Why do you Trek? Make your travel resolutions!

Whether you decide to travel little and often or to go on one monumental trip, it doesn’t matter! There’s no doubt about it, travel makes you happy!

I want to look back in 12 months time and say, “this year was epic!”. Do the following and you could be saying just that too…

i Trek to explore new places...

There's no time like 2016 to visit that place you've been thinking about whilst staring at your computer screen at work/uni. Go on, just book the flight and see something new! We promise you it will be much more pleasant than the back of someone's head as you commute back and forth from work.

Explore new places


i Trek to create awesome memories...

Don't spend your paycheck on a new computer game or a new handbag - put it towards a trip of a lifetime. The fact is, you'll probably forget about that time you built a whole new world on Minecraft or that time you rocked your new handbag for the first time, but you'll never forget that epic feeling of when you witnessed a bear in the wild or when you saw the Grand Canyon for the first time. Surely they're the memories you want to take away from this year?

Create awesome memories


i Trek to experience epic...

Experiencing something epic is a surefire way to make sure your year is as memorable as possible. Whether it's the epic scenery of the USA, or the epic adventures to be had in Canada or the epic wildlife of Central America. Now that's a lot of epic!

Experience epic with TrekAmerica


i Trek to feel free...

With daily routines and the pressures and stresses that come with a full time job, it's hard to imagine what it feels like to be completely free. To wake up in the morning and decide to climb a mountain or jump on a bike and go exploring, now that's freedom. Deciding to travel for two weeks or however long will give you back that feeling of utter freedom, and with the open road in front of you, the possibilities are endless!

Trek to feel free


i Trek to find the unexpected...

Picture yourself travelling to work/uni; you buy a ticket, you squeeze onto a train or a bus, you listen to music or read a book, nothing unexpected happens. This time picture yourself driving through the USA, you're chatting to a new friend and the van stops and pulls into a car park, your tour leader tells you to walk down a trail and you come across a ledge and for the first time you witness the hoodoo's of Bryce Canyon, now were you really expecting to see something so mind-blowingly beautiful?

Find the unexpected


i Trek to push my limits...

Pushing your limits can mean something different from one person to the next, but what it usually means is stepping out of your comfort zone (whatever that may be) and trying something new. If you've never travelled alone, why don't you do it and see what happens? You could make friends for life. Why not stand on top of a mountain and see incredible sights? You might never have challenged yourself in that way before, but you'll soon see exactly what you're capable of.

Push your limits in America


Make your year epic; create awesome memories, push your limits, explore new places and never look back!

Find your adventure

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