Your Travel Horoscope For 2018

Want to know where you'll be travelling to in 2018? Our top TrekAmerica Astrologer (she's got a certificate and everything!) is back with a new round of your travel horoscopes, to see what the future holds for your travel plans...

Aquarius – Monument Valley

Imaginative and curious Aquarius signs are a perfect match for the Western landscape of Monument Valley. Let movie scene storytelling play out in your mind, and get to know the local Navajo tribe for an insight into their fascinating ways of living.

Canyon Adventure

Pisces – Montreal

A lover of music, you’ll embrace French-influenced Montreal’s live scene, discovering anything from rock and jazz to pop and opera. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will appeal to your artistic side, and is a great chance to take some much-needed ‘you’ time.

Canadian Pioneer

Aries – The Inca Trail

Courageous and energetic Aries thrive on physical challenges and have a strong sense of self. Which is why the Inca Trail trek is the perfect adventure for you this year! Your active nature is a perfect fit with this challenging yet rewarding hike, discovering the ‘prize’ of the incredible Macchu Picchu at the end.

Inca Explorer

Taurus – The Canadian Rockies

Your eye for beauty and romantic nature will delight in the stunning Canadian Rockies – and quite honestly, we can’t narrow it down to just one spot! From Athabasca Falls in Jasper to Banff’s postcard-perfect Lake Louise, Western Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Canadian Parks West

Gemini – San Francisco

For the star sign with two sides, a city spanning diverse and character-filled neighbourhoods will ensure you’re not bored for even a second! Your ability to learn quickly means you’ll soon get the hang of navigating the city, and your sociable and fun side will revel in the quirky bars and opportunities to experience San Francisco life.

Westerner 2 BLT

Cancer – Hawaii

Cancer signs love being near water – and on Hawaii’s Big Island, you’re never far from the shore. The comparatively small size of the island won’t overwhelm, while still expanding your horizons and awakening your sentimental side.

Hawaii Big Island

Leo – New York

Lively and passionate Leos will thrive on the bright lights and colours of New York City. Shopping along 5th Avenue and taking in a Broadway show are the perfect way to spend some time in the Big Apple, and even better shared with newfound friends at the end of an exhilarating adventure.

New Orleans to New York Plus

Virgo – Denali National Park

Lovers of animals and nature, Virgos will be in their element in Alaska’s Denali National Park. Your hardworking and practical tendencies will come in handy when exploring the wilderness, and your willingness to take on the park’s best hikes will be rewarded with incredible bear and other wildlife sightings.

Alaskan Denali

Libra – Yellowstone National Park

Outdoorsy Libras will feel at one with nature as they make their way through America’s first national park. Watch Old Faithful erupt like clockwork, and explore to your heart’s content.

Mountain Trail

Scorpio – Zion National Park

Resourceful and brave, your stubborn nature means that you won’t give up when the going gets tough. Which is why hiking Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park is the perfect challenge. A true friend, you’ll be cheering on your fellow Trekkers all the way to the incredible panoramic views at the top.

Coast to Coast South

Sagittarius – Boston, USA

Indulge your idealism and interests in history and philosophy on Boston’s ‘Freedom Trail’, exploring America’s significant past. Afterwards, get outdoors and enjoy Boston Common, before showing off that generous Sagittarius spirit and treating your new friends to dinner at Quincy Market.

Freedom Trail

Capricorn – Campeche, Mexico

Traditional-leaning Capricorns will find the Mexican culture and customs fascinating. Potter around colourful markets to your heart’s content, and in the evening enjoy authentic Mexican music in this seaside colonial city.

Mexican BLT


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