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Travel can be baffling. There’s so much that goes into the pre-holiday checklist that by the time you finish, something is bound to go wrong. From working up the energy to pack to the fear of leaving your passport at home, you usually don’t realise that you forgot to pack pants until you arrive at the hotel.

You know who doesn’t have that problem? Mums. For some reason, they have some absurd superpower that makes them completely immune to it all. So, in the spirit of Mother’s Day (and because we want this power), we went around the office and asked some of our mums for their very best travel tips!

(Disclaimer, not everyone wanted to share photos, so some of the mums have been replaced by stunt-mums...)

Milly’s mum – Double check your departure airport

Milly’s mum’s top travel tip came from a very embarrassing moment in her daughter’s life. In an attempt to travel to Iceland, Milly once rushed to the airport, just to discover that her boarding pass didn’t work. Upon further inspection, this was found to be because she was at the wrong airport. Oof. Luckily, this story has a happy ending, Milly’s trip went ahead anyway… from the new airport…. For only £60.

We’re going to take Milly’s mum’s advice to heart in the future, and make sure that we’re headed to the right airport before we leave the house. While you’re at it, double check ALL of your travel documents, you know, just in case.

Hayley’s mum – Try something new

Hayley and her mum have been on a lot of adventures together, including a rip-roaring road trip across the States. This included quite a lot of camping, which was a new experience for Hayley’s mum. She was surprised to find that it was one of her favourite parts of the trip! ‘I thought I’d hate camping, but I bloody loved it!’ From huddling up by the campfire to getting to know fellow travellers on the campsite, Hayley’s mum had the time of her life!

We’ll definitely make sure that we ‘try something new’ as often as we can when we think about our next traveling plans!


Aidan’s mum – Tell your bank what you’re up to

Some of us are the types to take out a grand in cash and clutch it tightly wherever we go, but if you want to avoid the stress and use a debit card, you’ll need to take a few precautions. Aidan’s mum summarised it pretty well. ‘Tell your bank that you’ll be travelling!’ You don’t want to get to the States and find out that your bank card is locked, which will cause so much unnecessary faff, so make sure your bank knows where you’re going before you make any purchases Stateside.


Sarah’s stepmum – Make sure you’re always on time

This travel tip is a time sensitive one. Sarah’s stepmum has imparted one of the most important pieces of advice that could literally make or break any holiday: ‘Make sure you’re always on time.’ This could be anything from making sure your white-water rafting team doesn’t leave without you, or not showing up to dinner until 10 minutes after everyone finished. You can’t be the life of the party if you’re not there in time to kick it off, right?

Then again, we’ve all found ourselves sat in an airport departure lounge 7 hours before our flight. Usually around two hours after having been woken up by suitcases thundering down the stairs and some harsh words from a parental figure. Perhaps there’s a limit to ‘being on time’ after all…

Happy Mother’s Day from the TrekAmerica team!

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