Four Iconic US Cities You Can Do in a Day

  • City Sign for Portland, Oregon

So many places, so little time! The USA is full of incredible cities to visit, but there’s only so much time to go around. How can you be expected to explore all these places to the fullest before you have to go back home? It’s not quite as impossible as you’d think. We’ve put together a list of four cities that you can discover in a day! It might take an early morning rise and some comfy shoes, but these are our four picks for ‘cities you can do in a day’!


The weirdest city in the states, Portland is the perfect microcosm of Oregon. If you can prise yourself away from the incredible hiking spots and make it into the city, you can have the time of your life. But what spots are must-do’s?  A great starting off point would be Voodoo Donuts! A stand-out location in Portland, the store is home to the most creative donuts in the city. Make sure you get there early though, it gets busy.

Another great place to stop at is the largest independent bookstore in the world, Powell’s City of Books! Taking up an entire city block, the shop is a maze of incredible books, so it’s a good thing that the store provides a map to get around. Once you finish exploring the city, you could finish your day by discovering why Portland is known as the beer capital of America as you bar hop across the city!

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Statue in Philadelphia


The Cradle of Liberty is an incredible location in terms of short-term tourism. The original capital city of the USA, Philadelphia contains a sublime number of things to do! You can visit the iconic Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the house where Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence. Just a stones’ throw away from this historic site, you can find Reading Terminal Market. Boasting over 120 years of history, the market is home to some incredible food, including the quintessential Philly cheese steak.

Feeling spry? If you want to see the most iconic part of the City of Brotherly Love, you’re gonna have to run up a few steps. Make your way to The Oval and discover a statue of cinematic legend, Rocky Balboa and the awesome staircase he climbed. Follow in his footsteps and celebrate as you’ll have the best view of the city and find yourself in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art!

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If you’re looking to make the most of the Music City in one day, be prepared to spend a lot of time downtown. The home of country music, Nashville is the perfect place to discover a love of the genre. The heart and soul of Nashville can be found on Broadway, where you can hear live music anywhere you stand. Whether it’s on a street corner or at the forefront of a bar, you can catch a live show almost anywhere.

When you’re not soaking in the sound, you can visit the Johnny Cash Museum or the Country Music Hall of Fame to find out how Nashville became synonymous with country. Finally, every visit to Nashville would needs a stop at the Ryman theatre. The original home of the Grand Ole’ Opry, there’s always a great musical act to see, and if not, you can always tour the iconic venue.

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Finally, no city guide would be complete without Beantown. One of the oldest cities in the US, Boston is a dream for short term stays. The city is a walker’s paradise, with all the great tourist spots within close distance with each other. This was noticed in 1951, when the Freedom Trail was introduced. The trail leads people through a series of major landmarks that explain the history of Boston, taking all the difficult navigation out of your hands. Luckily, the trail leads through Boston Common, America’s oldest park and a great place for nature fans to visit.

Boston is home to a few more iconic American locations, such as the historic Harvard University and the most iconic stadium in the country, Fenway Park. Home of the Red Sox, the stadium boasts an iconic 37-foot-high wall that intimidates any baseball player who comes to face it.

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