Top 10 Old and Funny Laws in the USA

  • 10 Funny Laws of the USA

Let's face it, when you tell someone you're thinking of travelling to the USA, you don't expect to hear the words 'Don't drive with an uncaged bear – you might get arrested'. But actually, given the HUGE number of seriously weird laws, that might be more likely than you think.

OK, OK, old and outdated laws like this aren't typically enforced, so in reality you probably don't have to worry about them. But they're definitely good for a laugh. Here are some of our faves.


1) In Nevada, it's illegal for a man to get a round in for more than three people at once.


Sorry folks, it's not going to happen in Nevada. (source: flickr/J R)

Yep, it seems they don't want you being too generous in Nevada. Or maybe they're just not big fans of friends?


2) In New York, it's illegal for two or more people to meet in public wearing masks.

Looks like you'll have to put your love of fancy dress on ice. (source: iStock)

That throws any fancy dress plans out the window! Unless it's part of an official party that is, in which case, you're good to go. Nice to know that not all fun is illegal!


3) In North Carolina, a bingo game cannot last more than 5 hours.

Top 10 Old and Funny Laws in the USA

Yeah, we're bummed out by the bingo rules too. (source: iStock)

We know, we know – it sucks that you have to rein in your wild night of bingo after just 5 hours. Now what are you going to do in the evenings?!


4) In Michigan, it's illegal to be drunk on a train.

Top 10 Old and Funny Laws in the USA

Looks like you'll have to wait! (source: iStock)

Yep, looks like you'll have to pack a book to get you through those long hours...


5) In Texas, it's illegal to change the weather.

Top 10 Old and Funny Laws in the USA

Can't blame a guy for dreaming though, right? (source: iStock)

Wait... what? Yes, it's true, since way back in 1890, it's been against the law to do things like make it rain. Makes you wonder what they know that we don't!


6) In Rocky Hill, Connecticut, arcades can't have more than four amusement devices.

Top 10 Old and Funny Laws in the USA

Game over indeed! (source: iStock)

Pfft, this is another fun-killer, right?


7) In Maine, it's against the law to have Christmas decorations up after January 14th.

Top 10 Old and Funny Laws in the USA

The tell tale sign of an illegally festival household... (source: iStock)

This is just punishing forgetful people really, isn't it? Pretty harsh, Maine.


8) It's illegal to drive with an uncaged bear in Missouri.

Top 10 Old and Funny Laws in the USA

Looks like your bear pals will have to walk... (source: iStock)

OK, we've got to admit that while it would be a hell of a road trip to tell your mates about, we're with Missouri on this one. Just not sure why it has to be illegal – we can't see many people managing this one!


9) In Connecticut, a pickle can only be called a pickle if it bounces.

Top 10 Old and Funny Laws in the USA

We want to hunt down those illegal pickles just as much as this guy. (source: iStock)

Admit it, you totally want to go hunting for illegal pickles now, don't you?


10) In North Dakota, it's illegal for beer and pretzels to be served at the same time in restaurants and bars.

Top 10 Old and Funny Laws in the USA

Yep, you'll have head far away to live the beer and pretzel dream. (source: iStock)

We know... we have no idea either!

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