10 reasons why you should go to Hawaii

  • Top 10 reasons why you should go to Hawaii

If someone asked you to describe your idea of paradise, white sandy beaches, the bluest of blue waters, coconut water on tap and palm trees everywhere you look will no doubt top your list, it definitely does mine!

Well there is this little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that we like to call Hawaii, and it's what tropical dreams are made of. If you didn't know already (you clearly haven't ordered your brochure, naughty!) in 2016 we're heading to the land of grass skirts and hula and you're invited!

Join us in Hawaii

If you're like me, you've probably been pinning countless images of Hawaii's epic beaches to your Pinterest boards for as long as you can remember, you've been scrolling through endless #hawaii images on Instagram, but now you can see it with your own two eyes, and trust us when we say, Hawaii will definitely impress.

Here are a few reasons we LOVE this tropical island and why you will too!


1. It's where all the cool kids go to surf, paddle board and just generally be awesome.

Surf boards in Hawaii


2. The beaches are out of this world epic.

Beautiful Hawaii beaches


3. You'll hike through beautiful, lush terrain and feel like you're on the set of Jurassic Park.

Waipo Valley


4. Discover waterfalls and stunning vistas around every turn.

Rainbow Falls Hawaii


5. You'll witness lava flowing IRL, say whaaaat?

Flowing lava Hawaii


6. Everyone's favourite ocean critter lives here, The Honu aka The Hawaiian Green Turtle.

Hawaii turtle


7. Take camping to a whole new level and sleep next to the ocean's edge.

Hawaii palm trees


8. Snorkel in some of the most clear and sparkling waters, EVER!

Snorkelling Hawaii


9. Chow down on a whole range of tasty island grub, dished up in a pineapple. It doesn't get much more tropical than that.

Hawaiian food


10. You'll get to say 'Aloha' every day and learn a whole range of other cool sounding words like 'A hui hou' – until we meet again!



So there you have it, Hawaii is island living at its very best! The only bad thing about joining us on a trip to Hawaii is that you'll have to come home again...

Join us in Hawaii

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