wear your flip flops, and have your shoes waiting for you in the van" -Tanja Wolf

When it comes to picking up reminders of your adventure to take home, our Trekkers have souvenir buying sorted...

"Pick up postcards everywhere you visit and put them in a photo frame. I've done it and got a large one on my wall so I can remember my trip every day!" – Rachel Gale

"Stickers are a great way to keep track of all the places you've been. Decorate your water bottle or something similar with them as a reminder!"  – Sam Barnett

"Buy license plates in each state you stop in!" – Rachy Wood

Some of the best reminders of your trip will come in the form of the photos you take. Our eagle-eyed snappers are on hand to give some top camera and technology advice...

"Bring a spare memory card for your camera! Learnt that the hard way..." - Amy-Elizabeth Bates

"Bring a powerful battery power pack and a car USB adapter" – Helen Nesbitt

"If you like taking photos, have a wifi-direct or bluetooth capable backup device to save important photos. I back them up to my tablet every few days" - James Finch

And, perhaps most importantly...

"My top tip is to say 'yes'. Chances are you've spent most of your savings on this trip - so why spend the whole time not doing the things you always thought you'd never get a chance to do? Just say yes, and have the best time of your life." – Pete Bassett

Thanks to all our Trexperts for sharing their advice - if you have a top tip you'd love to share with our future Trekkers, why not share it with us on Facebook or on our iTrekCommunity forums?

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