The Underrated States of America

  • Pittsburgh skyline

50 is a pretty decent sized number of anything, let alone States in a country. Each one of the American states holds their own claim to fame and reasons to be visit. But so many travelers to the USA just visit the Big Three, as I like to call them: New York, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm going to let you in on a little secret of three of the coolest and most underrated places, in my opinion, to visit right now in the USA.

Denver, Colorado

Street in Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City, as Denver is affectionately known, sits at exactly one mile above sea level and is one of the quickest growing cities in the country. The American craft beer movement grew out of Colorado back in the 1980's and the state continues to churn out amazing beers every day from hundreds of microbreweries.

Denver is on the edge of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains where you can find all sorts of outdoor adventures, from hiking and rafting in the summer to world-class skiing and boarding in the winter months. The city is blessed with 300 days of sunshine a year and a great array of fantastic dining options, combined with a vibrant young population, make this such a fun place to explore.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania city skyline with binoculars

Tucked away on the western edge of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is an old steel city that has long lingered in the shadow of the state's better known city, Philadelphia. But a rebirth of sorts has been going on in Pittsburgh and the City of Bridges is proving itself an interesting destination in its own right.

A strong arts culture can be found here as well as the Andy Warhol museum. The culinary scene is exploding with new and intriguing choices opening every week.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta city skyline

A tiny liberal bubble in the otherwise conservative southern states is Atlanta. The creation of new jobs in medical and technology fields is drawing in a younger and wider crowd of people than ever before and the city has never been better. A revitalized urban bike path winds its way through the downtown and makes a great afternoon adventure.

Some of the best southern cooking can be had in Atlanta, including some killer grits, which you must try when you visit anywhere in the south. The aquarium remains among the best in the USA and a visit to the Coca-Cola museum opens up a literal world of Coke flavors in the global sampling room.

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