Why you will absolutely love Costa Rica!

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There is something about Latin America that I simply can't get enough of. A few years ago I spent six months travelling South America, but I never quite made it to Central America and ever since it has been up there on the top of my travel wish list.

Last month my travel dreams came true and I jumped on a plane to the land of sloths and bright green frogs, and had an absolute blast! Before I arrived I had heard from many people 'Ooh you're going to Costa Rica? It will blow your mind, it's so beautiful.' They were right and here are a few reasons why you will love Costa Rica just as much as me...

Zip lining through the jungle – There is something exhilarating and freeing about zooming through the jungle with branches flying inches away from your face. So many incredible national parks offer zip lining, so if you can't get enough of that flying feeling you will have more than enough opportunities to do it. Just remember to keep an eye out for those cheeky monkeys hanging out in the trees too.

Sloths everywhere, literally – When people say 'we can't guarantee wildlife sightings' it's possible that they've never been to Costa Rica! I was so overwhelmed by how many amazing creatures I encountered, but there was one animal I just had to see and that was the sloth. I saw so many sloths, I simply lost count. The highlight was most definitely when the group and I were having a few drinks in town and a sloth decided to crawl along a telephone wire to get to some mango trees on the other side of town, after a few moments of complete despair that the little guy was going to be electrocuted we enjoyed this very unexpected and amazing moment.

Costa Rica Monkey

Monkeys eating bananas – There are monkeys everywhere in Costa Rica, so much so that by the end of my trip I didn't even end up diving into my bag to get my camera every time one ran by, because I already had thousands of photos. My favourite monkey moment was definitely in Manuel Antonio National Park where a monkey came down and stole a banana from someone, a monkey eating a banana, who'd have thought it, ey?

Green everywhere – Arriving at the end of rainy season means that you may have to put up with the occasional downpour, but what that also means is that you're greeted with luscious green scenery everywhere! Costa Rica is a green wonderland and with 28 national parks, there is so much of it to enjoy.

Friendly, happy people – It's no surprise that the people of Costa Rica are some of the happiest people in the world, I mean they live in a stunning country, full of amazing animals and incredible activities, how could that not put a smile on your face? Ticos, as Costa Ricans are sometimes called will make every effort to make you feel welcome, they love their country and they want you to love it too, and believe me, you will.

Costa Rica beach

Beautiful beaches – From the Pacific to the Caribbean coast you will be blown away with just how stunning the beaches are. Take the beach in Cahuita National Park for example, lined with a tropical rainforest, home to tons of wildlife and crystal clear waters, sunbathing has never been so good.

It's Ladies Night, every night (Sorry guys) – Whilst the natural beauty of Costa Rica is the biggest draw, the nightlife is something not to be missed. If your idea of a great party is supping on rum cocktails, under a starry sky in front of a roaring bonfire, you're definitely going to love it here. For all the ladies reading this, leave your colones at home, as most of the places you visit will have Ladies Night, offering free rum!

Costa Rica Pura Vida

Home to the nicest saying in the world – Pura Vida, meaning the 'Pure Life' is a phrase you will constantly hear on your trip and it pretty much symbolises the idea of enjoying life and being happy, so it is definitely up there with the nicest phrases in the world. And, before you know it Pura Vida will be the first words you utter in the morning and your last at night.

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