Our top tips for travelling solo

I sit and listen to my friends tell me that they can't go on holiday for this reason and that reason, and to be honest if they really, really wanted to escape and see new places they would make it happen. One of the main reasons, no scratch that, one of the main excuses is that they have no one to go with. "Aaaaaand, your point is?" It may sound harsh but if that is really the only thing stopping them from having the time of their life, it definitely shouldn't be!

Saying that, that person used to be me. I spent far too many days waiting and wishing for someone to suggest a weekend away or a week in the sun so I could quench my thirst for adventure, just a little. Then one day I booked a one-way ticket to Argentina and I've never looked back! Yes, it was scary and yes it was insane but that feeling, oh man that feeling of pure freedom and the sense that I could literally do anything and be anyone, was amazing!

Find your ultimate solo adventure

I've worked at TrekAmerica for three years now and over the years I've seen first-hand how travel can change your life for the better. It's hard for me to believe that people are really willing to give all that up because their friend has decided to go on holiday with their boyfriend?

Solo travel often gets a bad rep; "it's unsafe", "it's too expensive" and worst of all "you'll get bored" – say what??? Just because you leave the comfort of your own house on your tod does not mean you will be forever alone and bored because you have no friends to talk to.

Here are my top 5 tips for solo travel, hopefully these will help you to make friends, have fun and see the world the way you want to....


1. Show off those pearly whites

A friendly face will go a long way when you're out on the open road. I mean would you start speaking to a stranger who looked like a proper grump, I know I wouldn't! Flash that smile and let the friends come rolling in!



2. Make the most of the freedom

You're on your own, you don't have to answer to anyone, enjoy it! If you want to splash your cash on a shopping spree in New York, you can! If you want to embrace your inner kid with a trip to Disneyland, go, and when you get there give Mickey a high five from us!



3. Step out of your comfort zone

You've already done the hardest part; you've booked a trip on your own! So stay out of your comfort zone and push yourself even more, you definitely won't regret it!



4. Ask questions

If you're worried that you'll be lonely on the road without your besties with you, having a list of questions to ask to any new potential friend is handy. This may seem like a no brainer, but trust us, one simple question could lead to one of the best conversations you've ever had and who knows you could have just made a new best friend!



5. Find your people

The best way to travel solo is on a group tour. You have all the benefits of choosing your destination, enjoying the freedom of the open road, stepping out of your comfort zone, but you have loads of awesome people to share the adventure with, perfect!



If you're dying to find adventure, and have made the decision to go it alone, let us be your friend on the open road.

Find your ultimate solo adventure

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