Q&A: The Northern Trail According to Natasha Atlas

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So, what's the Northern Trail all about then? We caught up with traveller, blogger and all-round great person Natasha Atlas to get the lowdown on what you can expect on the Northern Trail with TrekAmerica. 

What was your highlight from the trip?

For most of my group it was Yosemite but for me, I love Yellowstone. Yes, Yellowstone is massively underrated. It’s got amazing scenic views, but it’s also got better chances of wildlife spotting. We saw about 10 bears (cubs too), Elk and Bison. We also got to see “Old Faithful” which is a huge bucket list item for me.

Natasha Atlas in Yellowstone National Park

What was your favourite of your ‘firsts’ from the trip?

Camping. I’ve never camped with TrekAmerica before and I was really anxious about it but I really enjoyed it. It’s a lot more social than a BLT or PLUS trip (which I’ve been on previously) and we got to take it in turns to cook for our group. I’m not the best cook but I leant some new cooking skills and dishes from my fellow trekkers which I’ve taken home. I’ve never eaten so well on a trip and SO CHEAP! The food kitty really helped save the pennies for doing optional activities!

Camping on the Northern Trail

Best thing you ate?

From the meals we cooked at the campsite, probably the stir fry or the “Scrambled Tatties” aka improvised jacket potato. When we ate out I would say the BBQ at Bubbas in Cody. WOW!

Favourite campsite?

I love the KOA campsites but we stayed at some great privately owned ones too. My favourite was either the one on our first night just outside Niagara Falls State Park or when we were in Iowa. Both had incredible lakes and sunset views.

Lake views on the Northern Trail with Natasha Atlas

Top tips for people thinking about this trip/about to go?

Don’t stress out about the camping. It’s all a part of the fun. It doesn’t matter if you bring a hold all or a suitcase. Make sure you bring a head torch and a sleeping bag liner. You need a sleeping bag BEFORE you join the tour and you can pick up a pillow at the store during the trip.

One thing you wish you’d known before you went?

Misquotes will bite you. Repeatedly. Bring bug spray, apply every night and in national parks on hikes.

Favourite national park?

Yellowstone. Nature on steroids.

Funniest story?

My fellow trekker Ellen was the clumsiest person I’ve ever met in my life. She would fall over all the time. In national parks, into someone’s tent, on flat ground. However, on her 21st birthday I don’t remember her falling over once. Quite disappointing. She did knock over her own birthday cake though! Oh, Ellen.

Birthday cake on TrekAmerica!

Most scenic drive?


Most instagrammable city?

It has to be New York City! Love that place!

Natasha Atlas in New York - Instagram

One moment that changed your life forever / you’ll never forget?

Facing my fears. I have anxiety and basically scared of everything. I did so many things on this tour that scared me. Camping, white water rafting, bring in open water and heights. Meeting new people also triggers my anxiety and I met the loveliest bunch of people on my trip who have been facetiming me from their 2nd trek (they are doing the Grand Trek which is the Northern Trail and the Southern Sun combined) and I can’t wait to meet up with for a reunion soon. Friends for life! Miss you campers!

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