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Gotta break it to you guys: winter is coming. Feels a long way off right now we’ll admit, but if you want to keep this trend going – the shorts and t-shirts, the frisbee in the park, the sipping cool beers outside, or simply just that holiday feeling – then we’ve got the answer. The ultimate cheat sheet to keep your summer going longer. An easy way to guarantee your year stays on track: escape to the States. When home goes all grey-skies and you have to bust out your Big Coat, across the pond the party is still going strong – and we can hook you up with the hottest tickets in town!

Here are our recommendations to make sure your winter keeps hotting up…

That’s why they call it the blues

New Orleans New Year

The only winter blues we’re interested in can be found in the Deep South, where New Orleans stays steamy with temperatures pushing towards 20 degrees even in December - making this party town the perfect place to celebrate New Year. This is the land of jazz and blues, where the coolest thing around are the live bands playing in cocktail bars.

Florida Xmas New Orleans NYE

Southern BLT

Magical Mexico

Mahahaul beach, Mexico

To really spice up your winter, Mexico is calling! Grab your beach towels and your sense of adventure for a journey through jungles, white sand beaches and honestly, some of the best nightlife you’ll ever experience. Your budget will go further than ever with piles of quesadillas, tacos, and enchiladas piling up at pocket-friendly prices for a snap at winter sunshine you’ll never forget.

Mexican BLT

New York Christmas

For a classic white Christmas, you’ve got plenty of presents under the tree. Unwrap snowy New York, where the lights and bustle keep the sub-zero temperatures at bay. This is movie-style winter, with cinematic shots of city streets bedecked with boughs of holly – or at the very least, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree glittering 94 feet high above the smart black coated crowd.

Northeastern BLT

White Xmas New York New Year

Costa Rica

Costa Rica waterfall

In no time at all you’ll go from wintery winds to cool and breezy in the country where the local saying is “pure vida” – the simple life. Kick back, relax, and feel the warmth of the welcome just as much as the tropical weather. This is an amazing destination that won’t cost a packet, and our BOLT tours stick you in with local life right from the start: the perfect way to get involved.

Costa Rica BLT

The Wild West

Wild West Experience

Unleash your inner cowboy in America’s Wild West canyonlands. This is iconic Wild West, and to get that lone ranger feeling your best bet is to go in the winter. You’ll escape the heat and crowds of high summer, and our BLT means you don’t need to worry about camping on your trip – you’ll stay in budget accommodation all along the route.

Western BLT

Wild West

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