Love on Trek!

Time to get mushy - it's a classic Trek love story!

We've heard loads of lovely tales of you guys meeting someone incredible on Trek - and this might just have to be one of our favourites...

"7th September 2008 in the foyer of Holiday Inn New Jersey, the meeting point for our epic Southern Sun trek, I met 13 amazing people.

One was an extra special person, because our friendship blossomed into love, and that wonderful man is now my husband!

Ironic really that we staged a faux engagement in Vegas to get the 'engagement party' into a restaurant. 

It came complete with waitress serenade and embarrassing dance and snog in the middle of the restaurant! The food was great and it was totally worth it.

Who'd have thought six years later the wedding would have happened for real?!

Thanks to Trek for introducing us and making it possible!"

- Victoria

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