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When you begin to consider taking a trip with TrekAmerica, one of the first decisions you probably make is whether or not you’re willing to rough it, pitching a tent each night and cooking outdoors, or whether you would enjoy arriving at pre-arranged shelter each night, whether it be a KOA Kamping Kabin or a fancy hotel suite. Well, I’m here today to give you just a little insight into the difference between these two trip styles. This year alone, I am currently running my 6th trip and I’ve done half lodging and half camping, so I’ve got some up-to-date opinions even if I do say so myself. 


During a camping trip, the group is around each other nearly 24/7. They travel together, wake up with the sun together, cook together, party together and generally spend a fair bit of their free time together by choice. This much face time with an intimate group makes it very easy to become a cohesive group. Many camping groups can finish each other’s sentences by the end of the trip, have a million embarrassing moments to reference while reminiscing about the trip, and basically feel like they’ve known each other for a year after only a 2-3 week trip! That kind of bonding is simply forced when camping, because the group is living in such close quarters.

When things are tough, for instance when the weather simply isn’t cooperating or there needs to be a sudden change of itinerary due to a hurricane, the group experiences these ups and downs, disappointments and exultations in that intimate bubble they’ve grown to live within.

Finally, camping trips almost ALWAYS include passengers learning how to make s’mores!

Budget Lodging

TrekAmerica Budget Lodging tours

When lodging, your accommodation is generally pretty well located.  It seems that TrekAmerica chooses the best budget lodging facilities based on location rather than charging you more and finding 5 star hotels in each city. In Nashville, for instance, the hostel we use is a perfectly clean, comfortable hostel located literally a 2 minute walk from the heart of the action. Since you aren’t on a Trek America trip to sit in a hotel room anyway, I think that selecting great locations is the best way to do it, and Trek does that well. There are also some really nice places to be found on TrekAmerica Budget Lodging Tours – take the Red Feather Lodge in the Grand Canyon as an example. Rooms are clean, spacious and you’re likely to get a big soft double bed all to yourself!

Another pro to choosing our lodging trips is time. When camping, a certain amount of time is dedicated each day to camp check in, setup and cooking dinner as well as washing up. In a hotel or motel, you simply check in and get back to enjoying the location. No fuss, no problem.

Clearly, an argument can be made for each of these two options. If you’re interested in the group camping aspect, soaking up the outdoors and bonding with a group by “roughing it” around America, then camping would be a great choice! If you value a private shower and a roof over your head each night as well as locations a bit closer to the action (at least in cities), then BLTs are a great choice as well!

Whether you choose to camp or lodge, our Original tours offer you a full-on TrekAmerica experience!

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