Six awesome Christmas gifts for travel lovers

Stuck with gift ideas for a travel-obsessed friend or relative? Worry no more! We've rounded up the best gifts for travel lovers, so you can get your shopping sorted in a couple of clicks. Which obviously means more sofa time watching Christmas movies on Netflix and eating a multipack of mince pies. We're good to y'all, right?

Personalised Water Bottle

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Personalised water bottle gifts

Staying hydrated when you're hiking around stunning surroundings is mega important. Plastic, shop-bought water? So last year - and bad for the environment and your wallet too. Instead, sip on your water in style with these fabulous, personalisable bottles. 

Luckies Scratch Map

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Because if you haven't scratched a country off, have you even really been there? This one's great as not only can you scratch off  countries, but also individual US states - although unecessary if, you're off on the Great 48, which might give you a bit of an armache when you get back... 

Travel Scrapbook

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Travel scrapbook ideas

Chances are, your travelling friend or family member will have taken approximately two million pictures and collected a suitcase full of souvenirs - so why not give them somewhere to put them? I actually received this exact scrapbook myself for my birthday this year, and I'm currently filling it with snaps of my US travels!

Passport Cover and Luggage Tag

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Accessories for travel gifts

Losing your passport or luggage are definitely among the worst fears of travelling types - so brighten up their check-in AND help them spot their suitcase on the baggage carousel of doom with these awesome accessories.

Selfie Stick

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Selfie Stick

Ah, a classic. If you're looking for an inexpensive stocking filler, the good old selfie stick means you'll get to see even more of your favourite traveller's face when they're exploring the world. Try not to get too jealous...

TrekAmerica Trip?

Historic Route 66

The above stocking fillers may go down a treat – but nothing beats getting out on the open road. If you’re looking for that perfect gift this Christmas, our 7-day Western Wonder From Los Angeles trip could be just the ticket. This whistle-stop tour starts with roasting s’mores in Arizona and moves on to an exhilarating heli-ride over the Grand Canyon – for the adventurous. Next, it’s on to Route 66 where you’ll finish the adventure exploring the jaw-dropping Yosemite National Park. This showstopper of a trip is bound to get you in the good books for years to come.

Check out the Western Wonder

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