The TrekAmerica team's 2016 highlights

Here at Trek HQ, we really do love our own trips. Like, A LOT.

Which is why there's a chance you might just find one of us road tripping around the Americas with you on occasion. This year, the team have been out and about all over the States, experiencing the Trek way of travel and having the best time along the way. Here are a few of our highlights from our 2016 adventures...

Sarah, Operations Executive - Westerner 2

TrekAmerica team highlights

Before heading off on the Westerner 2 in June earlier this year, I had anticipated some big tick box moments. Soaring over the Grand Canyon in a dope ass helicopter, trying my hardest NOT to commit a Ross and Rachel in Vegas, eating mass amounts of In-N-Out burgers, surfing the California coast and finally pulling on my walking boots for some serious exploration of Yosemite National Park. Of all the destinations that feature on this jam-packed itinerary, as an active traveler and 'outdoorsy type', Yosemite's granite peaks and flowing falls called out to me in all their natural goodness.

As to be expected, these highlights did not disappoint! But what can be said of the unexpected? I would consider the best thing about travelling on a group tour is the unexpected gems. For me these moments are what makes the experience. After following the kinks of the Colorado River on route to Grand Canyon National Park from San Diego, I was pleasantly surprised when we pulled up at our campsite in River Island State Park.

We pitched up our tents on the banks of the Colorado River, took a minute to drink in our incredible surroundings then filled our arms with inflatables and raced to the water to cool off from the piercing Desert Southwest heat. That evening we shared beers and secrets around the campfire before dragging our sleeping bags outside for a kip under the stars.

Natasha, American Adventure Specialist - Southern BLT

In February I went on the Southern BLT from Los Angeles to New York. I booked this trip before I joined the TrekAmerica team, for my birthday! It was certainly something special which I will always remember. My highlights were the party bus in Vegas, the jeep tour with the Navajos in Monument Valley and celebrating my birthday on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. This cross country adventure was definitely the highlight of my year!

Milly, Marketing & Social Media Executive - Western BLT/Atlantic Dream

I've been lucky enough to do two TrekAmerica trips this year - the Western BLT in April (pre-working for Trek), and the Atlantic Dream in August. If you follow us on Snapchat, you might just have seen me snapping along the way! There are a ridiculous amount of highlights from both of them, and I love me a good list.

So here's a list of 'em: Line dancing in Nashville's Wildhorse Saloon, drinking cocktails in the Stratosphere with an incredible Vegas view, THE GRAND CANYON, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, eating about a week's worth of ribs in one meal in Memphis, not falling off the bike as I rode around the sights of Washington D.C., hiking up a waterfall in a pair of battered skate shoes in Yosemite National Park. 

If I had to pick just one highlight? Tough. But I fell head over heels in love with San Francisco, and because I have a little obsession with prison documentaries and stories, visiting Alcatraz was obviously pretty high up on the bucket list. I hopped on board the ferry to Alcatraz Island, taking in amazing city views, and spent the morning completely engrossed in the tour and exploring the island's buildings. 

Toby, Business Development Manager - Hawaii Big Island

This summer, my TrekAmerica Hawaii Big Island trip gave me the opportunity to experience the USA’s far-flung outpost, Hawaii, one of the most epic destinations I have ever underestimated! 

Countless waterfalls, rivers, rainforest and deserts make Hawaii one of the most varied places I have ever visited. With around eight climate zones on the Big Island alone, preparing for varied weather is essential! The extremity of change lead us to be stood in torrential rain one minute, soaking up 30 degree sunshine just 10 minutes later.  

With so much under our belt, it was hard to believe we’d only been travelling for a week, not to mention the wildlife we spotted along the way. Hawaii, you were and are incredible, I’ll be back!  

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