Top 10 places to visit in northern USA

  • New York City Skyline

Northern USA is steeped in American history and the scenery is pretty sweet too. Our Northern Cross Country tours take an almighty sweep from ocean to ocean taking in the likes of that little city, we like to call New York, a rock face with past American presidents peering out at you, and some of the best national parks the USA has to offer.

We've collated our Top 10 places to visit in the northern states of America, and you can visit the majority of these on our Northern Coast to Coast tours!

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10. Ohio

Ohio is home to one of the best amusement parks in the world, Cedar Point. Consisting of a whopping 364 acres, Cedar Point is full to the brim with fun and excitement. Whatever you do, make sure you take a ride on Millennium Force, the greatest roller coaster on the planet. Also known as the 'buckeye state', Ohio gives anyone who visits a taste of authentic America. Surrounded by beautiful lakes, you won't be disappointed when you stop off in Ohio.

Cedar Point Ohio

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9. Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The sculpture of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln is an iconic landmark, which you probably recognise from the 2004 film, Team America: World Police, which we have all seen and secretly love. But despite being the HQ for a bunch of puppets, Mount Rushmore offers something for everyone, from outdoor adventure, to American history and an array of beautiful wildlife.

Mount Rushmore

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8. Chicago

The 'Windy City, as it is commonly known is bustling with activities all year round; ice-skating in Millennium Park', sightseeing in Lincoln Park Zoo and for all the shopaholics out there, a spot of shopping along Magnificent Mile. Chicago is also home to some world class museums and if you're hitting Route 66, this is the place to start. For amazing city views head on up to the Skydeck, located on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower (the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere) and soak in some unparalleled views of Chicago and four of its neighbouring states.

Millenium Park Chicago

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7. Niagara Falls

One of the most spectacular sights in the world, Niagara Falls borders both America and Canada and the falls together form the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the world. Whilst on the American side of the falls make sure you grab your camera and head over to the Observation Tower and see the dramatic falls as close as possible, then take the elevator down to the base of the gorge and jump on the Maid of the Mist (included in most of our tours) and prepare to get a little wet.

Niagara Falls observation point

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6. Seattle

The home of the Space Needle has spent the last month celebrating their win in this year's SuperBowl. Seattle is one of those cities that has it all, a thriving city on the edge of pristine wilderness and an array of different activities to suit any traveller. Take a sip of coffee in the original Starbucks or head over to world's tallest indoor climbing wall, whatever takes your fancy.

Seattle skyline

 Photo credit: Mountain Leon

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5. Badlands National Park

This place is a geology lover's paradise and attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Ancient mammals, such as the saber-toothed cat used to roam these parts, but now you will find that Badlands National Park is now home to bison, bighorn sheep and prairie dogs. Our tours stop off at Wall-Drug, the famous drug store in a little town called Wall, it's so big, it comes with a map.

Badlands National Park

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4. Minnesota

Minnesota is home to some of the most stunning scenery in North America, from lush green forests to sparkling blue lakes. It is most famous for being the start of the Mississippi River, that makes its way through Minnesota, flowing south, down to the Gulf of Mexico. Legend has it that if you walk across the source of the Mississippi River you will be blessed with a long and happy life, that's reason enough for us to hop off in "land of sky-tinted water".


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3. Glacier National Park

A trek through Glacier National Park will leave you feeling both amazed and truly humbled. If you love to star-gaze then this is the place to be. Our Coast to Coast North tour spends two days in this breath-taking National Park, giving you plenty of time to explore the alpine meadows and shimmering glacial lakes. Keep an eye out for some of the wildlife that make this National Park their home, from wolverines (not the superhero kind), to mountain goats that look weirdly like wise old men, once you spot one, you'll know what I'm talking about, honest!

Glacier National Park

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2. New York City

New York, New York, so good that they named it twice. Walk in the shadows of the Manhattan skyline, then cross the Brooklyn Bridge and explore the vibrant streets of Brooklyn. There is a reason that place is the world's most photographed city (according to Google Maps), it's simply awesome!

New York night time image

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1. Yellowstone National Park

One of the world's most famous and spectacular National Parks, a melting pot of wildlife, from bison, to bears, to wolves, this place is incredible. Yellowstone National Park is left to grow wild and you get to see all this wonderful wildlife in the most natural of habitats. From colourful meadows, canyons and waterfalls to geothermal volcanic pools and glaciated rocky spires, you will almost feel like you have landed on another planet.

Yellowstone National Park

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So, there you have it, northern USA sounds pretty awesome doesn't it? Where are you most looking forward to visiting?

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