Most Christmassy Destinations in the USA!

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming…

Get into the festive spirit with our favourite places to celebrate the season of goodwill! Good ole US of A doesn’t do anything small, and when it comes to Christmas, we’re talking all out. It’s go big or go home... and nobody is going home.

Here’s the TrekAmerica run down of the most Christmassy places in the USA.

New York Style

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Whilst your buddies grab a turkey drumstick and battle it out like gladiators, you can decide for yourself enjoying Christmas in New York. Just avoid any skyscraper office parties and enjoy lit-up Christmas trees galore and shopping windows to die for - even if all you can afford to do is window shopping…

White Christmas New York


Boston at Christmas

In the run up to the big day it can get pretty chilly in the northeast, and Boston is the perfect city to explore – instaperfect streets in the snow lead to cosy museums and a wealth of festive shows, and the coffee here will warm you up for whatever’s in store.

White Christmas New York

Sleighing It in Vermont


Tacky Christmas jumpers at the ready because snowy Vermont is the perfect white Christmas. It’s the ultimate winter wonderland– you could be ice skating, skiing, or taking an actual reindeer sleigh ride on Christmas day! Trust us – a couple of days in Stowe and you’ll be walking in the air!

White Christmas New York

The Grand Canyon

How many people do you know who are cool enough to have spent Christmas day at the Grand Canyon? This time next year it could be 12 of your new best buddies – and you.

Canyon Christmas

Florida Keys

Florida Christmas

Would you like some ice with that? In Florida things are a little different. Turn up the sunshine for crimbo on the beach! Swap novelty jumpers for your swimmers and hit the waves, where you can enjoy watersports in average temperatures of 26 degrees. Now that’s more like it!

Florida Christmas

Ultimate Christmas Break

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