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TrekAmerica answers all your burning questions about solo travel: what’s it all about, is it worth it, will you regret going on holiday on your own, and if you’re going to take the plunge then what do you need to know.

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Is it OK to travel alone?

Short answer: YES!!!

Long answer: yes, and it’s not just OK – it’s one of the best feelings you’ll ever have when you realise you totally got this. The moment you realise you don’t need someone with you all the time when you travel, it’s liberating. It’s amazing. You’ll never forget that freeing feeling when you suddenly realise, you can do what you want to. Stop waiting for someone to give you permission to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Is it travelling alone lonely?

Solo Travel

Sometimes, it can feel a little bit daunting – but once you’re in the swing of it, and you’re rocking that self-sufficient and in control vibe, that feeling goes away. Striking up conversations on the road is easier than you think – especially in America, where there’s no language barrier and people are famously friendlier than the reserved Brits. As for making friends, the whole TrekAmerica road trip group approach is kryptonite for loneliness. You’ll be surrounded by other people, bonding over campfires and driving anthems and achieving awesome things – often, you walk away with not just an amazing set of photos, but a group of friends for life.

How do I travel on my own for the first time?

Solo Travel

If you’re worried about going totally solo, then choosing to travel with TrekAmerica is popular for a reason: you’re travelling solo, but not on your own! Loads of travel companies make themselves cheaper (seems good) by taking humungous groups (impersonal) on great big coaches (bad for getting to all the little places). TrekAmerica feels like going on holiday with a bunch of friends you’ve just not made yet. Our little vans (11 people) give you that proper road trip vibe, not organised coach tour. You get to play resident DJ at least once a trip. You get to chat nonsense at 2am round a campfire if you want to – you get to cosy up inside your sleeping bag and be ready for the morning if you want to. And actually, there’s more flexibility in a road trip than you’d think – you can rock up where you’re going and decide on the day what you feel like doing.

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What happens if the group doesn’t get along?

Honestly, it doesn’t happen often. At the end of the day, no matter what, you know you’ll always have at least one thing in common with everyone else here: you all chose this holiday. You’ve always got that as your conversation starter, and we’d be very surprised if that’s the only thing you find to talk about!

Solo Travel

Is travelling alone more expensive?

It can be if you're not careful. The USA isn't as cheap as some places, but let's face it, there are adventures here you'll never find anywhere else. TrekAmerica makes it more affordable than you think - even if you're able to hire a car (and don't forget in the US you have to be 21 years old to do that, even if you have a valid driving license) once you add the cost of petrol and insurance (expect surcharges if you're under 25) the pennies start running out quicker than you think. And the US is BIG - huge driving distances can leave you too tired to make the most of your stops, but with a TrekAmerica leader at the wheel, you can sit back and relax. If you do the maths, it actually ends up being much cheaper for one person than hiring a car. And our itineraries go places you can't get to on the Greyhound buses or public transport networks - and places you probably won't have heard of, but our leaders know you'll love when you get there. No need to spend hours reading guidebooks trying to find hidden gems on your own... and then not being able to get there!

How do I get the most out of travelling alone?

Solo Travel

One of the best things about travelling alone is that you get to set the score. You get to choose what you do, when you do it, and how you do it – without worrying about keeping anyone else happy. So make the most of that freedom! You can pick activities that you want to do without waiting to see if anyone else wants to do them – and usually with TrekAmerica you can find a buddy who is keen to do the same thing anyway. But even if you join one of our group tours, you have more flexibility than you might think. Each new city is a chance for you to make your mark – make it count.

Is solo travel safe?

Solo Travel

In a recent survey, 48% of those asked said that travelling in a group made them feel safer. And if you’re looking to get rid of a bit of extra stress and hassle, then travelling in a small group is the way to go. If you fancy a bit of company for an activity, you can team up with your new buddies, but you’re free to strike out all impressive and solo when you like. Just like Han Solo, you can tell everyone you’re a lone wolf, but your buddies are always there to help you out. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.) Plus, our leaders are the best in the business, and most of our travellers feel like they’re a friend who happens to know exactly what they’re doing. No little umbrellas or Britney microphones for us, but there’s always someone on hand who knows the hacks to make the trip the best – and which are the creepy alleyways to avoid. So even though you're travelling solo, you're never really on your own. 

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Is travelling alone fun?

Solo Travel

Absolutely! Everyone should try travelling alone at least once in your life. You’ll meet people you’d never meet any other way – people who travel solo are more likely to make new friends than people who travel as a pair or group, so you’re naturally going to end up chatting to new people from completely different walks of life than you’d meet back home. Don’t let that little voice of fear stop you from doing something amazing this year!

Let's Do It: Travelling Solo

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