Money Saving Trexpert: How A TrekAmerica Trip Saves You Money

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Travelling on a budget? Sometimes we’re lulled into a false sense of security that travelling alone will be the cheaper alternative, but when you add in the flight costs, car transfers and meals, chances are it’ll work out more expensive than if you travelled in a group!

It’s a common thought that booking with a tour operator will make your trip more expensive, but in fact, it actually saves you some dollars, allowing you to splash the cash on awesome activities once you’re there. Find out a few reasons why travelling with TrekAmerica is better for your wallet.

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Payment In Instalments

Travelling can seem like it’s out of the question when you’ve got to pay big portions of the trip either up front or all in one go. But at TrekAmerica, we’ve got a solution that spreads the costs a lot thinner, so you can pay in manageable instalments without breaking the bank!

Once you’ve booked your holiday and paid your deposit, you can pay off the rest in as many instalments as you like. It doesn’t even have to be a set price every month, you can simply log in to your account and pay off any amount when you feel like it. So, if you’ve spent a weekend earning some extra cash or if you’re lucky and have come into some birthday money, you can use it to pay off your Trek!

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Now you’ve got your trip sorted and paid for, it’s time to think about what happens once you’re there…

Everyone dreams about wandering off the plane straight into the hot American sunshine and hopping on a bus with your ‘cheap’ bus ticket, road trippin’ seamlessly, with the wind in your hair, but let’s be practical.

The more likely reality is you’ll be at airport searching for a bus, which during peak seasons will be jacked up with tourist prices, and from there, getting out to the awesome remote places in North America can be tricky, and sometimes impossible on big coaches. Taxis or private vehicle hires in America can also be a major budget-eater too. Sadly, public transport in North America isn’t half as reliable or as cost effective as it can be in other countries – it’s a country of epic proportions after all.

With TrekAmerica, all of your travel expenses are included in the cost of the tour. Our small mini buses fit a maximum of 16 people, so we can get to off-the-beaten-track places, without you having to worry about how you’ll afford your next bus fare.

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Accommodation & Food

Similar to travelling expenses, busy travel seasons don’t work in favour of the lone traveller when it comes to price. Group deals on accommodation are always better than solo ones, and although camping off your own back seems like a good idea at the time, buying or renting all the equipment on your own, well… let’s just say there are better options.

On a Trek camping trip, you’ll contribute $10 a day ($15 for Canada and Hawaii) to the food kitty, and this will cover all your meals and cooking equipment with your group of adventurous travellers, so you don’t need to worry about buying anything else. There’s also budget lodging options for anyone who’s a creature of comfort.

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Booking Your Flights

Booking flights can be tricky at the best of times. Which airline? What flight comparison website? Where are the best offers and discounts? If I fly at stupid o’clock will it be cheaper…?

No matter how hard you look, there is one thing that’s 100% true. A tour operator will generally always be able to beat even the savviest of travellers searching for discounts. They can get flights at cheaper prices than will be offered directly to customers, as tour operators have deals with most major airlines. Sure, it may *seem* cheaper to find them yourself - but baggage fares, seat charges and all the other extras soon add up! So, save yourself time scouring the internet for flights, and let us book them for you.

On top of this, there are so many other benefits and security that come from booking your flights (and your whole trip) through a tour operator - just like the fact we add your flights to your balance, meaning you can pay them off in instalments too!

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Travel Insurance

Insurance… often forgotten about, but vital for having a worry-free experience when you’re travelling across America. If you book your flights through Trek, you’ll have travel insurance cover over last minute cancellations or moving your date up until 6 weeks before your trip. So, if you have to change your plans last-minute, you won’t lose all of your money and be looking at buying new, expensive flights across the pond.

So, before you go ahead and book a trip to North America solo, consider your wallet and get one step closer to being a 'money saving Trexpert'! 

To find out more about our jam-packed itineraries, check out our TrekAmerica trips here.

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