Our Top Tips On How To Look Good Camping

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You like to think you're pretty good at dealing with what life throws your way, right? You can handle nights in the cold. You can deal with the fact that you just won't have your extensive wardrobe and hair salon tools on hand. But...however much you can be left to your own devices in the wild, you don't want to be looking your worst when you finally take your new profile picture in front of the Grand Canyon or Statue of Liberty.

Camping is a fantastic experience, giving you the chance to do something truly unique and life changing - the memories you will create under the stars will stick with you for years to come. And we've picked up some of the best advice to keep you looking at your most fabulous while living it up under canvas!

Pack the Essentials

When you're camping in the USA, you'll need to be savvy with your clothing options. Sure, you may be a full-time heels wearer and the idea of swapping them with bulky boots may send a shiver down your spine.  But honestly, aside from one pair for those city nights out, chances are you won't need them - and you'll soon adjust to slightly more practical footwear. Although that doesn't mean you can't look stylish - a pair of Converse, jeans and a stripy tee is the perfect laid back camping look.

A pair of sunglasses is a total must-pack - not only will they look after your eyes, they're great to hide behind in pics when you're feeling a little worse for wear. Don't forget a waterproof jacket too - you don't want to be the one looking like the drowned rat if the heavens open!

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Streamline Your Makeup Bag

You may be on an adventure, but that doesn't mean you have to leave all your makeup at home. In most cases, the simple natural look is pretty reliable. Realistically, all you'll need is a waterproof mascara, concealer and a light foundation/tinted moisturiser. Add in a lipstick that can double up as a cream blusher for nights out and you’re pretty much set. Vaseline is another handy addition that can be used for all manner of things; removing mascara, hydrating dry cuticles, highlighting cheekbones and soothing cracked heels. You can thank us later...

When choosing your moisturiser make sure it’s got an SPF of at least 15 – lobster is NOT a good look on anyone. A good trick is to head to your local department store counter and ask for some free samples – perfect for saving space!

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Sorry skincare gurus - the reality is, face wipes will be your best friend on a camping trip. (If you're really not willing to compromise on your skin, pick up a small bottle of micellar water and some cotton pads.)

The campsites we visit have great facilities, including showers, but just to keep you refreshed throughout the hot and sticky days, fragrance-free baby wipes are great, cheap when bought in bulk, and allow your bag to get lighter as you go on. They’re also ideal for removing make-up. 

Dry shampoo is a COMPLETE LIFE SAVER that everyone should have a can of in their luggage. When you don't have time to wash your hair, rub it in thoroughly and the grease will make itself scarce. Baby powder is another great thing to pack - in case the dreaded chafing starts...

Unless you regularly wax, you're also bound to get a bit hairy over your trip - not that anyone will be looking or caring, promise! But if you're conscious getting your legs out, you may want to take a disposable razor, hair removal cream or even a cheap battery epilator.

Add to all of this a bug spray (look for one with DEET), any necessary medication you will need, shampoo that can double up as body wash, regular toiletries and a small first aid pack - and you're pretty good to go. And remember, you can always pick up a lot of these items once you are in the USA.

Still think it'll be too hard?

Camping truly is the original all-American adventure and you'll really bond with your Trek mates and share stories in landscapes of real scenic beauty. Most camping tours also feature a few nights in accommodation to take a break from life under canvas too.

However, fear not if the idea of camping still doesn’t inspire you. Our Budget Lodging Tours (BLT) allow you to enjoy all the main attractions and activities, while staying in a mix of private hotels and homestays on a twin-share basis. Clean and comfortable, you'll get value for money going BLT, without having to worry about the camping side of things.

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